Buddhist Block

It is a healing universal energy. It does no harm, even to the severely ill. It heals and resolves everything, but steady. Under the influence of the channel, the healer can intervene in practically every disease, in every organ and part of the body, he can remove the negative energy from objects and spaces, charge water, and recover people from fainting and coma.

It strengthens the immune system, rejuvenates, heals the lungs. Regular use does not allow the development of diseases in progress, the action of this channel suppresses the cause of the disease at the subtle level (removes the cause). This is particularly true for the treatment of the seriously ill and the elderly.

The application of the canal during and after surgery allows the reduction of bleeding. It also speeds up the process of wound and burn healing and health restoration.

It is very effective in treating stomach ulcers.

We pass it as the last channel when cleansing the chakras, head or in the aura swell with any combination (e.g. Phyrast + Zeus + Farun-Buddha, Phyrast + Zeus + Kroon + Farun-Buddha, Phyrast + Zeus + Sinrah + Tata + Farun-Buddha) to charge with pure energy.

In case we want to revive someone from fainting or coma, it is enough to charge the aura with the frequency by placing our hands between the fourth and fifth energy centers. If the patient is lying down, the frequency is channeled with the right hand between the 4th and 5th energy centers.

In case of a heart attack, the frequency is given to the 4th energy centre (we do not channel it to the organ of the heart).

We can apply it to the eyes alone (only in case the optic nerve is weakened) with the “eye-to-eye” technique just like we use the Surii-Sanlai and Ranul channels.

During the application it is possible that the patient may experience the phenomenon of energy saturation, i.e. headache or other negative reactions from the excess energy. In this case we take care to remove this excess energy with lotus, well and motor, or we can just open lotus and well and the excess energy will go to the well.

At the end of the use we thank it and close it.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. It is not compatible with the action of the Magic Channels. It is a powerful, percussive channel and the main one used in the therapy session. It helps in the treatment of all diseases. Its name means “Ancient Egyptian Ray”. It opens through the Faroon-Buda channel but is harder than Faroon-Buda and has a different colour.
It can be used in diagnosis because it reveals all the problem areas and accumulations of negative energy. Immediately after the session or the next day, the patient will tell us where they have discomfort. Phyrast is a broad-spectrum frequency, but it works most directly in the zones of stagnant energy accumulation in the human body and in spaces.

In particular, the Phyrast channel helps with the following:

  • Thrombophlebitis, phlebitis
  • Hearing disorders and all ear, nose and throat diseases
  • Headaches and joint pains
  • Tooth decay, stopping the growth of cavities in teeth, caries, stomatitis, gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Enumeration
  • Relief from external energy effects, baseness, magic, curse, damage, etc.
  • Cleaning of objects (products, goods, cars, etc.) and premises (offices, apartments, houses, land)
  • Water and salt charging or cleaning in order to charge them with other channels afterwards
  • Relieves, removes lack of concentration, confusion and feeling of loss
  • Rid of energy parasites
  • Eliminates the state of mental disorder caused by hypnosis and hypnotism
  • It definitely opens when there is discomfort, anger, despair, excessive worry, hatred, irritation, envy (removes evil tempting entities)
  • Brings back the lotus
  • Enhances the flow of information
  • Restores and strengthens the field, clears the energy meridians, rejuvenates the body
  • Key channel for the initiation of the energy centers (chakras)
  • Heals the intestinal flora
  • Provides first aid in cases of suffocation, asthma, heart attack.

Energo-attitudes, harms, spells, etc.: To remove negative influences we work without contact throughout the human realm. By opening the Phyrast channel, the Farun-Buda channel is automatically opened, so we do not need to open the second one separately. Ideally, it is advisable to precede the application of the First Magic for 20 minutes. Then we work with the Phyrast without contact. Finally, if we deem it necessary, we carry out the complete healing regimen in order for the body to replenish the energy it may have lost due to the damage.
Removing negative energy with Phyrast & Cubicle Engine: The Firast can be used for all organs and almost all places where there is a build-up of negative energy. We remember that we never work with the physical organs of the brain or the heart (there is one single exception, in the case of arrest – involvement of the Ninalis channel). With the Phirast channel we first burn the negative energy and then remove the “ashes”. Perform locally as many times as needed. In this way we release the body from the negative energy so that it is ready for treatment with other specific frequencies.
Treatment of enuresis: Enuresis treatment is done at the end of the healing session and after we have closed the lotus and well. Keep inflating the aura with Phyrast until you see it fill with a bright red colour.

Phlebitis and thrombophlebitis: Treatment is always carried out without contact. If you work with contact or semi-contact, the clot can enter the bloodstream with unpredictable results. Non-contact treatment is long, but safe.

Pontiodon: We make an energy incision at the point of pain. The incision is made with the right hand. We imagine that a ray of fire comes out of the middle finger (we form a cross, and at the point of intersection we mentally open the petals). We apply Phirast and burn the negative energy. Place the right hand on the point of pain and cleanse with the motor-cell method. Repeat several times. If there is still a flow of negative energy, we leave an arc. Then we work with the frequency of the Moonlight. Usually the pain goes away in one session, but if it doesn’t go away, we repeat the procedure in the next session. The patient should go to the dentist anyway, because this way we have just removed the symptom (pain), but the tooth may need comprehensive treatment due to a serious cause.
Hearing loss: Hearing loss can occur after flu, infectious disease or medication. We put our hands on the ears, and we burn with the frequency of Firast (we stand behind the patient, right palm on his right ear, our left palm on his left ear). Then we have to draw from both ears (first from the right one, then from the left one), using the motor-spring method, the resulting ashes. We leave energy arc with Phyrist.
Vessels and veins: Work only without contact.
Cleaning the space: The Phyrast channel even reduces the effect of geopathic zones, sometimes blocking them completely. However, we must remember that when we clean apartments and offices, the effect will be temporary. After the termination of the channel the effect of the geopathic zone will be restored. To completely neutralize the geopathic zones in the long term, we use copper wire formations.
Clearing things: if an object has been used, to remove the energy of the previous owner, you must hold your hand over the object, and let the frequency pass through it. An indication that the object is now clean is that the hand moves away from the object spontaneously at some point.
Food and water purification: With the miraculous energy of the channel, it is possible to neutralize the negative energy of food due to poor processing, drugs, hormones, etc. The same applies when applying it for water purification.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

Saon is one of the main percussive channels that we use in the full treatment regimen. Its name means “Ancient Egyptian Sand”. The characteristic of frequency is that it breaks. It is used together with Firast in 95% of diseases. Shaon breaks and cleanses above the third energy center, and below the third energy center, it breaks, cleanses and heals. The opposite is true for the Phirast (above the third chakra it also works therapeutically).

