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Zoroastrianism does not belong to Cosmoenergetics but is parallel and compatible. Unlike Cosmoenergetics which has to do with the management of energo-informational flows, Zoroastrianism focuses on the bright Cosmic Egregors.
Initiation consists of esoteric knowledge which throughout history has been in the hands of priests only and does not coincide with the denomination of the people.

The energy of the Warrior, the Master, the Mentor, which directs every human activity in the right direction. It operates in a wide range of situations, especially when it is necessary to maintain order, law and justice, both in personal relationships and in public affairs and associations. Mithras is a light channel used to accomplish practical tasks in various areas of life. The channel has a remarkable property: it increases awareness of what is happening, helps overcome fears, helps implement our plans and allows for the expansion of human consciousness. Mithras helps people to see and understand what was never known.
Often in life many situations that happen to people, as well as in the space around us, go unnoticed because of the unconscious blocking of certain areas of awareness. People do it for various reasons, but most people are simply afraid of their feelings and desires and hide them from themselves and others, automatically creating many problems and difficulties for themselves. Often we do not want to see the essence of other people and instead create pleasant images of them in our imagination. Many people do not have enough courage to accept the current situation in life and are blind to it. All of these together and separately prevent them from achieving goals and fruitful development, as well as living a full life, because they expend a huge amount of energy in maintaining patterns of behaviour. Mithra’s energy acts as a powerful current to dispel these difficulties and gives people the power to get rid of all fears and take charge of their lives. Our consciousness expands and the effectiveness of plans and actions increases. Mithras helps us to stand up and opens a clear world for us.
In our lives there are several factors of exclusion. One of them is our own inconsistency. Being in a web of contradictions, we are so entangled within ourselves that our desires cut us in two internally. The truth is that all these contradictions are deceptive and these illusions are crumbling under the sword of Mithras (he is also the Archangel Michael). When illusions are dispelled, man finds the strength and energy to accept his true desires. The next blocking factor to a happy life is our fears. People are afraid of their desires, and then they are afraid of the reactions of the people around them. Ultimately, the most paradoxical thing is that people are often afraid of fulfilling their desires. Mithra’s actions resolve these problems. A person begins to look at his fears with equanimity and therefore the latter lose their hypnotic power. After that one can act calmly and confidently.
Mithra offers invaluable help in achieving desires. The light energies dissolve all contradictions, help to neutralize paralyzing fears, show the most effective way to realize the intention. Use Mithras and after a while you will find that your wishes will start to come true spontaneously, as if by themselves, just in a miraculous way. All this will happen for the simple reason that with the help of Mithra the person understood all his illusions and fears and therefore expressed a desire sincerely and openly from the heart, which allowed the world to respond to his intention.

The influence of Mithras on relationships
In today’s world, problems and difficulties in relationships are familiar to many people. Whether it is a relationship with a loved one, with family, or with friends and acquaintances. All these relationships often turn into a skillfully tangled mess, which is often impossible to understand. Thanks to Mithra’s energies, you can quickly achieve movement on this issue. Working with the channel, you can simply express from your heart the intention to identify things with a particular person. Mithra’s luminous energy will help you realize how you feel about this person and how they treat you. Soon you will realize what is really going on between you, what connects you to each other and how it ends. The most important thing when working with Mithra is that you understand clearly what you really want from the interaction with this person. As a result, the man begins to understand clearly who is a true friend, who is a casual companion and with whom he really wants to associate his whole life. With the help of Mithra’s energy a person will be able to understand what is going on with the people around him and what role he plays in it. Thanks to Mithra one can speak confidently and directly about oneself about one’s desires and feelings. Mithra’s energy will help to achieve relationships of honesty, honesty and warmth.

The impact of Mithra on business
Mithra is an indispensable assistant in the business. Firstly, it helps to achieve simple, fair and clear relationships with staff and superiors. Mithra’s action will help to objectively examine the situation of businesses. By applying the energy of Mithra a person can develop effective business plans. You will be able to better understand the processes that mainly affect the current state of the business. Mithra will provide stability and determination in adopting the best strategy for business development. When you work with the channel you will clearly understand which plan of action in the present situation will bear fruit and which will be a waste of energy. On the strategic side, Mithra teaches us to sense various obvious and hidden processes in the business world. As a result of the work with the Mithra channel comes the realization of the financial reward.

