Magic Block

Midi, is the connection link to the information field of the Earth. It works with the energo-informational field. It provides planetary information. It defines up to 90% of all information on our plane.
It helps to clear and expand consciousness. It activates the function of the higher energy centers.
It helps in searching and finding forgotten or lost objects and people. However, it does not affect people against their will – i.e. it does not bring together people who do not wish to return but only those who are truly lost (e.g. an elderly person with dementia). It removes any kind of interference (e.g. mental or astral interference fraudulently done to a person to remove them from their family, a relationship, etc.) in the process of bio-location (locating something in the bio-energy-information field of the planet).
It also arranges meetings for those who wish to make contact.
It assists in travel.
In order to be effective and direct in receiving information it is considered necessary for the Cosmoenergy Healer to practice it, which will make him more attuned to the energy of the channel.
It provides with information about the channels and the therapeutic regimen that the Healer should use on the patient.
The Midi channel works with the white spirits of earth and nature, it is the frequency of the Shamanic world. For this use, however, additional knowledge is required which comes after prolonged practice. It usually takes much more than 90 days (150+). The speed and quality of connection depends on the individual. The practice is either done outside in nature or we visualize being in nature – a place where we feel good, whether we have actually been there or not. At the same time, it is also protecting from nature spirits. The frequency can be used to work with the energies of nature (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind). It protects and supports in wilderness situations and places of power. It helps with fishing (the boat won’t turn over, the catch will be better), mushroom and fruit picking in the woods, and with our orientation when we are there. If you’re on a nature excursion with a group, and things go wrong, it means you’ve disturbed a nature spirit that wants to maintain its integrity. Open the Midi frequency to yourself to harmonize with the environment. The spirit will sense it and leave you alone. It allows entry into the lower world, for the purpose of gaining life force and finding the totem.

Use of the channel to receive information:
For receiving information, it is possible to open the channel anywhere, anytime and at any position. Before that, the Healer must have deactivated any other channel they are using at that time.
We open the channel and we reinforce it. We ask clearly. Information usually comes in the form of assumptions, clues, hints, revealing mental images (discoveries, disclosures, data organization and clarification, cross-referencing and data matching, enlightenment), intuitive knowledge acquisition, insight, etc.
In practice, we may receive information from different sources, for example, we may “suddenly” stumble upon an old photograph, or for some reason look at something specific in our agenda, a friend may give us the necessary information randomly. It could be any logical chain of reaction. From the moment of receiving the information, the channel can be closed or even left open. It is very useful to ask for help from the channel when we are concerned about the type of therapeutic intervention we want to apply to someone.
The Midi channel works very well when it comes to searching. Also, with his help it is possible to arrange meetings both for the Cosmoenergy Healer and for others.
Organizing a meeting:
The Healer stands in a comfortable position with his/her eyes closed. He visualizes that the person he wants to meet is standing next to him. The image of this person must be maintained throughout the entire process. The Healer opens the channel by giving the command “Set up the meeting!” and stands under the channel for 30-40 minutes, constantly reinforcing it.
In order to arrange the meeting on behalf of another person the procedure is carried out in exactly the same way, except that the person who wishes to have the meeting must be present at this session and the actions of the Cosmoenergy Healer are addressed and concern the above person. For example, we have our client in front of us and we open Midi simultaneously on them and (mentally) on someone they want to meet (e.g. someone who owes them money and have shown us a photograph of them or we write on a piece of paper their full name and as many details as we have available, if there is no photograph).
Usually, meetings are organized in cases where a person is lost (e.g. a teenager or a child) or for some reason has been removed from their environment, so people fail to meet. Of course, it is good to keep karma in mind. It may be that we should not interfere with someone’s karma and force a meeting to take place which may not be necessary. This is why it is very likely that some “distancing” between people is justified, necessary (e.g. the partner is not “lost” because he was under a spell, as our client claims, but he no longer wants to be in the relationship and has explicitly and consciously distanced himself), so we have no right to subvert that which karma and their free will dictates. The Midi itself will reveal us in advance if we should conduct the process of finding someone.
Example 1: Let’s suppose someone has borrowed something, they haven’t returned it and they are hiding. We open up the frequency on them, even using a photo (unless of course we know them), and to the person who the object/money belongs. The cause-and-effect relationship starts working and the time frame for completion is from two hours up to two months. The debtor shows up on their own, maybe in the end they don’t pay the debt, they won’t give up, but they will eventually appear.
In order to meet with a specific person, we have to open Midi to ourselves and to the other person with the order “to meet”.
Example 2: When we are looking for a job, we can open Midi to a job applicant and a resume in order to initiate meetings with trusted potential employers.
We should keep in mind that if a closed facility is involved (e.g. prison, mental hospital), we should not work with the frequency.