It eliminates salts, crushes stones, heals inflamed and pus spots, cures cysts, fibroids, lipomas and mastopathy, dissolves neoplasms and scars. It treats migraine, inflammation of the sinus glands, neoplasms in the nose, vascular sarcomas and polyps. It is used in the treatment of spinal diseases (e.g. hernias, osteophytes). It finds very good application in the treatment of gynecological diseases and the thyroid gland. It carries on from constipation, hemorrhoids, sciatica, anxiety and fear (1st chakra). Treats diseases of the urogenital system including infertility (2nd chakra). It treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as well as diabetes. It also strengthens the will, helps in professional matters, career and professional success (3rd chakra). It helps in cases of arthritis. It cleanses the kidneys, liver, gallbladder and the ducts from stones and sand. It also cleanses the lungs and the entire respiratory tract. It is used effectively in patients with neurological and mental disorders that carry necrotic connections and may have attached entities. It cures diseases of the heart (by contact on the organ of the heart in the Shaon + Ninalis scheme in case of a heart attack).

Passing through their energy meridians cleanses them of anything destructive and unnecessary.

“To divide, to crush, to dissolve, to dismantle, to liberate, to uproot, to purify” – this is the motto of the channel. When this cue is repeated mentally and intensely, the channel is strengthened and becomes more powerful and effective.

Shaon, like any other channel, is opened at the beginning of the main healing session along with the other Buddhist Channels. After we have cleared the energy centres and the head, the channel is applied by contact to the diseased organs in order to break up the heavy energy. It is almost necessary to use it in most cases, and also when we feel that the Firast is not enough. Its application is a given when there are foreign formations in the body e.g. cysts, myomas, tumours etc. We make an incision at the site, burn with Firast, apply Shaon to crush and perform motor-spring to remove. Often, the combination of these frequencies removes the foreign formation as well as the causes from which it was created. We then apply a healing-plugging frequency as appropriate and leave an arc.

Spine: shaon is used in spinal diseases (especially when we want to perform energy perforation of the spine) and intervertebral hernias. During the session we should stand behind the patient, place the fingers at the base of the neck and apply the channels Phyrast + Shaon + Holy Buddha + Holy Jesus + Farun + Farun-Bhuda.

Kidney & liver stones: We work with contact on the kidneys and liver. Sand from the liver and stones from the kidneys are painlessly removed. We can work with both kidneys at the same time. The hands are placed close to the kidneys at the sides (it is better to stand behind the patient and enclose both kidneys in the palms of your hands). The salt accumulations are removed from the kidneys in one or two sessions. The time it takes for the kidney and gallstones to be removed depends on their density, the general energy status of the person, his karmic load and sometimes also on the behavioural factor (2-15 sessions). We often leave arches in the kidneys. The stones in the kidneys, ureter and liver are largely dissolved, so the patient hardly notices their gradual disappearance.

Gallstones in the gallbladder: Porous (soft) stones go away painlessly. The solid ones go away painfully. The stones are crushed, sink to the bottom of the bile and pass away with the stool. Removal may take up to 15 sessions.
Sinusitis: To treat sinusitis, after we have also cleansed the head in the main treatment session, we place the left palm behind the head at the level of the occipital lobe, while the right palm is applied to the sinus dome. Apply the Firast + Shaun channels until heat is generated and leave the respective arcs. Apply the engine-cell method if necessary. When we work on the front in no way do we envision the 6th energy centre, nor do we define ourselves as working with it. We strictly define that we work with the frontal sinuses.

Fungi: In case a patient has genital fungi we cleanse the areas with Phyrast + Shaon + Sinrah (for women) or Phyrast + Shaon + Sinlah (for men). Repeat the passage of each channel 4 times.

Thyroid gland: Perform the full treatment regimen as always. Then we clean the thyroid gland (Phyrast, Saon, “motor-cat” method). Then apply on the thyroid Saon + Tata + Sinrah/Sinlah + Farun-Buda. We leave an arc for each channel.

Lipoma: The accumulation of excess fat in the kidneys. Similar technique to Phyrast, Shaun, “motor-cat” method.
Lipomas on the head: Similarly.
Cancer of the rectum: We use the Phyrast + Shaon channels but no contact is made.
Gynaecological organs: In most cases there is a pool of negative energy in the uterus and ovaries. We perform a complete therapeutic regimen, start the energy centres and cleanse the head. Then we work on the gynaecological organs. We make incisions, apply Phyrast (or Shaun), remove the residue with a motor-drill and finally pass and leave arcs with the channels Phyrast + Shaun + Sinrah/Sinlah + Farun-Buda.
Used for charging water and salt.

There are certain restrictions:
We are wary of the contact effect on the liver, kidneys and bladder if there are stones. On contact the stones may be moved by the energy vibration and get stuck in the conduit or they may be shattered and large pieces may become embedded in the conduits causing an exacerbation crisis in the patient.
Stones and sand may be best removed by applying non-contact treatments – by dissolving and removing the sand through the bile ducts.
Kidney and bladder stones can be painlessly broken down into finer sand and easily removed through non-contact treatments.
The Cosmo will receive the information (usually from Mindy) on how to work (contact or non-contact).

It represents the energy of the Gods of Olympus.
Its use is very specific and recommends the practical cleansing of the energy centres (chakras). It also enhances the effect of the other channels.
It is a powerful cleansing channel. It restores the functioning of the energy centers, cleanses the head from energy dirt, cures diseases of the Central Nervous System and the psyche.

It is used in combination with other channels in aura bloating, i.e. in the last stage of the main therapeutic session when the lotus and the well are now closed. In this case we use the combination of Phyrast + Zeus + Faroon-Buda. Apply the channel until you feel warm in your palms.
For cleaning the head we use the combination of Phyrast + Zeus + Faroon-Soap.

We do not channel it to any institution. It does not charge water.

The Kroon channel belongs to the Nordic Channels. It is not compatible in its use with Magic.

It has a mild action. It cures all blood diseases by regulating its composition. It balances the percentage of white blood cells in the blood. It treats spleen, diabetes, hepatitis, anaemia, herpes and the after-effects of exposure to radiation, wounds, cuts, cutting of vessels during childbirth or due to injuries, chronic bleeding from haemorrhoids or stomach ulcers, nosebleeds and excessive bleeding during menstruation. It strengthens the weak immune system and its function, destroys harmful antigens and balances the functions of the endocrine system. It helps in the treatment of AIDS, chronic alcoholism, drug addiction and depression.