The influence of Mithras on spiritual development
Increasing awareness is an important task in the path of self-development, which Mithra helps us to manage. Mithras will help you to become aware of and clearly reveal to yourself those qualities that are causing your growth to slow down. The energies of Mithra help to get rid of all unnecessary qualities, having forged them into a free personal power, which can be used consciously and directed towards a harmonious all-round development. At the same time, Mithra will always tell you exactly how much attention must be paid at a given point in time in order to grow productively in a chosen direction. Mithra enhances willpower and helps to become more subtle. Because of this, a person steadily and calmly overcomes all trials and difficulties on the way to a happy life. Work with the energies of Mithra more often and you will see and feel that it will bring more and more joy and pleasure into your life.
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The sacred bird that brings home happiness, prosperity and good luck. Protection of the home, the family, the property, the person. The energy of joy, beauty, harmony and good luck. It promotes growth and movement, leading to flourishing and prosperity, both on a spiritual and physical level.
Humo means “bringing happiness”. He is the king of all birds, a magical creature of Zoroastrian mythology. Many nations honoured and respected this bird of freedom. In Uzbekistan, Humo is depicted in the centre of the coat of arms with outstretched wings as a symbol of freedom and happiness. Many poets called the Humo the best of all beings. Many poems and songs were written in her honour. It was often depicted on amulets and decorated houses. For example, in Uzbekistan, people believe that if Humo flies over the house on the night of the vigil, then happiness will remain in that house for a whole year. And this is not the only myth about this wondrous bird.
This noble creature is also known as Simurgh. It is believed that Simurgh is a huge falcon with a female head and chest. The Zoroastrian texts say that Simurgh sits under the World Tree, on which all the seeds of the world grow, and by spreading her wings, she spreads these seeds, which are spread all over the world with the help of rain and wind. According to another legend, it is believed that the magic bird is invisible, but if the shadow of its wings overshadows a person, he will be rich and happy until the end of life.

The legend that the Simurgh bird saved humans from tyranny and the rule of powerful dragons is also well known. This bird brings happiness and freedom. People seeking justice and knowledge receive his protection. Humo is the protector of the people of knowledge.
In addition to all of the above, the Humo is also called the witch’s bird. The testimony to this statement is the legend that Humo is seated on a great mountain that separates the world of everyday life and the incredibly frightening other world. To get under the wing of the protective bird you must remember that honesty, dedication and determination are required of you. The bird of happiness does not circle over problems but always flies forward, climbing higher and higher.
The humo is a bird whose left wing signifies brotherhood, cohesion under the flag of a common goal. There is an ancient legend about two wanderers who searched for the Simurgh bird for a long time and finally understood that, together as a whole, it is this bird.
The right wing of the humo bird is a symbol of happiness. Happiness is a powerful energy state. In order to live life with a smile, it is necessary that happiness be your habitual, permanent state. In this case, any goal you have planned will be achieved without any problems. Communicating with the energies of the Humo channel will help you to recreate your life in another wave, a wave of happiness that should be in every person’s life every day. Happiness, like the humo bird, you either grab it and grow with it, or you live in illusions. Once you become the owner of the Humo bird, your life will turn around. All adversity will dissolve because happiness will be within you and you will feel it. The bird of happiness is difficult to maintain and very easy to lose because it is also the bird of freedom.

The effect of Humo on relationships
Humo will teach you to live in a relationship without whims, irrelevant demands, worries and expectations. You will learn to listen to your heart, suppressing extra impulses and movements. You can be silent at the right time. You will reach the pinnacle of an honest and natural relationship.

The impact of Humo in the professional sector
Humo is also a great helper in business. Contact the bird of happiness and good luck will smile on you. This frequency that brings good luck will become your daily routine. New business partners, clients, people with common interests will join you. The atmosphere based on your team will bring you success and prosperity. Situations will no longer be problems but will be filled with determination, confidence and joy. The more you communicate with the Humo the easier it will be to catch the frequency that takes you to the top.

The effect of the Humo channel on spiritual development
Self-development is something that everyone needs. Humo has the incredible power to lead you to spiritual growth hand in hand with happiness. With regular work with this frequency you will reach the peak of self-development. All the ideals and values of your life, your personal facade, will begin to change. Uncertainty and problems will fade into the background and you will become a self-sufficient, confident person. Humo helps us to deal with our inner world, with our thoughts, to calm the flow of our desires and demands. You will be ready to re-examine your path. Humo will tell you how to gain happiness and become one with it.

