Crownscopy Technology

The Crownscopy machine is a method of investigating the crown discharge of the fingertips.

It is, essentially, the further development of techniques for observing and analysing the phenomenon of the colour halo of objects in a high frequency and intensity electromagnetic field (the Kirlian effect) from static images to their dynamic characteristics. That is, it recommends the computer visualization and analysis of the dynamic changes of this field, created by the object under investigation.

Crownscope works as follows. The finger of the atom is placed on the surface of a transparent dielectric plate, which has a conductive base layer. Then, impulses from a generator create an electromagnetic field around the atom under investigation. The crown discharge generated around the fingertips is then recorded and converted and stored as an optical file. The digital signal is then converted into a two-dimensional dynamic emission distribution, which corresponds to the energy state of the atom. The resulting image has a different geometric completeness and energy density that differs in each person.

Software programs provide a lot of biological information, which informs and warns the human or specialist about diseases that exist or are likely to occur. Because the fingertips are the terminal points of the body’s energy meridians, the energy state of the body can be easily determined accurately in the body. Knowledge of topography helps to identify from the fingertips any systems or instruments that are in trouble. The programme also provides reliable information in cases where there is endocrine dysregulation, warning that an organ is still in the early stages of disease. The diagnostic value of the method is enhanced by the interpretation of the decays that may occur in the two-dimensional performance of the energy field. Depending on the side, the height and the particular point where there are lesions, we obtain corresponding information about the karmic weight of a person, and the bio-weights he carries in relation to each energy centre.