The Healer

A few words from the Healer

What if they gave you a manual and told you that with it you can go through all the tracks of life, wouldn’t you want it? If you knew that on every page you would have available the map for each track, the instructions on how to cross it, where it has thorns, after which turn you will meet a rock, where a big puddle awaits you, where there is a gas station for refueling, wouldn’t that make the track much easier for you?

This manual has always been available but at the same time inaccessible to the majority.

My goal is to show that esoteric knowledge can and should be daily life. It cannot be the little something in our life, after we have arranged everything, because it is simply impossible to find a solution to everything without this knowledge. It is our fundamental vehicle. The spiritual being is our core, around which the additional bodies are built and function, not our physical body. We constantly find in practice that when problems arise, we are only able to solve them when we look at the root. And this is because nothing can be solved at the level at which it appears but at the level from which it starts.

Esotericism is not the preoccupation of some intellectual elite, but knowledge that everyone must possess if they do not want to wander around like illiterates in a literate universe. All people must possess at least the basic knowledge, the alphabet of the universe. Otherwise, they will be walking blindly and failing in a game where they will not understand the rules or what the goal is.

I worked for many years as a speech therapist in several institutions. I then operated a private special education center and worked with both children and adults. At the same time, I received training in the Cosmoenergy method at the Russian edinstvoschool. For the last few years, I have been dealing exclusively with the therapeutic application as well as the teaching of Cosmoenergetics.

Olga Mardaki
Professor – Healer of Cosmoenergetics
Professor of Zoroastrianism
Speech Therapist
Graduate of Department of Early Childhood Education of Athens University