Midi is the Planetary frequency of the spirits of nature, while Hektas is the Cosmic one. They work well together. On a planetary level, Midi is the main frequency we work with and Hektas is the auxiliary frequency.
It is a powerful information channel.
It clears and eliminates any obstacle or interference when receiving information.
The channel provides any information to the Cosmoenergy Healer. It expands and purifies the consciousness deeply and helps to develop and cultivate creative skills and abilities.
Use for receiving information:
For receiving information, it is possible to open the channel anywhere, anytime and in any posture.
We open the channel; we reinforce it and we formulate our questions clearly. We imagine a specific object or person. Information can arise as divination, clues in thought, revelations of all kinds in one’s consciousness (discoveries, inventions, hypotheses), sudden enlightenment, spiritual clarity, insight and intuitive reception of knowledge. After receiving the information we have requested, we may or may not close the channel. It goes without saying that we express our gratitude to it as we always do to every channel.

It is not compatible with the Buddhist Channels. It is only compatible with the Anael Magic Channel.
It is used for cleansing magic (it returns their effects to their source), harmonizes the emotional state, removes stress, discomfort and tension, corrects the behavior of both the healer and the person to whom it is applied. For example, in everyday situations, we can almost immediately change a person’s emotional state to the exact opposite (a gloomy person, in a bad mood, can be transformed within 15 minutes into a happy one).
It cleanses the field of lower vibrational energies deeply. It works perfectly to remove lower attachments (it burns them). It works against damage, coding, curses, etc. It restores the energy to the space.
If we work with the Midi channel, we can “pinpoint” who caused the damage, but there is always the possibility of getting it wrong, so after applying the 1st Magic it is simpler to see who in our environment will get sick or hurt (because the damage sent will be returned to them) within 3-5 days.
It is only active as long as its mental image is maintained. The well opens automatically. If the mental image is lost, but we need it more time we have to reopen it. It is applied without contact.

It belongs to the Magic Channels and its simultaneous use with the Buddhist Channels is not compatible. It is the frequency of love.
It has no therapeutic effect. It carries the energy of love, creativity and goodness. It works without contact.
It is used on aggressive and unsociable people in order to remove tension and harmonize their inner state. It reduces the level of fear, anxiety and aggression.
It can be used in emergency situations (outside therapy) because of its calming effect in order to avoid fights and conflicts. Two people on the street after a car crash are in a frantic state, so we direct the energy towards them in order to calm them down and bring the tension down.
It creates a favorable and friendly attitude towards us (when we have it open on us) and the people affected by the channel (when we apply it directly on them). It is useful to use it during meetings to ensure things will go smoothly. For example, in a meeting where there is tension, we open the frequency to harmonize the relationship between the meeting participants and all those who are present. Whatever the outcome of the meeting will be, the meeting itself will be easy and mutual understanding will be achieved.
A woman likes someone. We work with the frequency Anael on the woman. Subconsciously, the man may possibly have the desire to meet her again.
When working with a person, the Anael channel does not affect their problems neither solves their issues. Therefore, whatever their problems were before the effect of the Anael channel, they remain unaffected after the effect. Moreover, the channel cannot work against one’s will and influence one’s desire. It cannot force someone to feel love for a third party. So, yes, the application of the channel is not punished because it does not bring a healing effect and cannot affect one’s life if they do not want it, but the Cosmoenergy Healer, if he/she acts selfishly (i.e. he is selfishly motivated, identifies with the lower ego of the Personality, looks at things shortsightedly and tries to make someone fall in love with them) will find at some point the result of this wrong intention (accumulation of Karma). That is to say, the Healer will spread Karma not because of their use of the particular channel but because of their selfish intention and their attempt to interfere with someone’s free will.
A good healing effect is achieved by the combination of the Mama-Anael channels. Mama works to reduce negative energy, is soothing and harmonizes the human condition. Anael fills with love and peace. Mama is a harsh channel, it will cleanse, harmonize, slightly calm, but will not give warmth and joy, so it’s best if we combine it with Anael.
In everyday situations, using Anael and 1st Magic at the same time will almost immediately change a person’s state. It harmonizes the emotional state, relieves stress, tension, corrects behavior, both in oneself and others.