It contributes to the development of musical hearing and affects the vocal cords. Promotes physical endurance. Protects against stellar attacks. It helps in recovery after a stroke. Removes the tick. It helps to restore the bone marrow. Helps in muscle disease (dystrophy, damage); Participates in joint rehabilitation. It treats viral infections and infectious diseases. It helps in gallbladder flexion, jaundice, intestinal adhesions and pancreatitis. Involved in diseases associated with hormonal disorders. Protects the embryo from energy damage. When the uterus bleeds a lot after childbirth, it supports the body until a blood transfusion is done.
The majority of practitioners working with these channels find rejuvenation of the skin on their hands.
We carry out the full treatment regimen as we know it. We clean and heal the liver (the blood filter). When working with the liver, we do not use frequencies involved in the treatment of the liver (Risur, St. Moses) at the same time, because the overall effect will be minimal. At the end of the session, after we close Lotus, we inject Kroon into the spleen and leave an arc. Alternatively, place the right hand on the spleen from the front and the left hand back on the liver. We cross the channels Firast + Kroon (first one and then the other) leaving arcs. If necessary, we channel between the 4th and 5th energy centers the frequencies we are working with (with closed Lotus) and inflate the aura.
If we have achieved a poor result with the Kroon channel we can work similarly with the Gilius channel, which is stronger. We don’t open it at the same time as the Gilius channel, because one negates the action of the other.

Also, the Kroon channel is used for charging water which we must have previously cleaned with the Phyrast channel.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.
Cron is the mild frequency – Gilius is the corresponding percussive frequency. They work the same way.
It has a percussive action. It cures all blood diseases by regulating its composition. It balances the percentage of white blood cells in the blood and the functions of the endocrine system. It treats spleen, diabetes, hepatitis, anaemia and the after-effects of radioactive suggestion. It helps in the treatment of AIDS and similar diseases. It also aids recovery from serious illnesses or diseases that are accompanied by high bleeding (such as haemophilia and Willebrand’s disease (von Willebrand’s disease is the most common type of bleeding disorder, where sufferers are found to lack von Willebrand factor (vW), which helps blood clotting and therefore helps manage bleeding. When a blood vessel is injured and bleeds, the vW factor helps the platelets to stick together to form a clot, which prevents bleeding from continuing. In vWD sufferers, the above process is delayed resulting in delayed cessation of bleeding).

It removes necrotic connections, revitalizes and relieves fatigue. It soothes tension and collects excessive enthusiasm, leading to balance. It has a choleretic, diuretic effect, treats Botkin’s disease and inflammation of the renal pelvis. Helps with alcohol poisoning and intoxication. Improves intestinal motility. Healing wounds, burns, frostbite and allergies. Corneal carcinoma. Inflammation of trigeminal nerve. It helps in the healing of bone fractures. It improves bowel motility, helps with peptic ulcer and enhances excretory functions.
Used for charging water.

The technique of working with Gilius is the same as with Kraon. If the desired results have not been achieved with the Kroon channel (4-5 sessions), then we apply Gilius by contact, in exactly the same way. We don’t open it at the same time as the Kroon channel, because one negates the action of the other.
Usually, blood clearance with this channel is accompanied by a rise in temperature and skin rashes.

When working with blood we have to take many factors into account. The function of the liver, spleen, kidneys, blood-forming organs, bone marrow, the condition of the blood vessels and heart, the condition of the blood plasma and the lymphatic system. The blood energy is directly related to the general energy, so it is always necessary to perform a complete therapeutic regimen, align the energy centres and correct the aura.

It’s a Buddhist channel. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

It is used for lifting the cranial bones in children (only if the Source is still open), reducing intracranial pressure and intraocular pressure, as well as for clearing the head after a hypertonic seizure. It helps to detoxify alcohol, boosts willpower and increases strength of mind. It rejuvenates and tightens the facial skin and helps in healing scars. It removes psychological blocks. It helps to restore the vestibular system (dizziness, nausea during movement, tinnitus). It facilitates the treatment of purulent infections as well as swelling (bags under the eyes). It helps in erysipelas. It can be used as a Tata frequency booster to solve metabolic problems. It is helpful when working with the basic Ranul and Surii-Sanlai frequencies, with the intention of vision.
Not applicable to instruments.

Used for charging water.

We open it at the beginning of the main healing session along with the other Buddhist Channels.

We follow the process of the full treatment regimen as we know it. We clear the energy centers and the head.

To reduce intracranial pressure we apply semi-contact. We stand behind the patient, position the hands as when we clean the head and act with the Faroon-Soap + Curl channels. That is, we have already cleansed the head with Zeus + Phyrist + Farun-Butta and then we attack the head a second time with Farun-Butta + Kurf.

For the reconstruction of children’s cranial bones (as a result of trauma from childbirth or other injuries) we use the non-contact canal. We don’t touch Lotus. We only work when the sutures are not ossified.

Contraindications: It is strictly forbidden to apply the canal for bone grafting in older children or adults if the sutures have ossified. This incorrect use will cause an acute headache.

Intracranial and intraocular pressure, glaucoma. We work with a semi-contact. We stand behind the patient, holding our hands palms up (the familiar “boat” formation), close to the ears. The Lotus is open so that there is an outflow of energy. If we need to increase energy absorption, we open the chest (as we do in hypertension). The patient can leave with an open Lotus (we can open both the Lotus and the chest). Lotus will shut itself down when the energy starts to diminish. The therapist must however close the chest. The technique is carried out within the full therapeutic regimen or outside it in an exceptional case, but only if the person has a balanced energy body (otherwise, a compressive intervention will not work).
If after removing the intracranial or intraocular pressure (with the Kurf frequency), there is a need to work with the eyes (with the eye-eye method, with the Ranul or Surii-Sanlai frequencies), we will continue the work after closing the Kurf frequency. Note that the frequency is not completely closed so there is partial frequency mixing. If we work with the eye-eye technique with Surii-Sanlay or Ranul while we have Kurf open, there will be no results.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. It’s not compatible with Magic.

It is an ancient, percussive, Buddhist channel.
It cures heart disease, flu and allergies.

It gives information about harms, curses, negative developments in past lives, advice on how to change.
We use it to remove necrotic connections, heart damage, death spells, family and personal curses.
It loads water and salt.

It opens at the beginning of the main healing session along with the rest of the Buddhist Channels. We carry out the treatment as we know it.

Both in influenza and in allergies or heart diseases we open the channel and work without contact.

For all cases, i.e. either because we want to strengthen the heart or because the patient has flu or an allergy, we apply the channel to the aura according to the pattern of Phyrast + Zeus + Ninalis and inflate.

It is used as an auxiliary along with other channels when we want to treat flu and allergies.