Therapeutic characteristics of Humo
Healers are well aware of the power of the bird of happiness. First of all, it is necessary to revive the soul of man. Tired of life, frustrated by everything, look back to the Humo and realize that you are simply caught in a maze of illusions. Its healing energy will help you wake up and spread your magical wings.
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Protection, restoration of balance and harmony. It protects against floods, earthquakes, droughts and other natural disasters. Hubei can influence the weather but it requires a responsible approach. It is the protector of the journey (paths), it makes the path pleasant and safe.
In any unfamiliar territory it is best to move with the map. Similarly, in life people need a plan by which they can set sail and open up. But on every journey there comes a time when one’s ideas and plan of action become an obstacle to further progress. The fact is that any directive that we believed in so firmly, any behavioral program is just a launch pad for our intention. There comes a time when man must make a transition, an escape from this platform and attempt a free flight.
For most people it is very difficult to take such measures because the fear of uncertainty is very high and we don’t really want to leave our comfort zone. Fearing unpredictability and uncertainty, we try with all our might to cling to the usual picture of the surrounding reality, thus creating problems for ourselves and others. The Zoroastrian Egregor Hubei helps people to calmly and safely pass the pond in life. Hubei teaches the rejection of all unnecessary things that have already been overcome and become an obstacle in the way. Hubei helps to reveal inner fluidity, comfort and flexibility, as if fertile water flows through various situations in all spheres of life, helping to open up the ability to sense the world around us and act effectively upon it.

The influence of Hubei on relationships
Very often in relationships stagnation arises, which affects people unpleasantly, especially if it happens in the relationship with a loved one. The state of uncertainty and monotony is very exhausting. Many people do not know how to escape this vicious cycle of repeated mistakes, resentment and blame. How to give up destructive habits and transform relationships for the better? The answers to these questions come when we work with Hubei, which helps to fill our lives with bright and warm moments and harmonize the relationship between man and woman.

The effect of the Hubei channel on the business
Due to the fact that the world around us is constantly changing, every business requires constant adaptation and refinement. Previous strategies and plans are no longer effective and are being replaced by new ideas and tools. If a person does not know how to adapt quickly to the new conditions dictated by the market, this is a very big problem on the road to business development. Only agility and liquidity can quickly and successfully grow any business, and having an intuitive understanding of what is going on helps rapid growth and making the right decisions. Over time, when you work with Hubei, you will notice that your business will grow better in the current situation and when Hubei’s actions interact with your subordinates, a cohesive team will be formed to pursue the intended goal. Hubei restores the energy balance within a person and within a situation.
The influence of Hubei on personal development
Any evolution is associated with cycles. There are moments of maximum take-off, followed by falls, which in turn catapult us back to the peak of our potential. In each of these cycles there are stages of transition that one must go through. It happens that such transitions can be very painful when there is no vector of where to move to and what to do next. Many find it difficult to separate from their usual lifestyle, others are scared by uncertainty and all of this only slows us down because we start to mark time. Such phases can last a long time and if no action is taken, people go into hibernation and become mere cogs in the overall system, without their ideas, goals and desires. Thanks to Hubei man can be filled with confidence and get energy to move. Hubby helps to understand the purpose and answers questions. It also cleanses and strengthens the decision center.

Healing peculiarities of the deity Hubei
Hubei is directly linked to the element of water and is based on the potential of women. It works nicely with female energy and normalizes hormones. It has a strong effect on the fluids, both around us and inside us. Due to the fact that water has a memory, very often it gets negative information, which is not conducive to development and leads to serious diseases. Thanks to Hubei a person can cancel the memory of water, as well as charge it with light and healing energy. During the work with Hubei, her influence on our subconscious, that is, her dark side, was revealed. We understand that the roots of many of our problems and illnesses come from the subconscious, from our way of thinking and acting. The energies of Hubei help to cleanse the very depths of our being of the accumulated destructive programs that prevent us from living fully and happily. You can also use the energies of Hubei in the practice of reconstruction, that is, interacting with our holistic memory, which includes conscious and subconscious parts. Hubei removes the “distortions” of energy and creates a good background for resetting, especially in severe cases. It cleanses extremely, fills, heals internal organs and participates in the treatment of all diseases. It has a positive effect on childhood diseases. Relieves tension in the nervous system.
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Sometimes, in order to build something new, the old must be completely destroyed. Mirih represents the endless dance of Shiva. It works in both destruction and creation. It is the energy of unity of opposites and harmony. The energy of power, integrity and destruction.
Since ancient times, Miriam has been known as the god of war. It creates situations of conflict and destruction in all areas. It sweeps everything in its path because of its destructive power. It can usually get people into trouble, debilitate them and take away money. But at the same time, he tries to find what has been stolen, to reconcile conflicts, to find a compromise in a partner relationship and to eliminate persistence and rejection in business relationships. With this channel you can achieve victory in war, in sports, in love, in life, in service. It allows you to find and examine the good aspects of the seemingly bad and enhance them. It helps to clarify the situation and push you towards the right decision. It increases the determination and the will to win. It breaks unnecessary and outdated connections. It reinforces the honest attitude towards oneself and helps to get rid of limitations through awareness of them. It removes connections and helps when we want to remove harmful entities.

