Hutta Block

cosmoenergetics Μπλοκ Χούτα Hutta Block photo

The main difference between the Hutta Block and all the previous ones is its uniqueness on a planetary level. If the energies of the Magister belong to planetary frequencies of a higher order, then the Hutta is unique and has no limits of application on the physical plane.

During the development of this block, a transition to indigo consciousness takes place, i.e. the ability to perceive information directly. Such a function is beyond the limitations of common sense. In order to open up the frequencies, an expansion of consciousness is required. The common perceptual functions which relate to the here and now, are governed by the left hemisphere and make use of the lower Manas connected to the Kama vector, are not enough.

The development of the Hutta is the final stage in the evolution of the Cosmoactor’s consciousness. Henceforth, his energy matrix is not limited by anything in our world, it functions and expands beyond any limitation. Hutta’s energies carry out a profound correction of human subconscious programs built in the current incarnation as well as programs that originate in the collective unconscious. Hutta almost completely rebuilds the patient’s consciousness and removes the causes of the disease from him.

cosmoenergetics Μπλοκ Χούτα Hutta Block image
cosmoenergetics Χούτα Μπλοκ - Block Hutta photo

The Cosmoenergist wielding the Hutta, quite simply, is embedded in the universal matrix and has unimaginable potential for materialization in our dimension. Our consciousness is completely immersed in the material world and is de facto subject to limitations. The full awakening of the Manasic principle is the ultimate experience one can have in the current phase of human evolution of the 5th race.

Obstacles to Hutta’s development can be erroneous subconscious programs, ancestral and acquired, internal aggression, as well as physical or consciousness barriers. In this case, the Cosmo Activator may experience internal discomfort, lack of fortitude during adaptation and weakness. Many of these symptoms frighten the practitioner and discourage or cause them to stop working with the Hutta. In general, Hutta is a radical method, once it is opened it does not stop until it has completed its work. However, in some cases, its operation may be postponed until the sufficiency of the Cosmonaut is ensured.

On the other hand, by overcoming these difficulties, the Cosmoenergetic feels an extraordinary burst of power and the opening of new horizons. The Hutta gives the Cosmoactor enormous advantages in the way it is applied. Activating the grid allows to open the frequencies in 3D space in any visualized context, to transfer the work to another dimensional space and all this is controlled by the matrix itself.

Working with the Hutta Bloc is, of course, not the only way. Clearly there were and are other tools for perfecting human consciousness in order to achieve self-consciousness and full integration into the Source of Creation. The Hutta was given to our culture as a great gift, but unfortunately it has not yet been appreciated. For the dominant consciousness of people in the current phase of Kali Yuga, Hutta seems like an inaccessible peak and perhaps only the future generation will be able to use it.

cosmoenergetics Χούτα Μπλοκ - Block Hutta image

The energies of the Hutta Matrix can be applied literally anywhere. Because the most important thing is not the treatment itself, as we understand it at our level. This is the final tangible result. The uniqueness of these actions is that they penetrate causal relations and change spatial structures and information beyond our own dimension. The Hutta Block is rightly considered the Philosophical Stone of Cosmoenergetics. It is the inexhaustible primary energy that comes mainly from the fourth dimension. It perforates all levels of energy and in this way materializes and structures reality. It is a tool of transition to non-separateness, to the Matrix of Universal Love and Oneness.

Currently, over 200 frequencies have been decoded. Some examples are summarised below:

It removes and erases the deep programs of the distant past from the subconscious mind. A person may not know anything about them, but the programs affect the events of the current life. For example, there is no personal life (a vow of celibacy was taken in a past life), or the person lives in poverty (there is a deep past belief that being rich is bad).
It finds application in depression. The work of the brain is transferred to the alpha state. Receiving information from the subconscious. Expansion of mental and physical capacity (endurance) is carried out. It helps in making important decisions. It helps in exams, in scientific work. It provides the therapist with the treatment regimen to follow.
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Practical. It contributes to the development of mental abilities. It reveals abilities that are dormant. For example, if applied to an artist, his paintings will have a beneficial effect on people, like Roerich’s paintings.
Saturation with Earth energy (1st chakra, spine). There is a balance of earthly and cosmic energies. Cleaning of energy meridians. Cleaning with the help of a powerful energy flow, a strong recharge helps to restore the functioning of the organs. Relieves pain in the legs with varicose veins. Cleans blood vessels (plaques, blood clots). It helps the people of the Water Zodiac to keep their heads out of the clouds and stand firmly on the ground.
It facilitates the transition to the other world and further progress in it. It is open to the seriously ill and those who have recently left. It breaks necrotic bonds and connections.
It heals the inner child. Inferiority complexes, low self-esteem, depression, guilt. The release of emotions, the joy in life, the revelation of creative abilities, the ease of being.
A percussive channel that acts as an ambulance in critical situations (suicide, hysteria, violent onset of schizophrenia, manic-depression syndrome). Delirium, drug overdose, seizure. Obsession (voices, images of the lower astral plane).
Synchronisation of physical and subtle bodies. Connection with the Higher Self. Increase in vibrations, self-awareness.
Cleanses fluids (blood, lymph) from infection Treats cardiovascular diseases, improves vascular tone, removes plaques. It clears foreign formations. It treats cancer. Protection against viruses (epidemics). It protects and restores every organ.
Harmonization, spiritual growth. It creates a connection with Higher Powers and restores the 7th chakra. Spiritual healing, expansion of consciousness. Restoration after energy interventions. It aligns the subtle bodies, builds energy, removes connections and clears all energy meridians. It leads to higher levels. Sociability improves. The flexibility of the mind develops.