Magister Block

The Magister Block Channels are universal high frequency codes of the highest scale. Each channel of the Magister Block contains many frequencies and incorporates within it a wide range of different energies. The Magister level is actually that of the planetary Magus. The Magister receives a Cosmic Name – identity for the higher subtle universal levels.

Space, information channel, provides any information about the knowledge of the World. It paves the way to encrypted knowledge. It has a clearing effect and enhances hidden factors and influences to come to the surface. It protects against the “invasion” of foreign entities. It works against the energetic interference of other people on us (hypnosis, suggestions, NLP, zombification). It removes damages from places (apartments, houses, land, cars, etc.). Fights, scandals (it has a calming effect and it can interrupt them). Removes excess fat, corrects the shape of the body. Tightens the skin of the face, removes puffiness under the eyes. Rejuvenation.

On a physical level it heals:

Central Nervous System: Seasonal aggravation of mental illness. Restores the function of the frontal lobes of the brain (vascular damage, head trauma). Parkinson’s disease. Eyes – vessels of the fundus.
Peripheral Nervous and Musculoskeletal System: Diseases of the bone, poliomyelitis, myositis, trauma on the skull (brain damage on the bone), 7th cervical. Nerve damage, muscle spasm. Damage to the coccyx. Repositions the intervertebral discs. Deep and superficial bruises.
Circulatory system: It normalizes the work of the fourth chakra. Neuropathic dystonia, vasospasm, cleans the walls of blood vessels, it filters the blood. Heart attack, hypertensive crisis. Normalizes pressure. Hereditary diseases of the spleen. When there is diarrhea, it acts as an astringent. Gangrene.
Digestive System: Inflammation of the abdominal region, hemorrhoids. Intestinal parasites. Hereditary diseases of the liver, pancreas.
Skin: Hereditary renal diseases, neurodermatitis, allergic reactions. Acne, sebaceous glands. Gangrene.
Endocrinological System: Hairy legs. Hormonal problems, thyroid glands – nodules.
Immune System: Cold sores, purulent wounds.

The space information channel provides any information about the knowledge of the World. Readable information is translated into images or other accessible language. In case of difficulties in visualization, while performing the regular practice, we open the Agni channel, at the same time.
Protection from astral attacks, distortion and evil eye. Suppressing the attack of an energetically more powerful person. Relief from astral suction cups (astral parasitic formations), energetic interference, addictions (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc.). It cleans the room (and informs about what it removes).
It is recommended to open it to both parents before the birth of the child, if the previous child has abnormalities (e.g., developmental difficulties, mental retardation, etc.).
It helps to identify the “perpetrator” (anyone who has created a situation against us) and creates a situation that is illuminating (the secret becomes obvious).
Planetary space communications. Insight. Helps with developing automatic writing (recording information from higher mental and spiritual levels). Erases difficult situations and destructive emotions. You can see the events (present, past, future) and the future events soften (it clears the present cause and indirectly soothes the future effect). It develops the ability to read the mind. Removes zombies.

On the physical level it heals:

Central Nervous System: It restores damaged areas of the brain and cortex, improves conductivity. Removes psychosomatic disorders, vegetative-vascular disorders, unexplained periods of anxiety, aggression. It calms, stops scandals, fights, riots. Relieves the condition in schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease. Restores speech after stroke. Removes intracranial, intraocular pressure. Cures glaucoma, cataract.
Circulatory System: It improves blood circulation. Normalizes blood viscosity. Removes venous congestion. Treats aorto-coronary insufficiency, lethargy of the heart muscle, relieves pre-infarction condition, facilitates recovery after heart attack, treats CHD (coronary heart disease).
Respiration (organs): Diseases of the respiratory system. Restores lung parenchyma, works on parasites that cause coughing.
Digestive: Viral infection, Botkin’s disease.
Skin: Parenchyma of the kidneys, weakening of the kidneys, adrenal glands. Fungal diseases, warts, improves skin condition, normalizes moisture.
Endocrinological: Normalization of the level of hormones. Rejuvenation.
Immune: Malaria, fever.
Ancient Polynesian channel, feminine, planetary, minus. Its equivalent is in Karelia. Associated with the elements of fire and air. Access to the information portal of another higher dimension (Masters who are not incarnated among us). Protection, contacts in parallel worlds, development of vision.
Used to operate on lower levels for direct acquisition of energy resources, protection from any aggressive manifestations.
In rare cases, it can be used to destroy-neutralize social Egregors. Helps to tune into another person’s frequency (telepathy). Protection from on-the-spot alteration (bad desires). Removes the curse.
On a physical plane:
Central nervous system: suicide (rescue from wrong actions), normalizes vestibular apparatus (dizziness, unsteady gait), restores muscle system after paralysis.
Digestion: Ulcers, intestinal microbes, intestinal lesions with chemicals, inflammation of the esophagus.
Excretory system and skin: Weakness of kidneys, adrenal glands.
Endocrinological: Endocrine diseases of the thyroid gland, hormonal disorders.
The channel from the Karelia region works for protection, vision development as well as contacts with parallel worlds.
It restores the communication with the information field. It develops inner vision. It helps to discover creative abilities. It is a key to parallel worlds. Exit to ultimate consciousness. It removes the energy field’s damage and necrotic damage. Helps to understand mistakes and errors, karmic problems of the genus, necrotic and lower bonds. Normalizes the interpersonal relationships. Removes coding (programs installed by an external interferer), barriers, adjustments, non-beneficial mental programs (parental, social, etc.), alien interference.
Revitalization of all structures.
Strongly affects the natural elements – earthquakes, hurricanes. It reduces the power of these if opened in advance. Saves lives if opened at the right time (at the moment when the dangerous natural phenomenon has already occurred). It is related to the elements of fire and air. It is used during work in places of power to improve the weather, activate the Magister’s matrix, reveal the vision of the outer plane and plasmoids, work with fire, reveal the cult of the North. In some cases, it acts as a universal channel for the fulfillment of desires.
On the physical plane:
Central Nervous System: Softens schizoid situations (hysteria, neurasthenia), mental illness, periods of melancholy). Symptomatic diseases of the central nervous system. Improves cognitive-mental abilities. Relieves fatigue. Harmonizes.
Respiratory (organs): Vascular rhinitis.
Digestion: liver, colic, ulcerative colitis.
Endocrinological: Diseases of the endocrine system.
Finnish equivalent of the Ukko channel.
Very powerful channel. Protection from all astral substances (from the graveyard, etc.), vampires. Removes the energetic influence of other people (protects against hypnotic suggestions, etc.).
Knowledge of the past, present and future. You can change the present and future by adjusting the past. It allows you to change the fate (by choosing the best option).
It supports the relationship between parallel worlds and races. It opens up the way in space (tunes into the desired frequencies), creates a bridge between space and time dimensions. It allows you to reach the peak in business, spiritual growth and self-improvement. It helps with finding the path. It helps to make beginnings on a practical level (realization). It strongly develops inner vision, paranormal and creative abilities (clears blocked channels). Responsible for abilities and skills. The lack of awareness of potential abilities leads to alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness, etc., because there are blockages towards creativity/realization. The channel prevents this damaging release of creative power by neutralizing the unreleased energy.
It has power over the crowd, calms and soothes emotions (when applied to us).

Ancient Lakh channel.
Used against experienced sorcerers (energetically equivalent to the magicians of the astral plane if they have become “black” and are working against you) in order to take away their power. It is not a “black” channel and does no harm to them. We are not punished for such a use because it simply intercepts the action of the one attacking us without causing them harm.
In a planetary attack, we open the channel on both ourselves and the attacker. Reaching levels 2 and 3 (of the 7 sub-levels of the astral space), we encounter energy twins, so the channel takes away their power. The attacker begins to burn, feels sick, and quickly loses vitality. You have to work until the attacker escapes or disappears. No one should be trusted at these levels. If we believe someone, we can be easily deceived. Not even the Perun channel will help in such situations.
It is also used to transition to other levels. It can be used in the physical world and in astral travels. It not only protects from energy attacks, but also from other types of aggression (in the physical plane).
In the physical world, this frequency is opened up to those who play psychological games (try to stimulate our emotional body, become manipulative, etc.).
It develops psychic abilities. It helps us to see mistakes and how to change the situation for the better. Cleansing negative information and old magic. Protection. It clears the suppressed heart and unwanted memories of the soul. Creates marital and family relationships. Clears the context around a person, stops quarrels and scandals. Heals the whole body, especially the heart. In difficult cases, it can be combined with similar channels of the Magister. Ass can also be opened to an object (in order to remove the negative programs with which it has been charged). The frequency can be used to better traverse mountain routes, in conjunction with Midi.