The Golden Pyramid belongs to the Magic Channels, but it is compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It can be used both separately (alone) and in combination with the healing channels during the general healing session we are familiar with.
The channel is used in the following ways:

  1. As a general therapeutic channel. In this case it is opened with the mental image of a Golden Pyramid, from the center of which a golden ray of such a size comes out and encloses all the patients who are present. With the help of the fingers, we can charge the energy centers, but in reverse order. Placing the hands on the neck on either side of the spine, we channel the flow of the ray running from the Golden Pyramid from the 5th chakra towards the 1st chakra. All the dirt will be directed vertically into the well.
  2. It is applied topically with semi-contact to treat wounds and burns. With our right palm we apply the energy of the channel (a ray comes out of our palm) to the affected area.
  3. As a method of treating the spine. At first, we apply the general healing process. We open the channel after we have opened the lotus and well. A golden ray comes out of the base of the Golden Pyramid. The healer stands behind the patient and places his hands on the patient’s shoulders. They place the thumbs to the right and left of the spine. They mentally use the channel’s ray and imagines it as a flow entering from the head, going through from the base of the skull to the spine, passing through the 5th chakra, running down the entire spine, through the coccyx and eventually falling into the well. When cleansing the spine, it is possible that a lot of dirt may be displaced from the center of the spine due to the effect of the ray, but will remain on the outside of the spine. This dirt is collected with the help of golden hemispheres (like upside-down bowls, sized from one shoulder to the other) hanging on a solid golden thread. The golden thread moves downwards and there are many hemispheres on it (we direct the movement mentally). The hemispheres pull the dirt from the spine and throw it down the well. The movement is continuous until we feel it is enough.
  4. Used to clean and protect spaces, cars and areas.
  5. It is also possible to use the Golden Pyramid against epidemics as well as to positively intervene with the criminal and ecological situation of larger areas (neighborhood, city, countries, etc.). In these cases, the golden ray managed by the healer should enclose the entire target area. The larger an area is, the more healers are recommended to join taking turns in the application.
  6. Rarely, during the course of treatment it is used as a miraculous intervention when other channels have failed to give the desired results. To seek miraculous intervention only the Magisters who have received their cosmic name are entitled to approach the Mahatma Base for help. These, however, are very rare cases. The Magister visualizes the Golden Pyramid, repeats “Mahatma, Mahatma, Mahatma, Mahatma…” and visualizes the ray of the Golden Pyramid on the patient for whom they are seeking help, while stating their cosmic name. If they see it clear and shining it means that the request has been granted. If the ray disappears the healer must understand that the request has been rejected and that the illness is being treated through other available channels or is particularly complicated.

In case of help from higher levels (two, three light columns) the patient should let them take care of the situation. We avoid any contact; we leave the place (better to another room and we are not allowed to look at them) and let them work with the patient.
If we repeatedly call the Mahatma Base without a solid reason, we will almost certainly be energetically punished (we will feel bad, our channels will not open, problems may arise in our family, at work, etc.). It is always recommended to use the channel wisely.

The Agni Channel is not compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It contains the male energy. It removes depression, supplies the body with vital energy and deeply cleanses it very powerfully. Very useful in chronic fatigue syndrome and generally in people who lack vital energy. It fills you with enthusiasm and spurs you to action. Removes inertia and helps getting out of a stagnant state (Tamas energy).
It can be used at any time and in any place, and before the main healing session. It is active only as long as its mental image is maintained. It is not recommended for aggressive people because it may aggravate their condition and increase their anger.
It is used without contact.
It is combined very well with the Hum channel.
When using it and in order to increase its power, it is recommended to mentally repeat the names of the male planets e.g. Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, etc.
The channel has a second special use. We use it to call a taxi. For this use, it is necessary to open the channel and create a mental image: on a blue-sky background, a white triangle consisting of stripes of milky-white color. Inside the triangle there is a ring, also milky white. We give the command for what we want (we visualize a taxi inside the ring). If the mental image has been constructed correctly, then the driver (at the subconscious level) will choose the road we are on from the many possible routes. When we receive the result, we thank and close the channel.
It can also be applied for cleansing a business place or even the home to enhance the flow of money.

It is not compatible with the Buddhist healing Channels.
It bears the feminine passive energy. It removes the negative energy, drastically cleanses the human body, removes stress and tension and removes aggression.
It is used anywhere, anytime as well as before the main healing session. It is active only as long as its mental image is maintained. It is applied without contact. It is not recommended for use to patients with melancholy, because since the channel removes tension, it may remove vital energy and worsen their psycho-emotional state.
It is very useful to apply it in cases of violence, quarrels caused by drunk people. If we see that a fight is about to spark, we open the frequency and everyone will calm down. If the fight has already started, it will stop soon.
It is combined very effectively with the Agni channel.
The effectiveness of Hum will be enhanced if at the time we open the channel we also name female deities e.g. Aphrodite, Athena, Demeter, Hecate, etc.