It is allowed to be used with contact to the heart only after a heart attack to close scars on the heart muscle. In this case we apply the canal onto the heart. We do not leave bows in the heart, because the load is too much for this organ. If it is necessary to leave a bow, we leave a weak one. We do not turn off the frequency.
During the heart attack we have to channel to the 4th energy center any frequency (even with the eyes). The heart attack will stop.

In no other case, with no other channel do we affect the heart!

For heart diseases we work on the 4th energy centre (normalization of the energy centre). All diseases of the organ, including heart disease, can be treated indirectly through the treatment of the 4th chakra.
In hypertensive patients should not insist on aura bloating.

Cosmoenergetics Βουδικό Μπλοκ Buddhist Block image

It belongs to the Buddhist bloc. It is not compatible with the channels of the Magic Bloc.

It’s a shock channel. It is used to treat chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, gambling addiction. It soothes and stops the delirium of the addict’s crisis. It only works if the patient wants to cure their addiction (it does not work against their wishes).
It can also be used to treat less “dangerous” addictions e.g. sugar addiction, lack of moderation in eating, and in special cases according to our judgement (ideally we get help from the information channels) e.g. in stubborn and “stubborn” people.
It restores the nervous system, purifies the blood and lymph, balances the metabolism, relieves toxicity, releases karmic bonds, removes inferior attachments and strengthens the will. It may be used in patients who have a drug addiction.
For the full restoration of bodily functions, general therapy is mandatory. We cleanse the blood, liver, spleen and kidneys. The correct diagnosis will indicate the root causes of addiction, so we treat them with the corresponding actions and with the right priority, for example Shaon, Kroon, Jilius, St. Jesus, St. Moses, Rishur, Ninalis, Hum, Agni-Hum, etc. Always fill up with plenty of water.

We open it at the beginning of the main healing session along with the other Buddhist channels. At the end of the therapeutic session we inflate the aura (the longer the better) of the healer between the 4th and 5th chakra according to the pattern of Phyrast + Zeus + Raun. The duration of the session is at least 40 minutes.

To relieve the person after intoxication, we put the patient in a relaxed position for 10 to 20 minutes and apply the canal with the lotus and well closed.
When we intervene in the delirium, we apply the channel without contact, having the lotus and well closed.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are squatters incarnate. They are very serious mental disorders. Because of this, their treatment can take up to two years. Work with these conditions is carried out according to the general treatment regimen. Treatment is usually accompanied by seizures. In these cases it is recommended to work in rotation with the Mama, Anael and 1st Magic Channels for the quickest discharge of the crisis. The latter harmonize the psycho-emotional state of the patient, calm him and soothe the tension. Then, we perform a complete therapeutic regimen with the Buddhist Channels.
Smoking: After 2-3 sessions an unpleasant feeling in the mouth appears. Also, even if a person lights up the same number of cigarettes because he needs the habit, he only takes a few puffs and then throws them away. In all these cases, it is of course necessary to take into account the environmental factor. If the therapist wants to stop smoking, he should open Raun to any person who does NOT want to stop smoking or drinking – the therapeutic effect will be received by the therapist himself.
Alcoholism: By working systematically with frequency, the patient can be led to a state of reduced or no alcohol consumption. Working with photography has a 50% result. To improve the effectiveness of the work, in between the full regular treatments, we channel the frequency for 40 minutes using photography (can be done on several patients at once). We don’t put energies into alcohol. Alcohol charged with Raun frequency can cause discomfort and vomiting. Instead, we regularly charge water to be consumed by the patient.
Drugs – psychotropic substances: Marijuana is not addictive. If someone decides to stop it, they can. With heroin, withdrawal symptoms stop completely in three to four days. We work day in and day out. The withdrawal can be stopped on the first day, but we are not satisfied with that. We have to clean the patient for two to three weeks, working on the liver and lungs. If the patient resumes use and comes back to us for a second time, we accept him, but if he resumes and comes back for a third time, we do not accept him, because he is using the therapist for withdrawal relief when he cannot get the substance (he has replaced the energies with the substances he is taking). When the patient is using psychotropics, we need to know how long the patient has been using. If he uses for less than six months, we accept him. If it’s more we work with his psychiatrist. We should not turn off the Raun frequency after use. The duration of treatment depends on the duration of the psychotropic drug intake and, of course, on the amount of the dose taken.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

It’s a divine, percussive channel. It enhances the frequency of St. Moses.

It is used for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, liver, the entire gastrointestinal tract as well as stomach cancer (infectious diseases, poisoning, dysentery, cholera, etc.).

It loads salt and water.

It opens at the beginning of the main healing session along with the rest of the Buddhist Channels. As is the case with the Kroon and Gillius frequencies, we need to listen to the information frequencies. There are many frequency pairs of the gastrointestinal tract, so we have to use the appropriate energy. If by the third session the pain is not gone, we need to change the frequency. Risur’s action lasts about a day.

After the complete cleansing of the energy centres as we know it, we apply the contact channel to the diseased organs according to the Phirast + Risur scheme. We leave the corresponding arcs. It goes without saying that we need to check if the instrument needs to be cleaned beforehand with Fixt + Saon + motor-cat.

When working in the colon we make more than one energy crosses (e.g. in the transverse colon, rectum) and apply the channels with contact. We leave bows.

It treats stomach cancer, but patients who are already in the fourth stage of stomach cancer do not have much room for improvement (at least from this channel).

Risur has a positive effect on the circulatory and hematopoietic system. It makes rejuvenation of blood and blood vessels. Helps the excretory organs (e.g. inflammation of the renal pelvis, glyceronephritis, pyelonephritis) and the skin. Heals the adrenal glands and kidneys. It helps in any problem of the endocrine system. It heals the respiratory organs and cleanses them from the effects of smoking. It helps in the treatment of thrombophlebitis. It strengthens the vessels of the liver, lungs and all organs.
It is very good to open it for patients who come for business or financial reasons. Immediately everything becomes clear.

It is a Buddhist channel. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

It is a “gentle” channel that frames the human being.

It is used for all eye diseases, skin diseases, gangrene, vitiligo, vitiligo, fungi, fungal infections, hair growth, allergies and pyorrhoeic inflammations. It treats all eye diseases except those for which surgical intervention has been performed.

It loads water and salt.

For the treatment of allergies, skin inflammations and wounds we open the channel at the beginning of the main healing session with the other Buddhist channels. We open an energy cross at the point we want to influence. We work by placing the right hand in contact or semi-contact. From the palm comes out a suction cup that has the color and the familiar texture of a canal and draws out the disease. At the end of the use of the channel it is necessary to leave arcs at the application points.

