Benefits of Cosmoenergetics

Cosmoenergetics as a Healing Method and a Tool of Personal Development can benefit people who:

  • lose energy and feel exhausted
  • are easily affected by “evil eye” or receive energy attacks
  • constantly have accidents and negative situations
  • have suffered many setbacks in life and need a powerful means to regain their fighting spirit and move forward
  • they want to get rid of their karmic burden Θεραπευτική Συνεδρία - Therapeutic Session Buddha image

It certainly concerns those who choose the spiritual path. That is, those who:

  • want to cultivate their spiritual principle
  • want to experience higher levels of consciousness
  • wish to walk the path to their highest good and commit to fulfilling their life purpose
  • wish to become therapists and provide service in the health sector

Cosmoenergetics is the ideal approach for those who are possessed by concerns about their life and happiness. It may benefit people who:

  • fail in their friendships and interpersonal relationships
  • they cannot form healthy relationships with the opposite sex
  • have poor self-esteem
  • they do not progress in life even though they try hard
  • feel they have barriers in their creativity
  • fail in the professional field
  • tend to become self-destructive and punish themselves without knowing why
  • are procrastinators and let life slip through their hands
  • carry childhood traumas that sabotage their present
  • want to face their flaws and get rid of them
  • have understood the need to change mental attitudes and beliefs but do not have the right tools to achieve this
  • want to get rid of negative emotions that bother them in their daily life as well as in their relationships with those around them Θεραπευτική Συνεδρία - Therapeutic Session image

It can provide profound relief to people who have developed specific diseases or suffer from conditions for which conventional treatment methods have not brought substantial results. For example, Cosmoenergetics can help:

  • people who suffer from stress, panic attacks, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, depression, neuroses, psychosis, bipolar disorder, bulimia and other disorders
  • children and adults on the autism spectrum (pervasive developmental disorder)
  • children with speech problems (developmental language disorders, stuttering, etc.) or learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)
  • people suffering from any disease (e.g. diabetes, cancer, myopia, migraines, stroke, asthma, allergies, thyroid, prostate, seizures, heart) and want to get rid of it as well as the root of the imbalance
  • people who want to finalize addictions to substances, alcohol, drugs, smoking
  • people who have the ability to have children but for some reason they do not achieve it