It is a very powerful channel. It clears negative energy and removes magic. It helps to remove energies and harmful entities. It is used in the treatment of the seriously ill. The use of this frequency improves the mood and initiates recovery.
It promotes business growth, material prosperity, realization of plans and ideas, and progress in society.
During its application it becomes stronger if we utter names of female and male deities corresponding to those of the Agni and Hum channels.
It is used anytime and anywhere as well as before the main healing session. It is active only as long as its mental image is maintained. After working with the frequency of the Agni-Hum then we can work with the frequencies of the Buddhist Block.
The channel is used 1) either in the usual way immediately after initiation as described above or 2) as a miraculous channel.
To activate its miraculous effect, the Cosmoenergy Healer has to go through a systematic practice (90 consecutive days).

Cosmoenergetics Μαγιστρικό Μπλοκ - Magister Block photo

It’s not compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It is a powerful cleansing channel, earthy, with soothing feminine energy. It picks up energetic dirt, gets rid of the evil eye, magic (returns the negative energy to its creator) and removes contact with lower energy fields. It is used to heal the severely ill and patients with aggressive and unsociable behavior due to a psychological disorder. It harmonizes the inner state, removes aggression, stress and anger and corrects the behavior.
It is still effective when applied to every posture of the patient (even while lied down).
The practitioner opens it for 15-20 minutes as a cleansing preparation before the general healing session with the Buddhist Channels. The well opens automatically after opening the channel. The heavy negative energy goes downwards while the light energy goes up. After that, the healer closes the channel and continues the process of the healing scheme with the Buddhist Channels. The well closes by itself.
The Mama channel is also used outside the general healing session for both the healer and the patient.
Because it is very powerful when cleansing the energy dirt, it may cause drowsiness or fatigue if used intensively or for long periods of time. In this case the practitioner should close the channel and work with the Buddhist Channels. Moreover, because it carries feminine energy it may not be wise to use it for the same person all the time. Especially in men with low masculine energy, an adaptation is required e.g. with the combination of Agni or Agni-Hum channel as well.
In order to boost seriously ill patients, we can open Mama at the end of the session and not close it.
It is even possible to open it on patients during their sleep, with an all-night installation (rare use).

It is compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It is used to develop the ability to levitate, to treat the severely ill who cannot yet get up from the bed (the channel very soon helps them to stand up). It is also used in the treatment of apoplexy (loss of consciousness, mobility and sensation usually due to cerebral hemorrhage, but can also be caused by thrombosis or embolism of a blood vessel in the brain). It has a very good application for cancer patients and in general in severely ill patients e.g. with multiple sclerosis.
It helps with dizziness, lesions of the vestibular system, cases of fatigue from avitaminosis or anemia, sore feet. We can also open it in the morning when we cannot get out of bed, etc.
To develop the ability of levitation, the channel must be practiced beforehand, just as it is done for the Midi and Hektas channels (the Cosmoenergy Healer opens the channel on themselves daily for 120 or more consecutive days for 40 minutes).
For the treatment of strokes and heavily ill patients the channel should be opened at the end of the main healing session, after we have closed the lotus and the well. This work takes at least 40 minutes during which we regularly channel Bon in the aura and insist. At the end of the work, the channel must not be closed.
Therapeutic intervention for those who have suffered stroke as well as in severely ill patients is carried out according to the general therapeutic scheme concerning the manipulation of energy centers and cleansing of the head.
The channel does not have a specific therapeutic effect but restores the energy of the brain. When, however, there is a sarcoma it is necessary to work with an experienced neurosurgeon. If it is a male sarcoma the chance of cure is 50%. If it is female then there is no chance of cure. If it is a cerebral infection the chance of recovery is 30%. All other cases are 80% curable.
For recent strokes there is recovery within 2-3 weeks of daily work. For old strokes a minimum of 30 minutes of work daily is required as well as massage of the whole body as the muscles have atrophied.

