Yin-Yang Therapy

Special Yin-Yang therapeutic sessions help to activate, release, develop and harmonize the two opposite energies: the female Yin (water) and the male Yang (fire).

These energies co-exist within every human being and must always be in balance (depending on one’s gender). It sometimes happens that they are latent, unable to manifest due to negative information that the person may carry (childhood traumas, fears, low self-esteem, inability to identify with gender, etc.) or develop asymmetrically.

Sometimes it happens that one energy quality prevails over the other, which creates problematic situations for people of both sexes. In such cases we may meet men with an excess of Yin energy or women with an excess of Yang energy. It goes without saying that both are states of imbalance and can lead to inability to develop and manifest sexual energy, inability to accept and identify with one’s gender, difficulty in creating healthy bonds, difficulty in obtaining family happiness as well as difficulty or complete inability of childbearing.

All of our chakras have a yin and yang aspect. Depending on the sex, in each chakra there is a different ratio of the two energies, essentially opposite. That is why men and women complement each other at all levels. The chakras most involved in forming healthy trusting relationships are the 2nd and 4th. Imbalance and negative imprints on them result in the person experiencing psycho-emotional conditions such as sadness, melancholy, fear of betrayal, lack of trust, feelings of worthlessness, inability to open one’s heart to one’s partner, jealousy, possessiveness, emotional instability, inability to express emotions, cruelty, fear of rejection, selfish “love”, attachment, detachment, coldness, etc. If the negative information one carries becomes physical then one may experience diseases of the genitourinary system, sterility, impotence, apathy, coldness as for women, stiffness of joints, constipation, fluid retention, menstrual problems, aversion to love, marital infidelity, sexual deviations or perversions, gender denial and addictive behaviors.

Yin-Yang sessions are performed specifically to heal the above conditions. They harmonize the two opposite energies in humans, free from stored negative information, free from emotional burden, contribute to healthy relationships with the opposite sex and contribute to family happiness.