4<sup>o</sup> Block

cosmoenergetics 4o Μπλοκ - 4th block picture

The energies of the 4th Block are special channels used in Cosmoenergetics. These are planetary keys that have become available due to the increase in the frequency of Cosmo energy vibrations and the planetary field in general. These frequencies provide access to unlimited resources of planetary composition, allow in a short time to restore energy balance, heal most of the diseases, solve vital problems in life and open the way to self-realization. They change the quality of human life on all levels – they significantly increase libido, open and flood the heart center with energy, open vision and intuition, give vivid lucid dreams and work in conditions of out-of-body experience. They give a dynamic effect in dealing with magical influences and negative processes occurring in the social environment. They build around the practitioner a stable, harmonious, protected space for self-development and healing of themselves and their loved ones. They give access to parallel worlds, allow the full transfer of perception to other worlds or spaces on the planet, allow access to the astral cliché and astral planes. Some are frequencies of places of power and anomalous zones. The intense impact of these energies affects the depth of one’s emotional and spiritual realm, takes it to another level of vibration and reveals the diversity of multidimensional reality.

cosmoenergetics.gr 4ο Μπλοκ - 4th block picture
cosmoenergetics 4o Μπλοκ - 4th block picture

These are actions that manifest the Second Coming. They implement those situations described in the ancient holy books. This is a reality of our time and in the future it will form the basis of a new planetary transformation. Sooner or later, these energies will touch every human being on earth and it is good to prepare for them. We are going through Kali Yuga and everyone must work spiritually so that humanity can transmute the new energies and lay the seeds for the next race.

Instant activation of the pearl and the Master’s field, including from a distance. These structures are the main keys, tools in the work of Cosmoenergy. It is necessary to keep them constantly active. You can work remotely with seriously ill patients. For the time of restoration we construct and keep the pearl and the outline.

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The frequency of synthesis. Enable field composition. Energy adaptation, coping with extreme situations, in severe conditions. It destroys negative energy in organs and tissues, chakras and meridians. The frequency is intended for quick cleaning of one person. It is impossible to hurt with this frequency. If you start working with a person with a low level of development, he will become hysterical, he will externalize all his negativity, he will say everything he thinks, he will scream, he will not be able to control his emotions. All masks are removed and we see the true face of a person.

Soft comfortable healing frequency. Symbol of gender. The first tree where all the information about the species was recorded. The tree has two parts – the past (ancestors) and the future (descendants). It is the substance of the Creator. It provides generative power, aiming at goodness, prosperity, creation, harmonization of ancestral energies, balance of relations between the members of the genus. A side effect – it blocks the synthesis, removes combustion products from the body.

cosmoenergetics 4o Μπλοκ - 4th block

This is a sub-level. The previous sub-levels in Cosmoenergy are a working well, a fire well and a black well. The man stands. Under his feet a well opens in the form of a cross with transverse beams, from which a bright white light (composition) beats. It works very effectively instead of the working well. It works wonderfully in combination with White Fire. Pure energy, dynamically cleanses the lower energy centers. Protects. In a clean place you can get energy (drawing it upwards) through the cross under your feet.

Blue layer level. The lower astrical level. During the work you can see Indian gods with blue faces. It directly removes all low frequency energy, mainly alien embodiments. Protects. It helps in situations of severe oppression and depression. It opens with the frequency of the Ampa. It works for men on the left side (activates), for women on the right side.

The upper astral plane. Bright – golden flow. It balances the frequency of Shakti. It works for men on the right side, for women on the left.

It balances all energy centers and subtle bodies. It activates the 6th energy center and opens the vision with good application time.

Universal warrior frequency. Used to protect (including in levels) and to show strength. It dynamically cleanses from foreign energies.

cosmoenergetics 4o Μπλοκ - 4th block picture

Abnormal zone frequency. Spiritual knowledge – the transition. Motivation. It clears the higher energy centers.

