Animals’ Therapy

Cosmoenergetics can be implemented therapeutically to animals and plants.

It cleanses animals energetically and contributes to their good health, the healing of wounds as well as recovery from diseases.

We must keep in mind, however, that pets are evolutionarily simpler organisms. They also have an emotional body just like humans and they can feel. However, they do not have a mental body and have a team soul. They are unprotected and absorb the negative energy of the house and its inhabitants. Dogs are especially vulnerable and most of the time they manifest the information and diseases of their owners in exactly the same way in their bodies. For example, a necrotic binding at home along with astral dirt will throw off their mood and immunity in general and may manifest in undue tension or lethargy and lack of appetite.

Also, Cosmoenergetics reinforces the growth of plants and rids them of harmful organisms and parasites.

Cosmoenergetics Προγράμματα / Αυτισμός - Autism photoCosmoenergetics Προγράμματα / Θεραπεία Ζώων - Animals’ therapy picture