The Hecate channel carries earthly, feminine energy. It is compatible with the Buddhist Healing Channels.
The channel is used for breast augmentation, breast correction, for any breast diseases (e.g., cracked nipples, lack of milk) and for gynecological diseases that are not related to the creation of malignant tumors. It is prohibited to apply the channel to the breasts when there is breast disease or even a suspicion of the disease. Under no circumstances should it be used for the treatment of cancer or tumors (mastopathies, fibroids, etc.) Therefore, it may be useful to have a mammogram beforehand for confirmation.
Hecate is more likely to work with uterine cancer than ovarian cancer.
Breast tumors (not malignant). We perform the full treatment session as always in order to align the chakras, systems and all organs. We then perform 10-12 sessions working with semi-contact. In the treatment (semi-contact), the breasts turn blue and pain occurs. The tumor is squeezed and goes away by the fistula. The fistula scar goes away without leaving a trace. Upon completion of the procedure, it is imperative to leave energy incisions on the spots where we worked.
Various breast lesions. During the treatment it is necessary to work with the diseased breast according to the Firast + Shaon scheme or the Hecate frequency. We do not work with all frequencies at the same time. The healer should cut (she/he mentally opens up an energetic cross) the diseased areas, pull out the disease and direct it to the well. We place the hands on the chest as follows: right hand up, left hand down. We first work with the right breast and then with the left. At the end we inflate the aura with Firast + Zeus + Hecate.
For the treatment of gynecological conditions, we work with semi-contact or non-contact. We use the combination of Farun-Buddha + Firast + Shaon + Sinrach or the Hecate channel.
For breast lifting we should massage the mammary glands twice a day with the frequency of Hecate, but only if we do not have cancerous diseases. After the end of the full treatment session, we stand for another 15-20 minutes, adding and amplifying the frequencies Sinrach + Tata + Surrey-Sanlay with the intention of “rejuvenating the body and lifting the breast”. We then open Hecate and we massage the breasts with this intention for 15-20 minutes.
In addition: It helps to stop our dependence on other people. It releases karmic nodes. Restores hormonal balance. The frequency sooths violent spouses very quickly and very dramatically. If the husband hits his wife and she opens the Hecate channel on him, then the consequences for the latter may be the most unpredictable. He may even become completely paralyzed.

It’s a Magic Channel. However, it is compatible with the Buddhist healing Channels.
It can be used either alone or in combination with the Buddhist Channels during the general healing session.
It balances the human weight, heals the hormonal axis and rejuvenates the skin.
It is opened at the beginning of the healing session after opening the Buddha Channels that we want to apply.
We act by touching the thyroid gland.
At the end of the treatment, when the lotus and the well are closed (we have already completed the cleansing of the 5 chakras and the head) we inflate the aura between the 4th and 5th chakras by applying the Firast + Zeus + Sinrach (or Sinlach if it is a male patient) + Tata + Farun-Buddha channels. In case the practitioner does not have the Sinrach or Sinlach channel, he/she can apply a combination of Firast + Zeus + Tata + Farun-Buddha.
Best results are obtained when Sinrach (female channel) is activated simultaneously with Sinlach (male channel).
For overweight patients this part of the treatment (i.e. the aura bloating) with the lotus and well closed should be prolonged up to 40 minutes.
When the patient’s weight is stabilized, the channel proceeds to treat the endocrine system.
The channel’s results can be visible from 20 days up to 6 months.
We use it to load salt and water (particularly useful in these cases).
Helps to treat the following:
Central Nervous System: Mental retardation, autism, mental illness, as an auxiliary frequency. Adaptation of young children to the group, to society. Cerebral vessels, pressure.
Peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system: Restores the energy of the spine. Promotes the absorption of calcium, prevents its removal from the body (restoration of water-calcium metabolism).
Circulatory and hematopoietic system: Cleans the blood circulation, capillaries, restores blood circulation. Cardiac veins, deep vein thrombosis, thrombophlebitis. Pressure.
Digestion: Stomach mouth, digestive diseases, esophagus, heartburn, acidity, as an auxiliary frequency.