The Voodoo channel provides access to the world’s magical Voodoo Egregor. Many people mistakenly associate the knowledge of Voodoo with black magic. In reality it is actually the oldest and one of the most powerful planetary traditions of the guardians of the Earth. In Cosmoenergy it is used to influence human consciousness, in particular, to alter a person’s “wrong” decisions.
It is rarely used, as a person’s wrong decisions are an integral part of their spiritual development. It works for up to six months. It is almost certain to result in side effects, which must be removed with the Shiva channel.
Its energy can mislead and make one feel confident in their actions and decisions. It can also lead someone to wrong thoughts, judgments and actions. We must always keep in mind the responsibility of each Personality (Lower Quaternary) and the lessons that the Soul must learn.

It is a spiritual frequency. It is the planetary channel of Mount Kailash in Tibet.
It works to increase memory and intelligence. It increases the brain’s capacity. It increases talents in humans. Language ability. Craving for knowledge. Cultivates access to the mind of the Creator. A person can perceive and realize this channel to the maximum of its intelligence.
It can activate the consciousness of intelligence, as an engagement to the mind of the Creator, which for the essence of the human mind is the highest pleasure. The dissolution of the human consciousness into the consciousness of the Creator is the basis of the Transition.
It can provide information in the form of books, paintings, music, technological inceptions, etc. under the availability of certain skills. In any case, the information is revealed during the creative process. In the healing process, it is used to develop intelligence even in the most difficult cases (e.g. autism, Down’s syndrome), in order to remove the effects of magical attacks or manipulation techniques aimed at the patient’s consciousness. In some cases, it provides with an exceptional clarity of consciousness. It develops the transcendental clarity of knowledge (the subtle world), activates the 6th chakra (the 3rd eye) and allows the human brain to process information coming from the subtle level.
It is the competitor of the Voodoo Channel. It neutralizes the effects after working with the Voodoo frequency.
It cleans and protects against foreign programs. Curses, bindings, necrotic connections, magic, magic effects, negative programs. It repairs the damage. Protects against harmful contacts. It clears the mind and subconscious from destructive programs. Destroys demonic entities. Improves Karma. Helps with completing a business that has just started. It enhances willpower. Helps in making the right decision. Harmonizes the personality. Also, we open it when there is loss of consciousness. It helps in getting rid of excess weight. It removes the swelling of the heart and kidneys. It helps resisting critical temperatures and fluctuations.
Example 1: A student went to give an exam, but doesn’t know anything. We open up the channel on him/her for 20 – 30 minutes before the exam starts and we hold it. During the exam, the student will have the pages in front of his/her eyes and will remember everything he/she had heard and seen.
Example 2: You have to learn a difficult, technical book. Open the frequency and read – the material will be much easier to assimilate.
At the physical level it heals:

Central Nervous System: Repair damaged cells, improves blood circulation, oxygen saturation. Brain shafts, intracranial pressure, spasms, return and restoration of memory. Improves brain function at any age. Seniors and children. Develops ability for foreign languages, memorization of long texts. Relieves motion sickness syndrome.
Peripheral and Musculoskeletal System: Diseases of the spine. Inflammation of the joint, synovial sac. Removes fluid from the knee with inflammation of the meniscus.
Circulatory System: Cleansing blood.
Respiratory System: Phlegm in the lungs (abscess). Emphysema, bronchitis, choking – starts the work of the lungs and heart.
Digestive System: Intestinal parasites, tooth decay, inflammation of the nerves of the tooth, flow.
Skin: Discards excess fluid from the body. Fungal diseases.
Endocrine System: Normalizes activity, reduces goiter.
Immune System: Fungal diseases, immune oncology, staphylococcus. Streptococcus.
Lymphatic System: Purification of lymph, spleen, getting rid of harmful ancestral information.
Cosmoenergetics Μαγιστρικό Μπλοκ - Magister Block image
An ancient Indian channel.
The doctor of the gods. It is a general healing frequency of the Magisters’ level. It carries all seven primary colors. It fills the energy of the main chakras and layers of the aura.
It only works on Magisters themselves, or at least on a Master (it is a very rare case and if we have received the information to use it at some point). We do not apply it under any circumstances below the Master level. We cannot open it to Cosmoenergy Healers who are at a higher level of initiation than us.
It is used for all types of diseases.
The Magister’s protection frequency. It instantly tightens and expands the field up to one meter. It opens automatically if the Magister feels fear or threat.
It induces an uncontrollable sense of fear to the one who is attacking, whether it is a human or animal.
Protection against astral attacks, energy vampires, distortions, zombies, envy. Helps resolve Karma. Helps the shy person to be in the center of attention (to initiate communication in a social context). Safety channel for car enthusiasts and pilots.
Helps with the treatment of seasonal allergies. Grey hair. Rejuvenation.
It is a channel to protect Magisters in all levels, including zero (which is where we are now). The channel is opened in any situation in which we sense danger. We just have to think about it and the field immediately starts to shrink. In 10-15 minutes, it becomes denser (up to 3-4 meters) and like a stone (under normal conditions the radius of the Magister’s field is from 80 to 100 meters). The fear that was inside us, is compressed into the shell and is transmitted to those around. For example, in front of a group that looks dangerous, we open the channel on us and immediately people will unconsciously have a feeling of anxiety and fear and they will start looking back.
The channel provides a flow of information. It is very good to use it to create motivation and form a clear, stable intention. It provides us with the confidence we need for our actions, it gives the feeling that everything will be done as clear as it should be.
On a physical level it heals:
Central Nervous System: Violation of cerebral circulation. Noise in the ears. Helps with the recovery of the brain after stroke. Attacks of unexplained melancholy (improves inner state).
Peripheral and Musculoskeletal: Bumps, bruises, gout, polyarthritis, poor posture, musculoskeletal system lesions, adhesions, lesions. Flat feet, heavy feet.
Circulatory: Noise in the heart, IHD (ischemic heart disease), bruising.
Digestive: Dehydration (diarrhea, vomiting), intestinal atony, stomach instability, convulsions.
Skin: Leukemia, oily seborrhea.
Endocrinological: ncreased temperature, fever attacks.

Channel from the Altay Mountains. (Karelian-Finnish).
This god is the lord of the upper world. He can come in different forms as a spiritual mentor. He helps with the ritual. His applied aspect can remove any unwanted presence in the Magister’s realm: a troublesome person, a demonic entity, UFO, plasmoids, entities from parallel worlds.
When voices try to contact you, you have to open the Ulgen (on you) – you just have to think about it and the channel will open. The Plasmoid UFOs we burn are the ones that we see in the transparent spectrum. Such attempts of communication do not even come from the Lower Mental plane, but from the astral (Kama Loka).
Each chakra contains an enormous amount of energy. Supposing we could disintegrate it, all this energy would be released uncontrollably. We live on a nuclear reactor planet.
In Plasmoid civilizations, only 3 or 4 earthlings are enough in order to have a power supply. They operate under anyone, including the saints.
Plasmoid UFOs, as a rule, appear in places of congestion of large numbers of people e.g., in large cities where energy absorption takes place. They absorb energy from us and some people gradually disintegrate. In addition, they still pull people in order to communicate. If you open a channel to a UFO from a parallel world, nothing will happen. UFOs from parallel worlds do not intervene with us nor us with them. They are perfectly harmless, but upon opening the Ulgen frequency they will simply disappear, it will look as if they have dissolved. They will realize that there is a different frequency here and that they have to leave. UFOs of parallel worlds are investigators; they don’t come into contact with humans. If there is a UFO on the physical plane, it is not recommended to contact them, as the soul will be disturbed.
It acts against troublesome people, in order to get rid of them. Example: A neighbor or guests came at an inappropriate time. If you are tired, open the channel (on yourself). After 3 minutes the neighbor will remember something, or somehow feel uncomfortable and leave in a hurry.
Protection from astral attacks, energy matrix reading, demonic entities, installation of programs. Cancelling the energy blockage caused by someone intentionally. Gluttony crises, substance abuse (e.g., smoking), aggression, alcoholism, drug addiction. Creates a protective field, protects the aura. Presents enemies from the shadow. It punishes them for the mistakes and harm they have done to us. It cleanses the Karma.
On the physical level it heals:

Central Nervous System: Diseases leading to focal skin diseases (vasectomy, neurodermia). Epilepsy attacks.
Circulatory: VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), hypertension, hypertensive crisis.
Respiratory: Bronchial asthma, emphysema, lung disease, cancer.
Digestive: Indigestion.
Skin: Focal skin diseases, psoriasis, cancer prevention.
Reproductive: Gynecological diseases.
Immune: Viral infections of the glands.

The frequency of Cosmic Love. This channel allows the couple to experience super-planetary cosmic love. This experience is essential to the evolution of the Magister, as such a feeling of love is necessary for the work of cosmic energies. The channel can open spontaneously to people who have just been initiated or to both members of a couple even if only one has been initiated. When we open it on ourselves, there is an attraction of a powerful force. Opening the Toka-ton frequency is not punished, as it has an evolutionary purpose. Relationships that are formed with the use of this channel, exist for no more than six months. Therefore, it is forbidden to use this channel to harmonize family relationships.
Hereditary diseases (damage to the genus, love spells – of the ancestral tree and recently). Spasm. Corruption, necrotic connections, nervous breakdown, energy restoration. It displaces demonic entities. It doesn’t allow them to mate and multiply. Protects the soul from external influences. Relieves damage of the heart chakra. It enhances psychic ability. Helps in receiving information. Has its application in oncology. Relieves aggression and anxiety.
On a physical level it heals:

Central Nervous System: Depression, nervous burnout. Neuro-psychiatric diseases. Blurred vision.
Peripheral and Musculoskeletal System: Inflammation of joints, arthritis, arthropathy, salt deposition. Flat feet. Sciatica.
Circulatory System: Heart disease.
Respiratory System: Emphysema.
Digestive System: Digestive flexure of the gall bladder, spasm (hernia) of the esophagus (with excess food, food returns). Dysbacteriosis, hepatitis A, B, C, dysentery.
Excretory System and Skin: Restores the skin. Crises episodes caused by gallstone; stones are crushed into sand.
Endocrine System: Hyper-function of the thyroid gland. Violation of the functions of the pituitary gland. Graves’ disease.
Ancient Hittite channel.
It is a killer channel used in all planes (cosmic planes and earth plane) and parallel worlds against magic, entities and hostile energies. You need to work until you completely destroy the opponents and the enemy influences.
The frequency also works against gastrointestinal diseases. The work with the gastrointestinal tract is carried out according to the general session’s scheme, by leaving arcs in the organs, as well as inflating the aura with it.
When applying, remember your own Karma. Sometimes we all want punishment for all the injustices we have suffered from. But is it really so? Who can say who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? Remember that in this life we reap what we sowed in previous lives and that above all we are here to cultivate self-consciousness.
Working with killer channels should be done properly, if not at all.