In order to penetrate the essence of this action, we must understand correctly what the warrior’s course is. The path of a warrior is not at all the path of a destroyer or a murderer. Every initiate knows well that the warrior is his own spirit, which exists in each of us. It doesn’t matter your gender, religion or nationality. The warrior spirit is a very necessary part of the personality, it’s just integral. The warrior spirit is fighting for its freedom to be active, fluid and in motion. This battle takes place within ourselves, our spirit fighting our fear, ignorance and laziness.
When you begin to communicate deeply with the Zoroastrian Miriam channel, you understand without even meaning to how frivolously and unconsciously we live our lives, how lightly we treat ourselves, people and events. The transition from one act to another is passive and indifferent. We carry out our activities with poor responsibility and participation.
Thanks to Miriam we can see the world and our place in it with greater maturity and seriousness, to understand more clearly that what happens does not happen by itself. There are things in the world that need our involvement and support. Some of them can only come about through our actions. You begin to deeply and seriously re-examine your life and it all fills up.
Another important issue related to Miriam is death. All our discussions about responsibility for our actions and other things, of course, seem very complicated and impossible to implement. One would agree with that if it wasn’t for death. To an initiate, death gives comfort, thanks to which you take it all in stride and integrate it into your life without feeling pressure and heaviness. Death is what fills life with real meaning and real power. Usually, a person consciously or unconsciously treats himself as an immortal being. He doesn’t understand that this is the way in which he imprisons himself in a prison of weakness. People naively believe that they have the entire time of the universe at their disposal. That’s why they lose their freedom. The truth is that we are all mortal. Moreover, we are not only mortal – we can lose our lives from one moment to the next. He who has been initiated into the mysteries of death knows well that every second, any moment can be the last. This is an energy event. Under the influence of such powerful knowledge, the whole way of life changes.

The influence of Miriam on relationships
The strong energy of Miriam helps so that in relationships things that are constantly lacking in spirit can be done: decisive steps are taken and one remains firm in one’s position and actions. Miriam interrupts anything that is burdensome and outdated, but at the same time helps us to show perseverance and intransigence to protect and preserve what we hold dear. Mirich allows us to look into each other’s eyes without the masks and images we have imagined. This is done in order to find the very edge within the self, which separates the known from the unknown. In fact, to notice the presence of a real invisible and unknown part of a person requires honesty and courage. The energy of Miriam helps to acquire these qualities.

The influence of Miriam in the professional sphere
With Mirich’s support in your arsenal you can be sure that crises, problems and difficulties will not harm your business so much. Due to the fact that Miriam strengthens the fighting spirit in people, the efficiency of your team increases significantly. In addition, Mirich clearly knows the real limits of the world, thanks to which you will be as clear as possible about all situations. Reasonable risk in business is a matter of habit. But it will only make sense when you clearly know its presence and size. If you decide to take this risk, Miriam will not allow you to scatter and waste your resources in vain. The channel will help you to concentrate all your own energy and the energy of your business into a single powerful hit and direct it to your chosen target.

The influence of Mirich on self-development
We already know that Miriam is very closely connected to the path of the warrior. Any practitioner who wishes to get closer to the warrior path will receive tremendous and invaluable support from this Zoroastrian channel. The warrior spirit is present in every human being – whether it is a small child or a weak woman. Even if you do not follow the path of a warrior, his spirit lives in you in the form of an embryo, which with personal work and the right approach can grow into a true warrior. In this amazing path the energy of Miriam becomes for the practitioner an assistant and a wise teacher who guides and disciplines him in the right direction and does not let him get lost in the web of worldly life, fears and laziness.

Therapeutic properties of the Mirich channel
The abandonment of the fighting spirit creates many difficulties. Often this affects people’s physical and mental health. The repressed and depressed spirit can lead to terrible diseases and pathologies. With Mirich’s help many problems are solved and prevented, the fighting spirit is straightened and healed. After that you can look for an effective way in order for it to manifest in harmony. Now all of life is filled with stability, determination and resilience.
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In antiquity, Anahita was considered the Mother of the World and was associated with the elements of water, earth, fire, heaven and love. Anahita is almost limitless in its events.

The influence of Anahita on relationships
Each of us is more or less familiar with concepts such as “unity” and “loyalty”. Surely you have often encountered situations where even when there is superficial prosperity, in relationships with a particular person or company of people, something very important is missing, without which the relationships are indeed lifeless and artificial, without which growth is impossible. It is a special creative fire that connects divided hearts, melting them into a single whole. Anahita awakens this inner fire and allows it to be heard by other people. Energy, at the subtle level, unites people at the level of divine co-creation and reveals a deep relationship between them. Thanks to the creative fire of this Zoroastrian channel anything artificial in a relationship is burned away. At the same time, Anahita releases our creative flame, which over time begins to bring happiness and joy, which eventually leads to an improvement in both personal and general well-being. Egregor Anahita teaches us to relax and communicate naturally with each other. It frees our relationship from exhausting playfulness, nervousness and emotionality. It encourages us to open ourselves to eternal wisdom, but at the same time to remain forever young. Anahita reveals true love and allows us to understand its silent language.