This is the channel of astral travel during sleep.
The initial practice is done in a supine position. Before going to bed at night, we place a “link” under the pillow if we intend to astral travel. The “link” can be anything (a personal object that we don’t always have with us e.g., a watch, a comb, etc.) as long as, before it is placed under the pillow, it is programmed (consciously set) with the thought “to return here at exactly this time”. It is very important to set a return point when we are sober. We lie down comfortably; arms and legs should not be crossed. We mentally formulate the intention to make an astral journey and then set the return point and time.
We then open the Do channel.
The main difficulty with the Do frequency is the time of the exit. It is necessary to “catch” the state between awake and sleep, which lasts a minimum of 3-10 seconds. At this point the exit takes place. If we miss the state between wakefulness and drowsiness, we simply fall asleep.
First time. We make an exit. We look at ourselves from the outside and then we come back.
Second time. We walk around the room and we return.
Third time. We walk around the apartment and we come back.
The distance is gradually increased so that the astral thread is trained, not to break or be deformed.
It is extremely necessary that the person is not disturbed during the astral journey. The astral body, on its return to the Cosmoenergy Healer, may fail to reapply itself properly to the physical body if an unforeseen, sharp sound (e.g. a telephone call, the dropping of a pen) disturbs the process. The disturbance will cause the astral thread to pull us back into the body violently and clumsily, so the astral body is in danger of losing its way back. Therefore, henceforth, the Healer will keep travelling during sleep.
Moreover, in the beginning we will not remember the experiences we collected during our sleep. The more often we use the channel the more conscious the travel will be and the more information will be retained until we return to the physical body.
To return, we give the command “home, to myself”. When the exit begins, we must trust no one. A Magister can use the Glaich, Ass and Perun frequencies for protection and investigation of astral images and contacts. If the image is smiling, it means it is ours. We should not go where a random voice calls us, nor anywhere else. We may be led to a place where we will remain trapped. There is a great danger of being taken over (by a ghost or other unknown entity). Under no circumstances should we enter masses of gray matter (gray walls, clouds, etc.). The astral field is a chaotic, misleading and unknown territory to us. Where we will find ourselves, we won’t be able to do anything. We may be wandering around lost in the astral field, while in reality, we would be in a coma.
Astral travelling is difficult and dangerous. For this reason, their practice should only be done under the control and guidance of an experienced teacher.

It is compatible with the Buddhist healing Channels.
It helps with the treatment of Cerebral Palsy, schizophrenia and psychosis. It eases nervous and mental diseases in the autumn-spring period and Full Moon days. It helps with bipolar and depressive disorders, chronic insomnia, panic attacks. It indirectly relieves emotional and mental stress and improves interaction with the environment.
We open it along with the other Buddhist Channels in the main therapy session.
When we treat the Cerebral Paresis, we cleanse the chakras according to what we always do in the general session. We pay special attention to cleansing the head according to the pattern of Firast + Zeus + Farun-Buddha. We then work with the Luli channel. In the case of CP, the treatment can last from 6 months to a year and a half (because getting rid of karma – heavy in the case of this disease – takes long). At some point, for only one time we apply the Sutra-Karma frequency. Please note that in order to work with children, it is mandatory that parents participate in the therapy sessions.
The treatment of schizophrenia (strong catalepsy) lasts long and is accompanied by severe seizures. The channel is applied to the treatment session without any contact being made. In cases of seizures the patient may be hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic. It is desirable that these patients be treated in closed hospitals and that they receive treatment only from Healers experienced in this field. In schizophrenia there is an excessive and continuous growth of a mass in the brain. When we work with the Luli frequency, this organic mass begins to break down and shuts down the neural networks. The patient becomes frantic and the mental state deteriorates significantly until it begins to improve.
Certain conditions are required for the treatment of schizophrenia: a) ensuring continuous support for the patient from relatives and caregivers, b) energy vision to work with the sixth and seventh energy centers, c) dedication and working with the information channels to get the confirmations we need.
If the above conditions are not present, a positive outcome is highly doubtful.

It is the only channel that is used for healing plants and animals.
It cures enteritis and plague in sheepdogs, but not in bulldogs.
We do not perform openings because animals and plants do not have a lotus. We also do not open organs in animals. We open it up on the patient (whoever it is, plant or animal) without contact and visualize it at the appropriate size (e.g. we visualize it very large on big areas such as gardens, fields, etc.). It should be reinforced verbally and visually. In severe cases we work with contact. We place our palm on the animal or plant, clenching and unclenching our fist. The work is complete when the hand by itself is pulled to the side or the body turns in another direction.
The energies of the frequency accelerate the growth of the plants by two or more times. We first have to open it in a specific place and then we can work from a distance.
We can also use it to charge water for plants or animals.
After application the channel remains open.

The channel is compatible with the Buddhist Healing Channels.
It is used as an anesthetic for bumps, bruises, wounds, toothache, etc. It is not a therapeutic channel. It only causes temporary anesthesia.
It cannot eliminate the cause of the pain. It does not cure wounds nor gout. It should not be used during pregnancy or childbirth, as well as in acute inflammatory conditions, in frequently recurring pain, etc. The channel is active only as long as the mental image is maintained.
In case of severe pain, before applying the Moonlight frequency, it is recommended to treat the painful spot with the Firast frequency and the motor -well method. We then apply the Moonlight frequency. The procedure can be repeated several times. Soothing effect occurs within 2 to 20 minutes.
Contraindications: The channel should not be used for an acid stomach nor if pains in the heart area occur. It is recommended to consult a doctor, after the pain has subsided (e.g. toothache is probably due to inflammation, a pain in the abdomen may be a warning for acute appendicitis, etc.) as pain may be a warning sign of a potentially dangerous health condition.
Moonlight is the gentle feminine energy of calmness. It has an attractive and soothing power. It cleanses, relieves stress, emotional outbursts in women, including menstruation and during menopause. It corrects and aligns the energy centers in women. It helps in dealing calmly with the success of others.