Old pagan frequency. God of the woods, mischievous, joker, naughty. He has a multi-level influence on the physical reality and the people surrounding him.
We must follow certain rules when working with this frequency. Pan directly influences the current situation. However, the person who is working with this frequency, is required to have inner gratitude and respect towards it. Otherwise, it could turn the situation in the opposite direction, so it is necessary at the right time to express gratitude and then close the channel.
It helps in dealing with bureaucratic affairs and procedures, it contributes to achieving something, it helps in getting someone to give an opinion in our favor or to do something we need.
Example: The supervisor doesn’t sign the permission slip, so before we go to him, we open the channel. The Pan channel already knows what we want. It is important to understand the exact moment that we have to thank and close the channel, otherwise it can ruin everything. If we have already convinced the supervisor, but we keep calling the channel, is a big mistake. The supervisor has already taken the pen to sign the statement, so at that moment (it is important not to lose it) we are saying in our hearts “Thank you Pan for your help, I leave you”. If we don’t do that and we instead leave the channel open, the boss will undo his actions.
When we disagree with someone or we try to convince a person, it is important to open the channel in time.
Protection from astral attacks, negative emotions, envy. Mental pain, untreated resentment, anger and any other negative energy are being neutralized, preventing the destruction of the person. It fills with light energy (enthusiasm, interest). It helps to move into another dimension and enhances the communication with the Cosmos. It helps to avoid negative events. Removes programs from hereditary diseases. For preventing this, we work 1-3 times a week.

Destruction of forgotten, degenerated ghosts, our own Phantoms, destruction and protection from any demonic entities (all kinds of entities that exist on earth and in space). The frequency works great for cleansing apartments and other objects, it helps to neutralize geopathic zones.
The peculiarity of the frequency is that when it is opened for any object, it works automatically (no need to mentally persist with prolonged work).

Revealed with intention during the pronunciation of the Magister’s name (received during the initiation of the Magister level). It requires a specific ritual. The number of applications is limited.
It should not be used frequently because the amount of Astral Powder per Magister is limited.
Universal, for all diseases. Cleanses and restores diseased organs when other channels do not help. Used to treat serious diseases that cannot be cured by other methods. It works particularly well against cancer.
It acts as an ambulance for attacks. With oncology the channel acts as a hormonal replacement and stops the growth of the tumor. Mucous formations. Does not allow a benign tumor to develop into a malignant one. In severe cases (e.g., paralysis), we work 2-3 times a day for 1 month. Saves lives in disasters and accidents.
At the physical level it treats:

  • Central nervous system – migraine, consequences of head-brain trauma.
  • Peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system – spinal hernias, pinched nerves, damage to the nerve endings. Injury, dislocation of the jaw, toothache. Spinal fluid recovery (leakage) as a result of trauma. Stroke.
  • Excretory system and skin – Muscle wounds, burns are healed without scarring, colloidal sutures. Acne. Increased pigmentation.
  • Reproductive system – Cysts. Inflammation of organs. Endometriosis, infertility. Ectopic pregnancy (extrauterine). Restores hormonal status after an abortion. Useful for pregnant women with toxicosis. Stops scandals in the family. Relieves the condition of women in critical days.
  • Endocrine system – Thyroid gland (increased irritability, asphyxia), Behcet’s disease. Restores hormonal status. Adrenal glands (recovery in stressful situation).

Ancient Indian channel. The sun god.
The frequency is used in lower levels for protection from any negative, aggressive forces, from evil forces and for protection from entities during astral travel.
As a rule, one seeks to go to the lower level if one is connected to the latter. It is better not to go to the lower planes without having acquired specific skills! After all, there is nothing useful there for one’s spiritual growth.
Compatible with other protection frequencies – Ass, Perun, etc.
Not used in the earth plane.

Ancient Indian channel. Used at lower levels for protection from the forces of evil.
If necessary, it can be combined with the Indra channel.
It is better not to go to the lower levels, since there is nothing beneficial for our spiritual growth there. In general, people who are interested in visiting lower levels are connected to the lower world (which means that their vibration is low and they are not seeking light and expansion of their consciousness).
The frequency can work up to stage 4 of cancer (especially beneficial for malignant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract), but at stage 4 we can usually only alleviate the patient’s condition.