Abnormal zone frequency. Spiritual support. Motivation. The energy is soft, enveloping, warm. Structure of the synthesis energy.

It awakens creativity, activates the mental field, activates and builds the 4th energy center. Increases libido.

The frequency of warriors. Breaks active-informational bonds, creates an active-informational gap. The results of the discovery are unknown.

The frequency of warriors. Activation of the synthesis field, acceleration of internal time.

cosmoenergetics 4o Μπλοκ - 4th block image

Abnormal zone frequency. World. Interaction with ancient Indo-Aryans and Slavic Egregors, including the force field.

Abnormal zone frequency. It clears the energy meridians, activates the nerve connections and the nervous system as a whole. It raises the level of consciousness and improves memory. Removes the effects of magical effects.

Protection for close interactions. It suppresses the sense of fear and adrenaline secretion, preventing the vampire from dissipating energy. It affects the second energy centre. Good effect on the spine and kidneys. It can be used in negotiations to take control of the situation.

Top synthesis, high frequency channel, transition, consciousness work, elimination of foreign embodiments, exorcism. It operates in parallel with the Golden Cross. Dream. Vision. A side effect is that uncontrollable emotional discharge may occur.

Sub-level to work with the Fire Violet. It maintains the energy structure with a strong upward golden flow. It gives a new perception of reality. It allows you to review what is happening.

Mild cleansing flow. It works with the consciousness and with the whole head.

Ascending, upward flow, activation of the synthesis. Working with the Pearl and the Master’s field.

It affects the tricutu (third eye) area. Soothes the third eye when overloaded.

Protection, containment, conservation. It shifts the entire energy matrix downwards. Protection at lower levels.

The lily grows through the spine and blooms a large flower high above the head. Activating the axial channel. It gives a burst of energy. It can last for a long time.

Guidance. It affects the higher spheres of consciousness.

The White Eagle is not a myth, he is the God who descended once again to Earth to bring the Fire of the Heart to people and open the way to Heaven – the way to freedom! This is Heavenly Father’s gift to people! Everyone can receive this great gift! Anyone can have it! – but… only when they give it to others.

The main work is done with consciousness, especially with the left hemisphere. It finally eliminates the intra-hemispheric asymmetry in the energy activity of the brain, acts on the pineal gland, surrounds and fills it with dense energy and, obviously, stimulates its activity. In addition, saturation by dense energy takes place at the thin level. The spiritual plan is a brotherhood, a powerful unifying energy of the Temple, created by people, like living crystals, saturated with energy.

Activation of the higher energy centers and fields around the head. It works with epiphysis, hormonal stimulation, centering. Restoration of the upper part of the aura. It works to increase awareness. The key to the entire 4th block. It can be used to enhance any other channel in the 4th block.

It recommends the connection with the Slavic Vedic engram. The energies of the ancient gods and ancestors. Subtle information energy, support in difficult situations, protection and enlightenment. Progress on the path of spiritual development.

It provides access to unlimited energy resources in space. This new frequency creates a specific resonance in the higher energy centres, which can be seen as a rotating funnel centred on the pineal gland. It is a tuned receiver that allows you to activate high quality energy resources. This is the energy of the teachers, the magicians, the shamans. It is practically scattered in space, but for its acceptance and use, the necessary resonance is required, which is the frequency of the turning point. It is an unlimited resource of high quality energy that allows you to improve the quality of life, discover new resources in yourself, increase the degree of awareness, restore energy and harmonize the field of energy centers and the aura shell and restore hormonal imbalances. The use of this energy increases the level of endorphins in the blood and gives an ecstatic state.

Activation of all energy structures of the chakras. Protection, cleaning, checking the condition. The frequency of parallel worlds. The ability to travel. He can work with the White Ring.

Active energy portal, protection and control of a situation, invisibility to magical attacks, discovery of a parallel world. Travel.

This Temple is created by humans as living crystals, invisible to the common eye. It is a unique global enabler created to help people overcome their spiritual crisis.