It is not compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It is similar quality-wise to the Buddhist channel Firast but is more powerful.
The channel deeply cleanses offices, premises, shops, stores, warehouses, products and objects (even gold and jewelry) of negative energy and charges them with divine pure energy. It is usually sufficient to apply it on an object or space without contact. In addition, the channel can be reinforced with the help of the Healer’s hand either by contact or semi-contact depending on the size of the object that is being cleansed. When the Healer’s hand moves or her/his body has moved in space, we consider that the desired effect has been achieved and the cleansing has been completed.
The person who will be the first to touch an object after its purification, is considered its master or if it is an object for sale, it’s possible that she/he will wish to buy it.
For the purification of the objects that belonged to a person who is no longer in life, we open the frequency on the clothes and objects, so the link between the living and the necrotic astral field is removed.
It can be combined very effectively with the 1st Magic Channel for cleansing (first the 1st Magic and then the Purification of Objects Channel – not at the same time).

It belongs to the Magic Channels but it is compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It is only used to cleanse the chakras. It is strictly forbidden to apply it to the organs or the head.
Titan is a very strong and percussive channel. Therefore, it is only used in cases where the combination of the Firast + Zeus channels has not brought positive results.
Therefore, in the next session with a patient, we use it to replace the Zeus channel to the chakras that need it. In this case, we work with either Zeus + Firast + Farun-Buddha channels, or the combination of Titan + Firast + Farun-Buddha. In other words, we provide each energy center with what we feel it needs in order to activate it.
Considering the percussive properties of this channel, its use is not recommended for seriously ill or weak people. In these cases, we stick to the combination of Zeus + Firast + Farun-Buddha.
We are also cautious when applying it to the heart chakra. We must be sure that it is safe to apply it there, otherwise we replace it with the Zeus channel.
The cleansing of the head is done with the basic formula of Zeus + Firast + Farun-Buddha.

The Thor channel is part of the Magic Channels but is also compatible with the Buddhist Channels.
It is used as a percussive channel for the annihilation of heavy masses of dark energy. Its use is topical.
During the main healing session and as long as we keep the lotus and well open, we open the channel and we direct our “strokes” towards the spots where the negative or black energy has been accumulated. That is, we do not open it at the beginning of the healing session but after we have cleansed the chakras and head and before we close the lotus and well, as a final healing application. To remove something from the head e.g. a headache, we carry out a maximum of 5-7 strokes.
It is important for the patient to continue standing upright while the intervention is being performed with this frequency open on him. At the same time, the intervention “spot” must remain open. The impact of the Thor channel disrupts the accumulated energy, which starts to shatter, so after this process we have to remove whatever has been left after the shattering, with the help of the motor-well method.

  1. We do not act on the heart area with the channel.
  2. We do not use it on a patient with thrombophlebitis.
  3. Never on pregnant women.
  4. Do not use it for stone shattering.
  5. We do not use it to cleanse the energy centers.
  6. We do not use it to remove physical formations e.g. kidney stones (but only energetic ones on the subtle level).

A channel of the 7th cosmic race. It has not been fully decoded and its healing mechanism is unknown. It is not possible to control its use.
It is used in rare cases – usually when working with other (milder) channels that have failed to achieve the desired results and when the Cosmoenergy Healer has received clear information in order to use it.

It is opened at the end of the main healing session. The other channels that we had opened earlier for the patient must be closed. The therapist opens and channels the frequency to the patient between the 4th and 5th chakra. The application can take from a few seconds to five minutes. When we feel the frequency going through our hands, we hold for another 10 seconds and then we remove them.
The Hutta channel has a very strong vibration and the application is accompanied by a crisis and deterioration of the patient’s physical and psychological state. Its effect can be felt for hours or even days (7-10 days). The patient should have been informed beforehand of the possible side effects of its use and consent should have been obtained for its application. They may experience paroxysm, seizure, laughing, crying, nausea, drowsiness, headache, aggression, etc. It doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone. Perhaps on the contrary, euphoria and lightness may occur. It all depends on a person’s karmic load. When Hutta manifests, it creates an imbalance in the person’s energy level and they are likely to start shouting. If manifestations are noticed, this is a sign that the Hutta is working well and that the frequency has entered the patient. The frequency can exhaust the patient. It also causes extremely intense distraction. For example, one can cross the street lost in thought without seeing anything. If someone is driving, we warn them to be careful on the road.
It should not be used more than three times a month for the same patient. In extremely rare cases the therapist may be advised by the information channels to do otherwise (different frequency of use). Evidence that Hutta is working effectively is obviously the rapid improvement of the patient’s health and the fact that the initial symptoms have subsided.
In some cases, Hutta does not bear obvious results. This may mean the following:
a) the patient’s karma is loaded, in which case the channel has worked to remove ancestral karma
b) the patient belongs to the 1-2% of people who do not respond to Cosmoenergetics
c) there is a latent disease, which the patient is not aware of and in this case all the energy of the channel is absorbed to fight it
It is up to the experience of the therapist and the use of information channels to understand what is happening.

