Financial Progress & Prosperity Therapy

Financial progress, just like everything else in life, is not something that comes by chance. It depends decisively on the mental programs that man carries for himself and for money.

Material abundance is mainly associated with the 1st, 3rd and 5th chakras.

The 1st chakra defines how we relate to the material world. It is grounding, accepting our material carrier, ownership, adapting to the boundaries of time and the natural laws that govern life. Do we accept and enjoy our material existence? Do we respect the material nature of things or do we disparage it and do not understand what its usefulness is? Do we respect and take care of our material body to ensure health on our path, or do we give exclusive importance to our other bodies only?

The 3rd chakra is the center of the Ego and represents the need to define ourselves as personalities. It is associated with mental strength, determination, self-confidence, self-esteem, courage, boldness, ability to make the right decisions at any moment, willpower, professional success, authority, respect for others, as well as receptivity or rejection of ideas, people and feelings. It is the chakra directly related to the function of supply with energy, be it physical food, Prana, or money. Distorted information in the 3rd chakra and the organs it governs create corresponding problems both in the physical body (e.g. diabetes) and in the energy body. Προγράμματα / Θεραπεία Οικονομικής Προόδου & Ευμάρειας - Financial Prosperity & Wealth Therapy photo

The 5th chakra is associated with the free flow of communication on all levels. We observe that people who succeed professionally are effective in communication and managing human relations. Beyond that, however, the 5th chakra is above all the center of self-expression, self-realization and personal creativity. It enables us to listen, learn and teach. It is the center through which we express our personal truth. People who have been oppressed and restricted find it very difficult to express themselves, define themselves and set boundaries based on this. When we don’t express our own truth, when we don’t express our own desires, then we definitely express the reality and desires of someone else (whether that happens in a dysfunctional relationship, or in an oppressive professional environment, or socially when people assimilate in the mass and express the programs that are imposed on them directly and mostly indirectly).

The failure of material well-being is often associated with negative programs of the type “in order to make money you have to sweat blood”, “not all of us can become rich”, “there is no money for everyone, only those who managed…”, “we can only do so far, big money is for others.” Some also justify their inability to achieve wealth in their lives by arguing that “the rich are illegal, they climb over people to get what they want, they exploit the weak”, “if you have money, others are only around you for your money, they don’t really care about you”, “it’s a shame that some people have so much money when other people in the world are starving”. These beliefs may have been created in the current incarnation but some may constitute Karma. Be that as it may, how much material abundance one will have and enjoy in one’s life is imprinted onto one’s software and one cannot escape it unless one changes it.

Financial Progress and Prosperity Therapy corrects these imprints and removes the negative information we carry. It puts man in the process of thinking differently about himself, about his relationship with matter and how one can use it in the best way according to their goals. Most importantly, the energy helps us discover our voice, our truth and our talent.