Allergy and psoriasis are cured within 2 – 2 1/2 months with a frequency of day-to-day interventions. For the next six months the patient should repeat the treatment once a month. The treatment regimen at this stage can last 10-15 minutes by applying the Surii-Sanlai + St. Mohammed + Farun-Buda channels with contact.

In eye diseases it is possible to carry out treatments directly on the eyes only after the patient has undergone a minimum number of general treatment sessions. During the latter, special attention should be paid to cleaning the head with the Filast + Zeus channels.

Then, in parallel, the treatments on the eyes begin to be performed. After the main session, the therapist and the patient stand facing each other. They place their hands on each other’s shoulders (with the axis of the shoulder joint upwards). They look at each other’s eyes in a relaxed and distracted way (they should not play/close their eyelids). The therapist looks at the patient with a distant gaze towards the centre of the head, behind the eyes. The frequency goes away. The process lasts until both feel warmth, cramps, discomfort or stinging (like the discomfort of “sand”) in the eyes. After the first eye intervention, the patient should change the corrective lenses used 0.25 degrees lower. Work is done day in and day out.

In case the optic nerve is attenuated, we apply the Faroon-Butta channel with the eye-to-eye technique.

The therapist cannot apply the “eye-to-eye” technique to himself. Apply the channel to the eyes with the right palm with semi-contact.

Treatment of skin diseases. If skin diseases have infected the lymphatic system, we need to treat the blood. First we will work with the liver (St. Moses, Risur). Channel the Cron or Gillius frequency into the spleen and leave an arc.
Allergy. We select the Suriri-Sanlai (mild) or St. Mohammed (strong) frequencies. Rarely can we work with Ninalis, only if there is a suggestion from Mindy. We’re opening Lotus.
Eczema-purulent diseases. We work with a semi-contact. In rare cases we leave a bow. We’re opening Lotus.
Gangrene. Gangrene, as a rule, reveals the existence of diabetes. We perform the complete therapeutic regimen and charge the energy centres. We remove connections (usually there are necrotic connections in patients with diabetes). We work with half contact and leave a bow. Each disease has its own behavioural function. The behavioural function of gangrene leads to a closure of the fourth energy centre, so we should work with the fourth energy centre twice a day. Treatment of gangrene begins when a marginal layer appears. Before the appearance of the boundary layer, we give the Surii-Sanlay frequency to prevent the destruction of the tendon. The duration of treatment is at least six months.
If the practitioner has a problem with his/her vision, to improve it, he/she must also change lenses while performing eye treatment for others. Lenses are changed approximately every two to three weeks, depending on the patient’s energy level. We work with this particular lens day in and day out. When the patient starts to see as well as he/she did with the previous lenses, we change them again. In the first session, the patient comes in with lenses 0.25 degrees smaller.
If the patient has glaucoma, the Ranul frequency is preferable. We make an energy incision and draw the negative energy from the eye using the well motor method. The frequency can also be given by hand.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channel Block. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic Channels.

It treats all eye diseases and has very good therapeutic effects on cataracts. It is complementary to the Surii-Sanlai channel in terms of eye intervention and has a stronger effect. It is also used with the eye-to-eye technique along with the St. Mohammed’s canal, only for severe and painful exacerbations that have occurred in the treatment of eye diseases. It is used to treat diseases of the nasopharynx and in rhinitis. It works well in the eyes even after surgery. It charges water.
The channel opens at the beginning of the main healing session along with the other Buddhist Channels.
After the main session we apply the “eye to eye” technique. The method is the same as the one we use with the Surii-Sanlay channel. When performing eye treatments we should alternate between the Ranul and Surii-Sanlay channels in use. More specifically, in one treatment we use, for example, Ranul, in the next one we use Surii-Sanlay, in the next one we use Ranul again. It is recommended, however, that these treatments be started with the milder channel, which is Surii-Sanlay.

If the patient has glaucoma, the Ranul frequency is preferable. The frequency can also be given by hand. We make an energy incision and draw the negative energy from the eye with the motor-cell method.
The therapist cannot apply the “eye-to-eye” technique to himself. Apply the channel to the eyes with the right palm with semi-contact.

We reiterate that special eye treatments are carried out only after the main treatment session has taken place.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

It treats hernias, scars, joints, fractures in the hands, stomach diseases (stomach and duodenal ulcers), including tumours of the digestive tract (liver, gall bladder, intestine) and cancer in general throughout the gastrointestinal tract.
It is used for charging water and salt.

Scars. We work with a semi-contact. The scar gradually begins to spread and the pigmentation returns. We can leave a bow. It doesn’t need an incision. In this case we have to give energy, not take it away.
Umbilical hernia. If it is a calm child, whose Source has not been overgrown (up to two and a half years old), we channel the frequency with our hands to the hernia area. After three or four sessions daily, the hernia will remain, but the treatment should be stopped for a month. If the child is calm, in a month the hernia will have disappeared. If the child is restless (cries for days), the hernia will reappear. In this case, we need to let the frequency pass through our hands for three to five minutes. The flow is strong and wide. Then we start to compress it (narrow it). While restricting the amplitude of the energy flow, we start to twist it (give it torque) and result in a hemostatic bandage. The mental image works. We imagine that the bandage is made of rubber and we stretch it. One end of the hose is connected to the hernia, the other to the spine. We imagined it, we built it and we start the energy pull. We work like this three or four times a day. With the adults we work day and night until the hernia is gone. The patient should be told that during the course of treatment and for some time afterwards, they should not lift heavy objects. The umbilical hernia attaches to the thigh. The other organs are tied in the same way. In uterine prolapse, the ligature is made in the pelvis or spine. In kidney failure it is done in the clavicle. The right hand is in front, the left hand on the collarbone. The hose at a 90° angle from the hand to the kidney is auxiliary, while from the kidney to the clavicle is the main one. Twist the main hose. The hands are removed, the auxiliary hose disappears. So we can lift all the instruments, as long as we see where we choose to tie the hose.
In the case of spots (groin, thigh), after the main therapeutic session and after we have cleared the energy centres, it is necessary to act by contact.

  • Place the right hand in front of the hernia and the left hand symmetrically back on the spine.
  • We work with the Holy Buddha channel and at the same time form its mental image – a round, slightly stretched rubber rope with an inner diameter of 15-20 mm (like a holey spaghetti), between the hands.
  • We mentally tie one end of the rope to the spine and the other to the hernia. So the channel works to return the instrument to its correct position.