The impact of Anahita on the professional sector
“One for all, and all for one!” – not every team is capable of distinguishing itself by such cohesion. But on this, in principle, depends the well-being and success of each participant and the organisation as a whole. By working with the channel you will learn what “team spirit” is and what it means to work with enthusiasm. All one has to do is to open this creative energy and calmly accept all that it brings with it. Another important point is business development. There are cases where a company brings in a certain amount of income and everything is quite reliable and stable, but there is no growth. Businesses are being kept alive, but this is far from the situation we would ideally like to see. All the projects seem to stop at a certain point, we move in a vicious circle and it gradually becomes tedious. The hardest thing is that we don’t know what to do next. It is not clear what exactly is preventing us from moving to the next stage of a business game, what needs to be done to achieve the breakthrough. In such a difficult situation, Anahita, which is at the gate of ascension, will help. Whether it’s about your personal journey or a large organisation is irrelevant. Anahita shows that there is no real prosperity without qualitative regeneration and access to a new level of real prosperity.

The influence of Egregor Anahita on personal development
In ancient times it was believed that Anahita contributes to the maturation of the crop, protects it and fills it with vivid creative power. The life of each of us is also comparable to continuous maturation. This process was called “enlightenment” by the sages of the East. People are like fruit that ripen during their lifetime and are filled with special power. For a long time this power was thought to be Knowledge and the nature of Anahita is very close to the power of Knowledge. Anahita is a special aspect of Knowledge. It teaches us to follow and enjoy the worthy results of our actions. Anahita is associated with the ancient mystery of the mythical Phoenix bird, which is constantly consumed and reborn. This is the path of ascent. This cleansing fire burns away all that is unnecessary. This fire unites and forges the best of what we have managed to gather during our travels. As a result of this dynamic fusion, we have the opportunity to be reborn, after which a new round of holistic self-development opens up. Anahita reveals the creative potential in man, directing him to personal and universal prosperity and enlightenment. It helps to reveal the unique natural art and charm, thus enriching our personal lives and the lives of those close to us.

Healing properties of the Anahita channel
Anahita relieves tension and stress. It has a balancing and calming effect. The energy is directed to melting the imbalance. Even in antiquity Anahita was considered the patroness of medicine. Many pilgrims have tried to be cured of it. Today, thanks to Zoroastrianism, such procedures are easier and more efficient. Anahita carries the energy of fertility, birth and rebirth. The channel can positively influence the offspring, as well as everything related to it. These may be women’s infertility problems, male impotence, difficult childbirth or difficulties in raising children. Anahita provides help and support on all these issues. It helps to increase wealth in the family and works particularly well with Hubei. Its energy can be applied to the earth, trees, plants and all living creatures to improve their fertility and well-being.
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Yedin working a defensive guard here. It is a protective channel. It is used to remove external influence and pressure from the individual in order to make independent decisions. Protects during astral travel. It removes blocks and connections. Prevents malware, implants and external forces from intruding.
To understand how the energy interaction takes place under Yedin’s protection, let us imagine the following scene. Two children are playing with water. When they have plenty of water they behave happily. When the amount of water decreases, children become more lethargic, weak and lifeless. One can already understand that water means nothing more than energy. Such a comparison is not surprising to us; this knowledge has been around for several thousand years. It is no wonder that many initiates, when implying perception and energy, spoke of the element of water.
We return to our water game. There are several versions of the evolution of this game. The first case is the saddest, although, at the same time, the funniest. It occurs when both children do not yet have enough skill and ability. Trying to grab each other’s water, they both lose their magic drops. At the same time, they rush into mutual accusations, insulting each other instead of accumulating water and spreading it unprotected in all directions. The result is that both children reach exhaustion, after which the desire to continue the game simply disappears. This plot of the game lacks any protection for children.
The second version is also very common and known to everyone. For some reason, one child learned not to spill his water. She’s accumulating it and at the same time running away from the second child. As a result, the first child completes the game in a state of happiness and satisfaction while the second child feels tired, offended and humiliated.
Note that our children are not playing in barren desert conditions but in the bay of the endless ocean. Around them there is plenty of water, so the first task is not to get the water away from each other – only foolish children would do that – but to learn how to catch the water and hold it. Since water is plentiful, stressing about lack of free energy and energy vampirism seems silly and ineffective. Instead, our concern must be to develop and strengthen our defence. Then it will be about how to transfer our energy and support our loved ones and people close to us.

