The energy of the deities Lakshmi and Kubera.

In Hindu culture wealth is considered sacred and this is not fortuitous. It is considered the greatest good and acquisition of man and necessary for the preservation and continuation of life on the planet as a whole. We know very well that money is one of the foundations of a dignified and pleasant existence. We prosper and thrive in comfort and decline in shortage (of any kind).
The deity Kubera is the true embodiment of abundance and success as well as protecting wealth (because the flow of money alone is not enough).

Kubera energy bestows wealth by opening new paths, indicating new sources of income and offering opportunities. It helps to avoid loss of money in businesses and ensures profits. It helps in strengthening the self-confidence and self-esteem of the person as well as their social position and reputation. It gives blessings not just for wealth but for one to be able to enjoy the abundance one has in their life. At the same time, it helps the group/family to live in peace and not be blinded by the abundance that surrounds them. It provides protection from competitors, rivals and enemies and helps protect resources from fraudsters. It helps one stay grounded and identify abundance in the right place in one’s life. It expands the way of thinking and the way in which a person relates themselves to material goods. It brings mental and spiritual peace. It helps to understand and resolve karma in that particular area. It gives knowledge, concentration, sound judgment in managing money and social status and acts as a spiritual guide leading to better decisions. It helps the person to identify, cultivate and utilize their skills and talents and through them to reap the fruits of their labor.

The gifts offered by the deity Kubera are not given unconditionally. They depend at all times on the progress made by the person. The divinity makes visible from the beginning the thorns on the path of wealth, which are nothing but our defects, and shows that a condition for one to taste the gifts at the end of the road is to get rid of those defects. Therefore, arrogance, greed, self-centeredness, selfishness and pettiness may surface. Also, the person may be confronted with their inactivity and irresponsibility. One should learn to listen and keep their mouth shut when they need to. They should learn to listen to the needs of others, be humble and not make unreasonable demands. Mental and spiritual wealth must precede the material in order for the latter to remain and not to lead the person to painful lessons and cataclysmic losses that will aim to make them wiser.