After the end of the session, the therapist must maintain the mental image of the rope in order to completely stabilize the result.
Fractures. If we are working with a recent fracture (still in the cast), the bone will heal properly. We work in semi-contact, day in and day out. In case the plaster has been removed but the bone has not adhered properly, we work with semi-contact. The cartilage that formed at the point of welding is dissolved, the bone breaks (opens) painlessly and is rebuilt properly.
In a sprain it is sufficient to immediately open the channel with contact and strengthen the Farun-Buda. The inflammation will go away much faster. We work repeatedly during the day.
It can be used in the treatment of arthritis and polyarthritis, just like the St. Jesus channel. When working with the joints in case of polyarthritis or salt deposits, the best results are achieved with a contact effect on the problem areas by channeling the channels Phyrast + St. Buddha + St. Jesus + Farun. In the case of polyarthritis in particular, we channel the channels St. Buddha + Farun-Buda by performing energy massage with gentle strokes.

For the treatment of the patient’s spine we act according to the scheme of Phirast + Holy Buddha + Holy Jesus + Farun.

Gastrointestinal tract. The work is carried out by contact. We thoroughly clean the diseased organ (energy incision, Firazt, motor-cavity method) and leave a healing bow.
It helps to break harmful habits. Helps to manage ego. Enhances tissue regeneration. Works through nerve endings. Resolves spikes, heals and redirects energy to organs as well as connections between organs. Helps to maintain in cold water, in case of fire, suffocation, etc. In stressful situations of the physical body. Frequency increases the power of words, it is easier to convince someone. If a child has crooked teeth, then sometimes this frequency can straighten them. It is used as an ambulance for injuries, relieves painful shock, restores blood loss. When the spine is deformed, cut it from top to bottom with a ray coming from the middle of the palm of the right hand and make incisions between the vertebrae. When the skull bones are displaced, an energy screw is used for the joint, which is left for 2-3 days.

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

It cures colds, all diseases of the joints and throat, regulates blood pressure (in cases of hypotension, hypertension, neurophytic dystonia) and reduces temperature (in febrile condition).

It helps in the positioning of the vertebrae in combination with the frequencies of St. Buddha and Farun. It restores the discs and increases the cartilage tissue. It relieves swelling of vascular walls, improves their elasticity, acts on venous artery necrosis, venous insufficiency, normalizes the number of platelets, relieves vascular spasm, breaks down the vascular barrier (prevention of gangrene), treats throat and rheumatism of the heart. Strengthens the work of the adrenal glands. It affects viruses, papillomaviruses and chlamydia, pertussis, meningitis and purulent enteritis, streptococcus and staphylococcus, haemolytic fever.
It helps to attract positive events. It helps to maintain good psychology during depression. It promotes weight loss (removes excess fluid from the body) and rejuvenation (changes the hormonal state). It brings you out of the coma with minimal loss to the brain. It frees from karmic attachments and ancestral curses. The channel heals spiritual wounds. It relieves the pain of separation from loved ones. It helps us identify with friends while identifying hidden enemies. With its help, families and new communities are created. It helps to associate people who have common goals and interests. Develops the ability to plan and create a vision. It is beneficial to sales. It helps people to recover after a bout of gluttony. It is used to clean the premises and expel hostile entities.
Used for charging water and salt.

  1. In the main session (or outside of it), under the influence of the channel, we work with contact by applying our hands on the joints or injured bones and gently apply an “energy massage” for 3-4 minutes. The best result is achieved when we apply the Phyrast + Holy Jesus + Holy Buddha + Farun channels simultaneously.
  2. For the treatment of the spine, we perform energy perforation of the spine with the channels of Phirast + Holy Buddha + Holy Jesus + Farun. It is also possible to apply the combination of Phirast + Shaon + Holy Buddha + Holy Jesus + Farun. An excellent application here is the Golden Pyramid channel (alternatively, next session).
  3. Polyarthritis. You need six months of treatment. In the hands we work with contact, as usual. Our fingers should not touch. We can put the patient’s hands on the table and work with both at the same time. Similarly with the knees. Have the patient sit down, and work on both knees with contact. We can leave bows either on both knees or on both hands. In a month and a half, the pain has completely stopped, even if the fingers are deformed. When the pain stops, the interval between sessions may be increased. If the patient has polyarthritis and the joints of the hands are already deformed and have lost mobility, mobility will be restored, but the fingers will never become completely straight. With the complete removal of pain, we begin to massage each phalanx until it hurts a little, gradually increasing the load. In this case there is friction in the joint, and a small blood sac is formed. It won’t hurt much, but the joint will straighten up a bit.
  4. Hypertension. In case of high blood pressure, having the channel active, we mentally open the lotus, shoulders and arms. The patient can sit. We strengthen the canal from above. We do not make contact. When the pressure starts to drop, we close the chest, arms, shoulders and half of the lotus again. Finally, after 2-3 hours we close the lotus completely. Once the patient has been removed we do the last procedure mentally. If the pressure is still at the same level, we stand behind the patient (this can be done either inside or outside the main healing session), open the well for us and the patient, place our hands on the patient’s shoulders and under the influence of the channel we remove through ourselves (pump technique – the practitioner’s body acts as a conduit) for 15-20 minutes all the impure energy and send it into the well. It is necessary to direct the negative energy with both hands. If we feel burning (like stepping on hot asphalt) or stinging in the soles of our feet, it means that the process is proceeding correctly. We then close the well and complete the previous process by closing the patient’s well. It is not mandatory to lower the blood pressure during the session in this way. Besides, throughout the session the channel is active and without contact it interferes with the patient by lowering the pressure. In the case of high blood pressure, the Saint Jesus channel does NOT enter the aura (because it brings exactly the opposite effect). Reinforcingly we clean the head with the motor-cell technique. The main problem of hypertension is the unstable psycho-emotional background, anxiety and phobias. Therefore, it is necessary to harmonize the energy system (chakra) and after the sessions add Hum, Anael, etc. The therapist will decide which frequencies will be most beneficial.
  5. Hypotension. In the case of low pressure we perform aura inflation (at the stage when the lotus and the well are closed) by applying the channels Phyrast + Zeus + Saint Jesus between the 4th and 5th chakra.
  6. In sore throat and general diseases of the throat it is necessary to warm it by applying the canal with the hands to the area. In this procedure, place the right palm from the front on the neck and the left hand from the back on the neck. Apply the channel with intensity until you feel a burning sensation in the palms. The special neck procedure is done after we have cleared the energy centres. It should be noted that when applying channels to the neck or the 5th chakra area in general, the fingers should not be joined under any circumstances.
  7. When we intervene in the respiratory tract (bronchi, lungs) we carry out the same procedure as warming up.
  8. Decrease in temperature. An increase in body temperature is a normal reaction of the immune system to any problem and is generally a positive factor. There are diseases for which the body needs a temperature jump, such as in most viral diseases. With tonsillitis and pneumonia the temperature usually decreases simply by opening the frequency. The work is done without contact. If we open the frequency, but the fever does not go down, but instead rises, we continuously channel the frequency and depending on the condition of the patient’s heart, we let the temperature rise to a certain point at which we close the frequency. After 15-20 minutes the temperature goes down. The next day, the patient is actually healthy.
  9. To reduce the temperature of a child. In rare cases, when we seek to lower a child’s high temperature with the St. Jesus channel we may note a tendency for the temperature not to decrease but, on the contrary, to rise. This means that the channel is indicating to the practitioner that a high temperature is necessary in order to treat an inflammation. When the temperature rises above 39°C it should be lowered mechanically e.g. by placing the child under cold water, rubbing the child with alcohol or vinegar. With a fever of 39° C the child may have convulsions. We still of course work with the canal. If the child’s face turns red (becomes crimson), it means he will not have convulsions.
It is a Buddhist channel. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic Channels.