Yentin’s influence on relationships
Few people know that our water game has a third scenario, which has become the most amazing and exciting. In this the children somehow learned to work together, which led to an increase in the amount of water between them. There is a bottomless ocean of water around the toys they play with, so that they can interact with each other in such a way that the energy level of each is constantly increasing. In this case no one will experience losses. The wise defender Yedin teaches us just that. Our goal is to build our personal harmonious protection. It then encourages us to join in this protection with other people and with the world as a whole.
Now the true essence of compassion seems much clearer. Yedin creates protection around us. We release energy from our space only in cases where it can be returned in multiplied form. At the same time, the released energy helps people. Thanks to this, we can increase our energy level and therefore help others even more. In other words, by helping others, we increase not only their energy level but our own. This is how the defense created by Yedin works.
Continuing the theme of relationships, we note that Yedin teaches us to care and protect not only ourselves but also our loved ones. Many people have a distorted view of how, how much and under what circumstances they should give to others. The benefit of such “care” is, of course, very poor. Instead, at some point it starts to be harmful when it happens at the expense of our health. Fortunately, this problem is solved with the help of the Yentin channel. It shows what a truly harmonious relationship between spouses, parents, their children etc. should be like. Yedin shows how to become wise and caring advocates for those around us.

Yentin’s influence on business
Egregor Yedin is able to offer invaluable help and support in the business sector. Working with it, you will learn how to protect your investment plans in the best way, how to avoid unnecessary waste of resources and time, and how to ensure the growth and well-being of every member of your team for the common good.
Yedin teaches us cooperation – such an interaction in which every participant benefits and no one is harmed. Productive cooperation includes sufficient defense that protects each individual participant as well as the whole team as a whole. Such protection is a special deep provision to which all participants comply consciously and unconsciously. Under the new rules, the business grows continuously and steadily, regardless of what is happening within the team and the business environment around you.

The impact of the Yedin channel on personal development
Looking at the world calmly, it becomes clear that no real development is possible without practical training. Self-development is quite a difficult and sometimes complicated process. A person can be put in a variety of situations, including the most dangerous ones, but Yedin can be an excellent teacher and helper in this area of self-defense.
At some point the practitioner is interested in the question of conservation and attraction of energy. He understands that the further course requires every last drop he is able to take. Irreversible waste of energy is unacceptable, so it must build such a world view that it efficiently accumulates energy and is not in a state of constant up and down. To achieve this goal requires harmonious protection and here again Yedin comes to the rescue. Communicate with this channel more and with its help you will be able to create a harmonic protection filter.
Yedin has another property, thanks to which you can quickly learn to control your attention. It is very important for every person walking the path. Work in this direction and the result will not keep you waiting long.
Yedin also soothes various phobias. It helps to resolve the inner conflict with the self. It increases and restores personal power. It works well for removing doubts and gaining confidence. In addition, it helps man to understand his mission on Earth. It offers help to overcome obstacles, both mental and physical. Finally, it enhances the ability to anticipate risk.

The healing properties of the Yedin Canal
As far as healing is concerned, we must admit that Yedin plays an irreplaceable role in this matter, since every disease is ultimately due to a lack of protection at one level or another. The reason may be, for example, poor protection from external negative effects. In these cases, we usually talk about holes in the shells, damage to the defence, etc. The painful situation can also be linked to disharmony within us at any level, for example, at the level of ideas about the world and about the self. This is due to a poor sense of security, which sometimes leads to very poor defensive results.
Fortunately, Yedin is helping to solve these problems by strengthening our protection, which interacts with the environment. Yedin initiates a powerful process of inner transformation, which is necessary to enhance a person’s holistic protection at all levels. Thus, many diseases disappear on their own, regardless of their nature, source, description or characteristics. An enhanced holistic protection also leads to the strengthening of our immune system as a whole.
Yedin is very useful in eliminating schizophrenia. It also activates internal cellular memory and internal knowledge.
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The moon is responsible for the hidden causes of events. It affects the unconscious processes and corresponds to the human soul, the subconscious. Mach is the energy of intuition. It is related to the female, which controls the night world and sleep. It is conducive to meditation and helps to achieve alternative states of consciousness. It increases and enhances the intuitive perception of the world. Mach can be used to receive information, for “knowledge without words”. It allows for sufficient de-attachment to avoid the bias of judgments, the influence of our own illusions and expectations in choosing the right decision or action.

