A person may be depressed due to the dysfunction of different chakras.

And even though the symptoms may be similar, people may end up in apparently similar behaviors, however the etiology and by extension the way of dealing with and solving the causal chain of the disordered situation is different.

The following situations are indicative. They do not exhaust the set of symptoms encountered. Also, it is not possible in such a short report to consider all the possible etiologies (traumatic experiences, failures in the social or professional sphere, lack of a “mentor” in life, negative ancestral tree information, damage from magical programs) that can lead to corresponding situations.

The person does not know what they want in their life and this creates serious reflection and sadness. Nothing pleases them, they don’t know where they want to put down roots, they don’t know what they want in order to be well. They have a permanent dissatisfaction; they complain for no reason and there will always be something to blame for them not being well. Every now and then they are swept away by waves of inexplicable sadness, to the point of mourning at times, which have no apparent cause. In severe cases, the person feels like mourning they life, literally. Another classic symptom is that they have no energy to do things related to either their work or other activities that generally please them. At best they are marginally expedient. After doing the bare necessities, they are often confined to bed or the couch and have neither the appetite, nor the courage, nor the interest to go out and participate in life. Most of the time the information of the 1st chakra that causes these difficulties is very deep, at levels that we can only approach in a special way because they may come from the embryonic period or constitute information of the ancestral tree (it is reminded that for 7 generations the information is also conveyed and “sins of parents discipline children”).

The person has run out of fuel (because the 3rd chakra contains the fire we need to move). They feel disappointment and shame, usually over past mistakes and failures. They cannot digest some facts, mistakes and situations. They cannot handle being aborted. They are afraid of “what people might say” and what people are already saying about their failures. Their self-image and self-esteem have been shattered. They do not want to try again because of the fear of failure, rejection and ridicule. Their wings have fallen from the cold showers they have suffered. This of course creates great sadness in turn and blocks the 4th chakra as well.

Here we see the state of depression which has to do with great sadness, irritability and psychomotor retardation. Of course, this can also occur due to very serious reasons, such as for example the loss of loved ones. Whether it is because someone passes away, or because they leave us and take another path, there is a separation that the person is unable to handle and is stuck there. They find it difficult to accept the fact and cannot move on with their life as they should. Some common physical symptoms that may indicate a major imbalance are the sudden and severe hair loss and breathing problems. Everything is colorless and indifferent to this person. They have apathy and loneliness. Nothing satisfies them. They find nothing interesting.
Several times all this may not be related to sudden losses but characterizes the whole life of a person, simply because they never received love (mainly from the family environment). There are quite a few people who are in this situation, they have a huge emotional void inside them, they cannot connect with others, they don’t trust, they cannot build deep relationships of love and trust. They feel betrayed by important beloved people in their lives. They attract into life people who are equally “empty”. They are prone to addictions in an attempt to fill this void (smoking, overeating, overconsumption of products and goods, etc.). .They often pour all their energy and attention into the professional field in order to compensate for the emotional void with professional successes. Sometimes they are hyperactive and seek, dealing with many things, never to be alone with themselves and with the voice inside them that calls for help.

It is because the person has no confidence in the Source of Creation. They feel dangling and exposed. A strong 7th chakra means faith and deep peace; the feeling of the little child who is firmly held by the hand by dad, and even though it doesn’t know where they are going, it is enough that dad knows and the child follows calmly and feels safe. The exact opposite is experienced when the 7th chakra is blocked for whatever reason. The person feels like a ship without a captain abandoned in the vast, dark, threatening ocean. They are pessimistic and tend to dismiss any help that comes their way. They only have eyes for the negative. Even when positive things happen in their life, their tendency is to evaluate them as less favorable than they really are and to devalue them. A common symptom on the physical level is weak functioning of the nervous system, so the person resorts to anxiolytics, antidepressants and other pharmaceutics.

Of course, in practice we rarely encounter situations that concern only one chakra. Combinations of these are usually observed, since after some event emotional and mental chains are created and drag other chakras along. For example, a parent who has lost a young child, in addition to the 4th chakra due to bereavement, is very likely to suffer damage to both the 7th (loses trust in the Source of Creation, questions it, cannot digest this “injustice») as well as in the 1st chakra (falls into inactivity, have their legs literally cut off, have no more interest in life and do not care about the future, they have no more goals to realize, etc.).
The experienced therapist is able to assess the type as well as the severity of the damage and act in the right order in order to relieve the person from the symptoms and gradually treat the causes of depression.