Treats diseases of the respiratory tract (lungs, bronchi), liver, kidneys and stomach, including stomach cancer.

It loads salt and water.

The frequency is mild. It is complementary to Risur.

Respiratory tract – lungs – bronchi (including cancer, tuberculosis, inflammation). They are treated by contact, placing the hands alternately at the base and top of the lungs, leaving arcs (work on each lung separately, first the right and then the left, leaving two arcs in each lung).
Bronchitis. With our hands on our chests, we work every day for three consecutive days.
With pneumonia we have to do hits with frequency. Place the left hand on the lungs from the side. With the right hand we tap on the left (our) hand and pronounce the name of the frequency. The frequency comes through the hand with thrusts. It should be borne in mind that people with a weak heart, after pneumonia, often have a heart attack.
The kidneys, liver and stomach (including stomach cancer) are treated by contact. We leave bows. The frequency is mild, so we apply it without fear to the liver and kidneys.
Central nervous system. Helps in vegetative-vascular dystonia and ear diseases.
Peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system. It restores energy, works by depositing salts in the cervical spine, curvature of the spine and restores intervertebral discs. It removes the creaking from children’s knees. Relieves muscle spasm. It helps joints in cases of inflammation, dislocation (including old ones). Helps in cramps of the gastrocnemius muscles (circulatory insufficiency, fatigue, lack of trace elements). Compressed nerves. Blinded nerve endings.
Circulatory and hematopoietic system. The organs of blood formation. Cerebral vessels. Cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Cleansing of the liver, blood, blood vessels. Rejuvenation of blood cells, blood vessels, vasoconstriction. Vessels of the liver, lungs, all organs. Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins.
Apocrine system and skin. It works on any skin lesion. Warts, papillomas, wound healing, swelling. Removes excess liquid, slags.
Endocrine system. It restores the metabolism. Promotes weight loss.
Restores the correct mechanism of cell division (prevention of oncology). Eliminates energy damage (submissions, hypnosis, damage). Removes necrotic connections. It helps in all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (infectious, poisoning, dysentery, cholera, etc.).

It belongs to the Buddhist Channels. He doesn’t compromise with the Magic.

It cures all kinds of allergic diseases, wound scars, dissolves warts, lipomas, warts, eliminates unwanted hair growth, cures hair loss and harmonizes the hormonal axis. It is also used in painful exacerbations that may occur after treatments for eye diseases.

It is, along with Surii-Sanlay, the most suitable frequency for the treatment of allergies. Rarely, and only if indicated by Mindy, is Ninalis used.

The channel of St. Muhammad enhances the appetite for work. It eliminates laziness and inertia. It reinforces self-discipline. It helps with neurosis and insomnia (it fixes the circadian rhythm). It is good to open it to students as well as to subordinates. The channel helps bring a case to its logical conclusion. It gives strength to solve the tasks. It strengthens the sense of love for doctrines and rules. Therefore, it works effectively on issues related to legality, transaction processing and contracting. It works with hereditary diseases of the organs of the third energy center (diabetes). Along with other channels it removes slags, which leads to weight loss.
Used for charging water and salt.

In order to balance the hormonal axis and treat allergies it is necessary to use the non-contact channel according to the general treatment regimen.

During the main session (or outside of it), under the influence of the channel, we work with semi-contact by placing the hands over the wounds or hairs and intervene according to the figure of Phyrast + Saint Muhammad. The combination of the St. Mohammed and Surii-Sanlai channels has very good results. In this case we alternate in the order of treatments, once using the combination of Phyrast + St. Muhammad and once using the combination of Phyrast + Surii-Sanlai.

Blisters and sebaceous cysts go away with the St. Mohammed and Shaun frequencies. There must be an energy intersection.

During the main session (or outside of it), under the influence of the channel, we cut the wart, fathead moth or wart using the “energy cross” and open the above formations like lotus petals. With semi-contact we apply the channels Phyrast + Shaon + Saint Muhammad and leave arcs. We do not need to close the energy cuts (they will close themselves).

If a woman has a moustache, we should open the Holy Muhammad along with the Sinrah frequency. At the end of the session there should be several energy cuts, so that there is a drainage of the energy flow (we want the bow to remove the “moustache”). If we make the incisions during the session and keep working, they will close early and there will be no removal of the negative energy at the end through them. Frequency helps to normalize the hormonal background.
Unwanted hair growth. We work with semi-contact. The effect is enhanced when we work with the Suriri-Sanlay frequency.
Stitches after surgery. When working with sutures, the tissue may move. If it is accompanied by pain, we must stop. We have to endure the pain that comes from the stitches.
Wound healing. With wounds we can work every day, twice a day. Recent injuries are being treated very well. We work with semi-contact. For chemical and electrical burns it is best to work with Farun-Bouda.
Moles, warts, moles on the leg. Press lightly with your fingers. We’re passing the frequency. We can work without contact, only with the eyes. We are making an energy cut. A mole on the leg that does not have a brown head is more difficult to remove. Birthmarks associated with cancer are not removed. When we work with Holy Muhammad, there can be painful sensations, the olive remains in place, but as a result of the energy outflow the foot dries up, because of the frequency the olive cannot be fed, and after some time it falls off by itself.
Warning: When using this channel we must be very careful with soft moles that are the same shade as the patient’s skin. We don’t work with olives that look like open buds. If malignancy of an olive is suspected, we work without contact according to the Phyrast + Saon scheme.

They belong to the Buddhist bloc. They are not compatible with the channels of the Magic Bloc.

Sinrah channel is applied for women’s blonding, balances the hormonal axis, unfolds and eliminates wrinkles and improves skin texture.
The corresponding male Sinlah channel is used for men’s blonding, balances the hormonal axis, softens and removes wrinkles, stretches the skin and enhances male virility.