The influence of Mach on relationships
By communicating with the energy of Mah, you will be able, with new depth and power, to find within yourself the loyalty, faith and stability. All your relationships will begin to overflow with wisdom.
Mach helps to solve many problems. First of all, it is closely linked to the search for the person who is the ideal match for us in all areas and with whom we would like to go hand in hand in life.
Secondly, the Mah teaches us to be harmonious in relation to the other half. Indeed, it is not enough to find the person with whom to walk to overcome any twists of fate. This does not mean that in a moment all problems will be solved, that from now on everything in life will be rosy. In reality, the joint journey of the partners in the cleansing cycle is very often not as rosy and pleasant as we would like. That’s why we talk about a cleansing cycle. Mah helps to remove all mutual obstacles and merge into a harmonious whole. As a result, partners are able to provide each other with unlimited care, support, love and devotion.
In addition, the Mah energy is a wise teacher of sexual alchemy. He sees sexual relations in a couple as an inexhaustible source of energy enrichment, mutual purification and divine enlightenment.

The impact of Mah in the professional sector
Every business involves a kind of group. This group can be compared to the crew of a ship sailing across the vast energy ocean. By the way, money is also a special energy, but we will not dwell on it. Our ocean contains different energies. Thanks to Mah, the company and its members become a cohesive team, a real boat, capable of withstanding any bad weather, night storms and even complete calm. Crises and hits to the variable waters of the global market are no longer terrible.
It doesn’t matter how many people are on your team. All that is outside is the external waters, the spaces in which your boat travels, from which it draws everything it needs. Mach will help in finding, establishing and accepting rules and mandates that will be desired by all. As a result, the business becomes a world of its own, where resilience and strength become more and more powerful every day. And most importantly, each participant in this world manages to release his own creative potential, which reiterates and enriches the common cause.
Using the energy of the Mah also allows you to develop and strengthen a healthy and fair relationship with the rest of the reality behind your vessel. This is also very important, as we are constantly and intrinsically connected to our environment.

The effect of Mah energy on personal development
The Mah is directly connected to the personal journey of each of us and the world as a whole. The reason in this case is the so-called journey of power, that is, the journey in which a person goes through cleansing, healing, learns a sense of integrity, discovers eternal wisdom and eventually acquires universal power.
The astral journey is also linked to the concept of the “power requirement”, i.e. special unique challenges given to each individual on their personal path of purification and liberation. In fact, a journey begins only when a person in complete humility is able to accept all the necessary conditions for it. Mah helps to realize and accept its role in the universal cycle of life – starting with the relationships between humans and ending with the scale of the vast expanses of the universe.
The energy of Mah reveals the essence of our own free will, teaching us how to use it. All our problems are due to the fact that we simply do not know the will of our heart. This is why there is discord between the mind and the heart, which can turn our cleansing cycle into a hellish ordeal. Mah’s action will help to eliminate this disagreement. In the end, we have the opportunity to enter into a deep acceptance of the world and all that happens in it.

Healing properties of Egregor Mah
Unfortunately, some and perhaps most of us are in a state of constant depression, manic-depression, despair and bitterness for the whole world. Many have severe deformity of the soul, deep spiritual wounds and a damaged tone. With the help of Mah energy it is possible to overcome even such problems.
The channel is able to lead a person on the path of complete healing, even one who is considered lost and desperate. The Mah will help one to be reborn, to accept oneself and to be free from eternal anxiety, resentment, feelings of imperfection and injustice. Mah creates a positive attitude, causes joy, a feeling of upliftment and changes the mood. Thanks to the energy of Mah a person gains the old lightness, purity and serenity, has a sincere desire to continue his life path further.
The frequency is applied to headaches, insomnia, inhibition of internal dialogue and relief from obsessive ideas. It is very useful when working with elderly people and children. It clears the nervous system and clears the head.
Source: cosmoedinstvo.ru

Cleaning channel. Cleans rooms, objects, rooms and areas. It fills the space with the power of love and goodwill. It works with love, it creates a message for the development or continuation of a relationship. It brings the energy of fire and its purifying power. It neutralizes external radiation – the evil eye, damages, curses, etc. It eliminates energy parasites, removes all kinds of bonds and connections.
It often happens that everything seems fine, a person has goals, even a plan to achieve them, but at the same time seems to be hindered by a paralysis that does not allow him to take concrete actions. It seems that it is necessary to take the first steps, but the person is in abstraction, which is expressed in various forms. Some people feel an insurmountable drowsiness and laziness, others feel apathy. Others begin to feel fear or are in their “blacks”. Others may even get irritated and even angry. And these are only the first steps on the path, accompanied by endless chatter with yourself and other people. The endless cycle of conversations and thoughts about the issue such as “why can’t I move”, “why do I keep putting it off” does not help a person to take action or take responsibility for themselves.
However, more importantly, he has identified the problem, diagnosed it and now it is worth learning how to change this situation and taking action. In actions that do not cause upset and fear but are implemented with ease, enthusiasm, confidence and joy. In this transformation, in addition to constant work with ourselves, the Zoroastrian Egregor Dean can help us by removing all unnecessary things from our lives and filling us with strength for confident and purposeful actions.

