Anxiety Disorders

People of all ages, children and adults, can experience an anxiety disorder to the extent that it affects their functionality in their daily activities and obligations.

Panic disorder with or without agoraphobia, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, specific phobias are some of the specific conditions in this category.

Although it is indicative of the criteria and symptoms, we do not stick to the label of the psychiatric diagnosis. In most cases, people with the same diagnosis have a significant difference in the type of symptoms and especially in the actual cause that has created the disorder. One person may experience panic attacks which primarily stress the adrenal glands and increase fire in the heart meridian, another may have adrenal and bladder involvement and suffer from frequent urination and incontinence, while another may be more affected in the thyroid gland and the throat as a whole, feeling that they cannot breathe, that they cannot swallow, etc.

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According to the holistic approach to health, we all experience some basic emotions: anger, joy, worry, sadness, fear. Prolonged anger damages the liver. Too much joy has the potential to drain the heart. Excessive worry, constant thinking and mental fatigue drain the spleen. Sadness, bereavement and loneliness get stored and block the lungs. Fear is depleting the kidneys.
When the emotional body vibrates with some negative emotion beyond the limit it can withstand, then the balance of our entire being is lost. The mental principle is unable to respond and enforce balance. In other words, we can no longer be in control using our mind. The emotional body ruptures and usually carries both the mental and the double etheric body away with it. At the points where the sudden leakage of energy occurs, physical symptoms arise which are sometimes even life-threatening.
Anxiety disorders may have their etiology purely in the person’s temperament (essence – constitution). All of us have some vulnerable point, organ, system in the body. In some it may be the nervous system.
They are less often due to intoxication from substances (e.g. sugar, alcohol, caffeine, cannabis) or pharmaceuticals (e.g. anxiolytics, tranquilizers). They may also be due to a chronic illness, emotional stress, a traumatic experience, or the accumulation of phlegm in the body.

Sometimes the root cause seems unapproachable. It is so deep, in completely unconscious fields, that it takes very special methods to untie the knot that has been created. For example, a pregnant woman discovers that her husband is cheating on her. She goes into shock. One of her first thoughts might be terminating the pregnancy. All this emotional turmoil is passed on to the fetus. The shock is also reflected in the emotional body of the fetus. The intention to terminate the pregnancy is experienced as a sudden “it all ends here, I’m lost, I’m off” by the fetus. After birth the shock gets imprinted in the baby’s 1st chakra and adrenal glands. We may initially have an irritable baby, who cries for no reason and expresses agitation and fear. Later in childhood they may be attached to their mother, fearing that they will lose contact with her or that something bad will happen. And in adult life we ​​may have the person who suffers panic attacks when small and otherwise painless stimuli open the primary wound of the shock they experienced in the abdomen and mobilize an emotional and mental chaos in their body.

Other times, the foundation upon which an anxiety disorder is built is constructed slowly and over many years of “bad education.” A child grows up with an indifferent, energetically non-existent father (therefore the 7th chakra energy they osmotically receive from the father which is ideally associated with security, trust, support and guidance is inadequate) and an overly strict mother with expectations, who is imposing social rules, demands and perfectionism. This child, certainly while is still small but also in their adult life suffers from anxiety and guilt, must always be perfect, always “produce” and has no right to rest and enjoy. Their everyday life is an exhausting struggle to be flawless. Furthermore, because their 7th chakra is blocked, they do not feel supported by any higher principle. They can’t think calmly, they don’t feel confident, there’s no one else in control, so everything has to go through their hands, they feel that everyone is expecting and demanding from them, they are usually overwhelmed, sometimes they drown in a spoonful of water and have difficulty prioritizing their activities (because even trivial things must be perfect).

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Each person is different and is called upon to respond to a different environment. What must always be done is to examine the energy imbalance in order to determine the type of emotions present, the body organs involved as well as the causal chain that develops in a stressful situation. The sequence that is mobilized in the whole of the human being is determined (physical symptoms, emotions as well as mental imprints that have been made).