It is compatible with the Buddhist Healing Channels.
This channel accelerates the transfer of one’s accumulations of good onto one’s karmic body (i.e. it transfers all the positive information from the etheric, astral and mental body onto the causal body, in order to “offset” the negative and help with the healing of the illness). When this acceleration takes place, the person who is being treated, will have to face the consequences of his/her actions, not in the next incarnation or 10-15 years from the given application date but immediately, right now. In the case of no accumulation of good, nothing will be transferred onto karma. The accumulated karma is released partially or even completely up to 7 generations back (karma that has been loaded by their ancestors, and not karma that has been created during their past incarnations). It does not release the karma created in the current incarnation.
The practitioner opens the channel at the end of the main healing session, after the lotus and well have been closed, and channels it between the patient’s 4th and 5th chakras. We only open the channel once. We don’t close it because we don’t even have control over its closure. The Sutra-Karma will close by itself when it has completed the work, which can be from a few hours to several days.
It is used in very difficult cases when a long-term treatment fails to give results. It can cause intense emotional or physical reactions such as laughing, crying, urinary incontinence, indicating that it is working at its maximum at that moment. Such reactions, however, do not necessarily occur in everyone. In cases of good people with a great accumulation of goodness the channel works without manifestation. We must have informed the person of the possible symptoms of the application.
If the channel does not open it means that karma cannot be released because the patient has not done any good deed in this life.
It is not recommended to apply it to patients whose physical body has been very stressed (as in the case of patients with fourth degree cancerous tumors). There is considerable doubt as to whether a disease of such a degree could be cured. In such a case the channel would consume all the accumulation of goodness with the result that the person would start the next life from a very low level. The patient wouldn’t have time to collect new good information.
In any case the informational channels should guide the healer concerning the application of the Sutra-Karma channel.
In summary, Sutra-Karma uses the good deeds of this life in order to release the karmic information that causes the disease. Therefore, it consumes the stock of good deeds of this life which would serve, in part, as a criterion for the next life. Its wrong use can be detrimental to the spiritual development of the person and can charge negative karma to the healer for its imprudent use, hurting the patient. Extremely careful use of the channel is recommended, and only after the healer has received clear information that it should be opened, both for a patient and for oneself.

It works to protect the Cosmoenergy Healer and/or to punish the one who attacks them (by physical or moral harm e.g. envy, slander, rudeness, partiality, revenge, etc.). Since the channel automatically protects the Healer (it opens automatically if necessary) and in most cases the Cosmoenergy Healer is not aware of the harm caused, it should be understood that they are not personally involved in opening this channel and they cannot close it. The only possibility for the channel to close is in the hands of the person who has caused damage to the Healer.
Those who are punished by this channel get sick and experience damages (physical, material, etc.) with unforeseen consequences unless they truly repent and apologize.
The Cosmoenergy Healer has the ability to open the channel consciously if they are absolutely sure they know who is attacking them, otherwise the punishment will be shared equally under both.
At the same time, the frequency disciplines the Cosmoenergy Healer and puts them in charge of their thoughts and feelings (the astral body associated with desire – not Manas). If the Healer is angry with a person and stimulates their emotional body with this vibration, the channel opens under them automatically (we can only “get angry” mentally without being emotionally involved and without directing anger towards someone, so we are not disturbing our own emotional body or the other person’s).
If the Healer is offended but at the same time forgives the offender, then the Ratha works twice as hard.
For close people (i.e. family/relatives) the channel does not open on its own – it can only open consciously.

A relatively new frequency. Its main use is in agriculture against Colorado potato beetles and lice, as well as against fungal mold. Colorado potato lice and beetles can leave the farm under the influence of the frequency.
Moreover, experience has shown and it is confirmed by a diagnosis through computers that it repels helminths from humans. It helps in the treatment of dandruff due to fungi. It removes some types of cutaneous fungal infections using charged water.