It works with those who are dying of cancer.
The frequency works against cancers, except stomach and 4th degree cancers. For gastrointestinal tract and 4th degree cancers, the frequencies of Astral Powder and Parjanya are used.
Nirvana breaks down any neoplasms – both malignant and benign (tumors, cysts, fibroids, etc.).
The patient should be prepared to work with this frequency.
Warning: We cannot work with the frequency without accurate knowledge of the diagnosis and without a strong will. The frequency is channeled to the patient in a very specific way. It is heavy and hard – working without proper installation or with a wrong diagnosis will badly affect the mental state of both the practitioner and the patient.
The frequency works like a vacuum cleaner, if there is cancer, it sucks it upwards in the form of a funnel.
If there is no cancer and the frequency is channeled into a person, then it affects the brain function very badly. Eventually, the mental state of the person is disturbed and the practitioner gets cancer in the same place as the patient. The channel is very tough and does not forgive mistakes.

Perun is the main Egregor of the Slavic pantheon. God of celestial fire, storms and magnificent platoons.
On the earth plane it manifests as a special fire. Used in exorcism, cleansing of facilities, for protection against attacks in our plane and when exiting other planes.
It is used for identification (ours – others’). A person with bad intentions will quickly leave when the channel is opened. Works similarly in lucid dream levels, destroys or scares away astral entities and ghosts. Only Cosmoenergy healers or a disciple with pure intentions can withstand the channel. It is the key with which we open the Slavic pantheon and we can work in Slavic places of power – in this case it can function as an informational channel. Key to traditional composition, it provides a strong sense of warmth, even heat. In this state a person can stand naked in the winter forest in severe frost and feel warmth.
The channel functions as a defense and attack on earth and in space.
It is used to block contacts and healers working with dark forces, and to neutralize magicians.
The frequency can be used for clearing spaces, fields, gardens from insects, etc., increasing the mental image to the desired effect. When working for distilling entities and cleaning rooms, it is recommended to combine it with the Glaich frequency.
It eliminates the entities and performs exorcism. Develops creativity. Enhances magical abilities. Used for heart pain of an obscure nature. Used for cleansing patients with serious illnesses and for getting rid of energy substances, even if they are very strong and cannot be eliminated by other channels. It treats the diseases of the respiratory system, including cancer. It treats colds and any lung diseases. Depending on the severity of the disease, the patient feels a different effect of the channel: with a mild cold, it is warm while with a severe cold or pneumonia it is very warm and the harmful accumulation begins to flow and slowly goes away.

Cosmic-planetary channel used for travel around planets and galaxies.
It works well in conjunction with the Lei-Ghun frequency for space travel around planets and galaxies. Of course, working with the Lei-Ghun frequency extends the range of possibilities for the Nali frequency. In order to travel, we work in the same way as we do with the Do frequency.
If we have been invited or offered to see something, we are advised not to accept the invitation. When we travel, we trust no one. We travel alone.
It has a very powerful cleansing effect (the thought changes after cleansing). It helps to deal with mental pain, anxiety, depression and obsession.

On a physical level it heals:

  • The central nervous system – Helps with various problems of the central nervous system, spasm of cerebral vessels, stroke, intracranial pressure and cataracts.
  • Peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal – Can be used for joint inflammation, hip dislocation in children, umbilical hernia and restoration of jaw convergence. Can be applied when permanent teeth are being formed in children as well as on the toothache (works like an ambulance). It stretches the spine (we hold our hand in a short distance along the spine from bottom to top).
  • Blood circulation and hematopoiesis – We apply when someone receives a large dose of radiation. Helps with a heart attack before the ambulance arrives.
  • Respiratory system – Used if the person is choking until medical help is provided.
  • Digestion – Polyps, benign tumors (are absorbed to a large extent). Treatment of hepatitis, jaundice, including flexion, bile duct obstruction, inflammation of the gums, stomatitis.
  • Secretions and skin – Used for skin lesions: cancer, frostbite, burns, head spots, allergic rash, eczema.
  • Reproductive – used for cystic and fetal formations, mastopathy. (It has an absorbent quality).
  • Endocrine – Helps normalize hormonal balance (excessive hair loss).
  • Immune – Helps in the initial stage of colds, in the fight against papilloma.

