The Healing Process

The Healer undertakes to clear the aura field and balance the energy centres of the person.

The therapy session lasts about an hour. The person ideally remains upright during the treatment, relaxed and with eyes closed. The application of the channels is done vertically, so an upright posture is desirable. During or after the treatment, there may be temporary numbness, swelling, slight pain in some areas or a feeling of fatigue. Man does not have to make any voluntary effort for anything. It is, however, important to allow for the energy punch to be attempted by the frequencies that the therapist will use. If he feels confident and relaxed, he will feel the sway of the energies, be more aware of the process and allow his spirit to dominate his lower self. The healer undertakes to clear the aura field and balance the energy centres of the person. Θεραπευτική Συνεδρία - Therapeutic Session | Διαδικασία της Θεραπείας - Therapy procedure photo

We usually work in treatment cycles. A cycle consists of 12 separate sessions. The frequency is usually no more than three times a week (except in severe cases, in which it is possible to have up to two sessions a day). After the end of a therapeutic cycle, the person stops to rest physically and mentally. The break that everyone needs is different depending on how much turmoil has arisen within them from the cycle of treatments that has just preceded it and the extent to which they have assimilated the results. Not everyone starts from the same starting point, not everyone has the same degree of awareness of their problems and not everyone has the same energy “digestive” system. Each person “digests” at a different rate. You may then continue, if you wish, with a new cycle after 2 to 4 weeks.

The method of Cosmoenergetics is highly invasive and radically effective. It is addressed to people who are ready to make substantial changes in their lives, in their mindset and in the way they deal with things. The energies we receive are directed in a coordinated way at all levels of our being and therefore affect all areas of our lives. Along with any disease or difficulty, the person will also be freed from the emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance that is at the root of the above.

*The method is not similar to hypnosis. Man is fully aware of the here and now in the process.