Dean’s influence on relationships
Many of us are familiar with feelings of anxiety and limitations in relationships, both with strangers and with loved ones. It happens that we like someone and we want to communicate with them and we have already built a chain in our head, as if we do, but we don’t put it into practice. We must now understand one very important thing that all known human practices lead to: learning to live in the here and now. We need to understand what are the fears and doubts that prevent and block our access to a happy life, as we miss moments that never occur again.
An excellent helper who will protect us and show us the solutions in the seemingly most difficult situations is Dean. Working with Dean’s energies will bring understanding into our lives, filling our dreams with confidence, joy and ease. All our actions will become natural and full of enthusiasm. In the shortest possible time there will be a transformation that will allow us to talk to people and say exactly what was previously hidden behind our fears and doubts. We will have an understanding of when and what we need to do to realise all our ideas and projects, leaving behind apathy, laziness and fear. We will begin to notice recognition and trust from others around us, because all our words will be matched by our actions.

The influence of Gregor Dean in the professional sphere
Every entrepreneur understands that for business growth it is often necessary to take decisive steps that can be expressed in large investments, important negotiations or risky contracts. Dangerous actions are always accompanied by many thoughts and fears. Of course, before making a decision, we should always calculate all the degrees and steps to reduce all the risks at the planning stage, but we should not delay with it, because delay can lead to the risk of lost opportunities and competitors will be ahead of us. By applying Dean’s actions to ourselves, our business and our team will help us to accelerate our decision-making processes, to create a unified, dynamic mechanism to move towards the goals we have set. As long as there are clear thoughts, Dean works to attract money, that is, he frees up avenues for attracting money from various directions (always depending on how much one is entitled to receive).
If we don’t have enough leadership skills, then we can cultivate them by turning to Dean for help. Working with Dean’s energies we will feel a strong confidence in our words and actions. We will be able to sense the moment when the discussion should move to action.

Dean’s involvement in self-development
Our whole life consists of various experiences that allow us to grow. As we grow, our experiences are filled with the meaning and desire of life. Many people follow the path of growth consciously, but still face various difficulties along the way. After all, how difficult is it to distinguish real self-development from self-deception and games in spirituality? People who play with spirituality very often reproduce a huge amount of literature from various gurus, are trained in a huge number of systems, traditions and teachings, engage in daily “practice”, but no deep transformation or intensive growth occurs. The reason, as one realizes, is that they stopped practicing from the very beginning and only created an illusion for themselves and those around them that they were following the spiritual path.
We must understand that the path of development is the path of a warrior, a man with a pure and open heart, who takes responsibility for every word and action. To begin this path means to remove all unnecessary things and invest all our strength in the necessary direction. But it is always much easier to fool ourselves and those around us, talking about transcendent states of consciousness, parallel worlds, etc. we read or heard. It is necessary to understand that the process of growth is endless, there is no end point when everything stops in endless ecstasy (although these states are known to humanity), but in any case everything is transformed – continuously.
The Dean channel connects with the fire element like no other. However, this fire is not destructive but more of an awakening and protection. Dean’s energy fills us with the power of action. His fire transforms all previous sleep life into a new course of true awakening.

Therapeutic features of Dean
Like any other channel, Dean has various therapeutic characteristics. For example, with the help of Dean’s actions, a person can get rid of negative reactions and irritability. Its actions help to escape from depression, frustration and lethargy. Dean burns through energy information blockages, helping people to discover their inner potential. It improves well-being and cures diseases associated with lack of fire. Also, the energy of the Dean channel constructively affects the male faculty, helping to restore and strengthen it. Thanks to the pronounced effect of Dean a person gets rid of toxins, which is accompanied by the loss of excess weight. Diseases related to the blood and lymphatic system disappear. By burning the excess mucus in the body, Dean gets rid of the stagnant energy and the person gets a strong immune system and a burst of energy.
Source: cosmoedinstvo.ru

Lord of the stars and the rains, the main star is Sirius, the Alpha of the Great Dog. It is used in the treatment of eye diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, hyperopia. It improves the voice, helps in communicating with other people and adds confidence. It brings rain.
Battle energy. The worship of the dead. Expulsion of inorganic creatures, ghosts and noises in the apartments. It brings the energy of destruction. If used too often, it is dangerous for the user.
Source: cosmoedinstvo.ru