Works with anything related to sex in men and women: impotence, prostate, coldness, etc. For problems of the sexual sphere, it is recommended to first perform the full treatment regimen. At the end we channel the channel between the 4th and 5th energy centers and inflate the aura. Also, we can channel it by contact to the reproductive organs upon which we leave arcs.

Chinese channel (God of forests and nature). It is similar to the Do channel, but Lei-Ghun is much more powerful and not only gives access to the astral cliché, but also to parallel worlds and other cosmic planes. It also facilitates movement in parallel worlds.
We can practice it at the same time we practice Do, but it is not possible to expect to reach other levels while practicing. We simply practice at the frequency by standing below its effect. If the Do channel is mastered, it will be easier to work on Lei-Ghun. The operating pattern is the same as that of the Do frequency.
When we are outdoors with the frequency open, we must work in a calm environment and in silence, so that no one and nothing will hinder us on our way back.
It is best to go to parallel worlds after invitation, but the invitation is given to those who are working hard.
With the help of Lei-Ghun the practitioner can reach both high and low levels. The lower world gives us some knowledge – diagnostic information, properties of certain herbs, crystals, plants, communication with animals.
The channel sooths (affects the subconscious mind as aromatherapy does). It relieves muscle tension and tension in interpersonal relationships. It raises vibrations to a certain level and releases negativity e.g. curses.

On the physical level it treats:

  • Central Nervous System – Normalizes the work of the brain and vascular system, improves the conductivity of neurons. All processes are improved. Facilitates the handling of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Blood circulation and blood formation – cleanses the blood. Diabetes. Arrhythmia, stenocardia, constriction, spasm of the vessels of the heart, brain.
  • Digestion – Diarrhea, viral infection. Liver, pancreas (pancreatitis), bending of the gallbladder.
  • Excretory system and skin – Myoma, ovarian cyst. Inflammation in the fallopian tubes.
  • Endocrine – Hyper/hypoglycemic function of the thyroid gland, nodules. Balances hormones. Oily seborrhea, dandruff, metabolic disorders (in adolescents).

The frequency works for all diseases related to mental disorders, such as hysteria, schizophrenia, alcoholism, Down syndrome, as well as head injuries, etc. It can restore the lotus by removing the upper connections along with the Ulgen.

In Cosmoenergy, the working Phantom is a replication in space of a Magister’s etheric shell for the transfer of the energy matrix outside their body and for any kind of action through distance. Specifically, it applies to healing, initiation, protection of objects, searching for missing persons or similar procedures. The work with the Phantom can be done whether the person is in the same place as us (but we do not touch them with our physical hands) or many kilometers away.
In the therapeutic process through distance, it operates at the level of a patient’s etheric body, taking out of it the etheric copies of the organs, cleaning them and repositioning them.
The Phantom always maintains a link with the Magister, drawing power from their lower energy centers. The more powerful the Magister, the more powerful their Phantom.
The Magister can issue many phantoms, but one must be able to control them and make them return. The ghosts are capable of being reborn. They are also absorbed by demonic entities. Further, through the channel, a demonic being is able to take not only the energy of the Phantom, but the form of the Magister himself, for it can reproduce it from the forgotten Phantom.

Killer Frequencies. Weapons of the Magisters.
The Channels are entity killers and destroy opponents on all levels. There are cultures that have no soul. We can work on them. We do not apply it to individuals and creatures with souls. Better not to use it at all.
They may open automatically, if necessary.
Their misapplication is not punished, but the healer must admit their mistake and make amends. As long as one uses the channel, one must always remember Karma and one’s soul.

The frequency is murderous. The Magister’s defense on the physical plane. It opens automatically.
The channel is stronger than the Ratha channel, but while the Ratha protects and disciplines us in its use, this channel can only be opened consciously.
Frequency for destroying the opponents. It pulls dirty energy and entities into the field of the aura. Gradually, the health deteriorates – pain, weakness, etc. The channel can even cause one’s death. The Healer may not be punished for it during the current life, but will definitely reap it in a subsequent incarnation, plus it loads the Karma of the descendants up to the 7th generation and repayment will be demanded (by the descendants as well – unfortunately!).