Aura Photography & Crownscopy

A method of photographing the human aura and diagnosing energy status.

The outflow of all the energy bodies of man is his aura. Each such layer originates from the function of the corresponding energy centre (chakra) and constitutes a manifestation of matter of different quality. The aura can extend up to two meters from the physical body and contains information about the physical and psycho-emotional state of the person, his spirituality and the level of consciousness at which he is functioning.
Crownscopy is a method of imaging and analysis of the aura for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It is based on the Kirlian effect and more specifically on the crown of the fingertips in relation to the energy meridians of the body.

In the first phase, the special camera takes pictures of the fingertips. The completeness of the energy layers is evident or, otherwise, gaps or thinner discontinuities reflect problems in specific organs of the body.

Energy distribution: A diagram of energy distribution in the systems of the human body and the individual organs of each system is provided.

Biorhythms: The biorhythms of the organism that have been in effect since the day of human birth are provided.

Energy state: the representation of the aura and its quality is obtained. Also, signs and organs of energy loss or disease are marked. It should be noted that the information obtained may sometimes relate to undetected diseases, thus having a preventive value. Φωτογράφιση Αύρας - Aura Photography aura gynaika Φωτογράφιση Αύρας - Aura Photography
Energy centres: The chakras, their location, any deviation they may have and their fullness of function are depicted.
Cosmic channels: Areas and instruments that may have excessive energy consumption or energy loss are displayed. Finally, therapeutic suggestions are made concerning the respective organs. These are energy frequencies (channels) that have a specific effect on the indicated organs.

The aura is the complete energy imprint of human existence. It carries information, experiences, experiences and knowledge that have been acquired and stored both during past and present lives. Observing and processing it allows us to understand a lot about the person in question.

  • It can confirm existing diseases or predict the possible onset of diseases.
  • It assesses the energy status and the level of functionality of systems and instruments, thus giving warning signs for the installation of problematic situations.
  • It reveals the karmic burden that man carries and his nature (i.e. whether he carries an emotional burden, experiences of non-acceptance of himself, anger, phobias, denial of life, etc.).
  • It reflects what has been stored from the embryonic period of this life, the present as man has managed it so far and the perspectives he has formed for the future.
  • It states the lessons that man must learn in order to progress in life and grow.
  • It signifies man’s ability and readiness to receive help and knowledge from the Higher Intelligence, as well as the communication between his own mind and spirit.
  • It can indicate possible contact with lower energy levels.

If man analyses his aura and understands what kind of “unresolved” information it carries, he can more easily realize why certain situations arise in his life, why some situations tend to recur, why certain people appear in his life, why he may not progress satisfactorily in certain areas or why he suffers from certain diseases.