They are used for charging salt, water and creams applied to the skin (as long as they are in a glass container).

During the general therapy session or outside of it we can use the channels to affect the problematic areas of the skin with contact or semi-contact (e.g. wrinkles on the side of the eye). Contact is made only with the right hand.

After charging the energy centres, with the Lotus closed, we work intensively with Sinrah/Sinlah and Tata for 40 minutes, when it comes to weight loss and rejuvenation. We pass between 4th and 5th chakra Phyrast + Zeus + Sinrah/Sinlah + Tata and inflate the aura. Weight loss starts after the metabolism is restored. As long as the weight loss program lasts, the person should keep a moderate amount of food and eat only when hungry. If this rule is broken, there will be no result.
Thyroid. We channel the Phyrist and Shahon frequencies through the hands. We are making an energy cut. Then we apply the motor-cell technique to eliminate the negative energy. Repeat three or four times. Then we channel into the thyroid Tata + Sinrah/Sinlah. If one frequency is not noticeable, it means that we only have to work with the other one. We leave a bow. After closing the well and Lotus, we pass into the aura the Tata + Sinrah/Sinlah frequencies or one of them, i.e. only Tata or only Sinrah/Sinlah and inflate the aura. It is possible that the tumor will move inward, so the results will not be visible. The patient should definitely have an ultrasound. The lawsuit lasts about two months. When we work with a patient who has had surgery but the tumour has grown again, the positive result rate is 50%. If pain occurs, we stop working. In the same way we work on the thyroid gland even when there is no malignancy but we want to balance its function (e.g. osteoporosis, Hashimoto’s).
Sinrah and Sinlah channels neutralize free radicals and repair cells. They treat hands and underarms that are constantly sweating as well as brittle nails. They regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. They inhibit the aging process. They restore metabolic processes and regulate the hormonal axis. They cure impotence and coldness. They remove swelling and fluid retention. They improve the growth and structure of hair. They soften wrinkles, tighten the skin and adjust the weight. They treat the thyroid gland. They cure fungi. They correct the skin tone. They remove toxins and regulate the urinary system.
It should be borne in mind that the frequencies do not work exclusively for weight loss, but for the normalisation of a person’s weight, i.e. the optimal weight according to gender, height and age (which means that they will help an overly thin person to gain the right weight).
Sinrah channel can be used to enhance sexual attractiveness and charm. It provokes situations of flirtation and love. It can evoke marital devotion and a sense of responsibility in a loved one. In some cases, it causes a sense of guilt and alienation. It mobilizes the inner forces to solve important challenges of life.
When we work to rejuvenate women who have recently gone through menopause, the menstrual cycle is likely to return.

It’s a Buddhist channel. Its use is not compatible with the Magic Channels.

It’s a shock channel. It is used in the treatment of flu, colds and meningitis.

It loads salt and water.

When applied to meningitis we use it without contact according to the general treatment regimen of the session. The minimum session time should be 40 to 60 minutes. In any case, two treatments are carried out daily.

In case of a cold or flu, apply it with contact.

It is applied by contact to the lungs, bronchi and throat. Pour Phyrast + Urals into the diseased organs until warmth is felt and leave arcs.

At the end of the main healing session (or even when used outside of it) after closing lotus and well, we apply the channel between the 4th and 5th chakra according to the pattern of Phyrast + Zeus + Ural + Farun-Buda. Repeat the passage of the channels in the aura as often as possible and inflate at the same time.

Respiratory system. Restoration of the lung, bronchi, metastases, restoration of alveoli, improvement of blood circulation due to restoration of blood vessels and capillaries. Restoration of the pulmonary artery – resolves blood clots of the pulmonary artery. It helps in sulcitis (heating).
Flu. The incubation period is 21 days. With Cosmoenergetic we cure it in three days. On the first day we run a general session. We are working without contact with the Ural frequency. If the patient is sitting, we keep the frequency 30 minutes. On the second day we make contact with the diseased organs so that a therapeutic deterioration occurs. On the third day we stabilize the result.
Immune system. It helps in the fight against infection (cold, flu, meningitis) with bacillus tuberculosis.
Works with addictions, helps to stop seizures. It restores the mental state after surgery. It relieves the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Down’s syndrome. It treats inflammatory diseases of the ears. It helps in the treatment of glaucoma and cataracts.

It is a Buddhist channel. It’s not compatible with Magic.

The channel works like a real chiropractor. It is used for the treatment of scoliosis, salt deposition, allergic and infectious polyarthritis as well as for the correction of cormostasis. It helps in the disappearance of spinal hernia. It helps in the treatment of sciatica. Relieves inflammation of the damaged meniscus.

We don’t treat gout with this channel.

It loads water and salt.

In the general therapeutic session (as well as outside of it), having the channel open, we apply it with contact by placing our hands on the joints and we fill for 3-4 minutes doing “energy massage”. The best therapeutic results are achieved when the combination of Phyrast + Holy Jesus + Holy Buddha + Faroun is applied with contact to the affected areas. To correct the stance we use the mandatory motor-cell technique to remove the tension. Then, under the influence of the frequency, we make contact on the painful joints and leave arcs.
In order to heal diseases of the bones, spine as well as subsequent injuries, during the general healing session, we pass the channels to the patient, including the spine, according to the scheme of Phirast + St. Buddha + St. Jesus + Farun.

After we have closed the body we apply the channel to the aura (between the 4th and 5th chakra) according to the scheme of Phirast + Holy Buddha + Holy Jesus + Farun.

The channel is used in the specialized technique of Energy Massage.

We definitely use the motor-cave method to reduce pain and to remove negative energy from the working point.

Polyarthritis. We have to work with contact for six months. Our fingers should not touch. The patient’s hands can be on the table and we can work with both at the same time. We can work with the knees either separately or both together. In addition, we give the frequency Holy Jesus as a complementary-reinforcement. When we work with polyarthritis the pain goes away, but the joints remain deformed. If the pain has passed, we do not let the patient stop the treatment. The patient should remain in contact for two years and be given general energy by opening Buddhist channels from above and emphasizing Farun.
Salt deposits are removed within 3 to 6 months.
Working with scoliosis up to the 4th degree (5-6 sessions) is initially accompanied by crushing and then “stretching” of the spine. It is better if the parents are not present, because there is a possibility that they may interrupt the procedure if they cannot bear to see the child in pain. Work with scoliosis can not be stopped, it is necessary to complete. Also, while the treatment is ongoing, it is necessary to ensure that the patient performs a simple set of physical exercises every day.
To treat sciatica we use the Phyrast, Saon, St. Jesus and Farun channels.
To work with the spine we use the Farun, Holy Buddha and Golden Pyramid channels.