Hindu Practices

The Yin-Yang energy contributes to the activation, release, development and harmonization of the two opposite energies: the female Yin (water) and the male Yang (fire).
These energies coexist within each person and must always be in balance. Sometimes they happen to be latent, they cannot manifest because of the negative information a person may carry or may grow asymmetrically.
The energy of Economic Progress and Affluence removes the negative information that exists on our thin bodies. Instead, it creates conditions for man to cultivate beneficial programs in order to make new beginnings and to claim as much abundance as he or she deserves in order to be happy. It cleanses very strongly the 1st, 3rd and 5th chakra and helps the person to self-identify and channel his creativity into the field that is ideal for him. The person who discovers the purpose of their life and serves it correctly experiences spontaneous material and spiritual fullness in all areas.
Removal of Magic Programs’ energy has the power to dissolve every magic, decompose curses, eliminate destructive programs, and dissolve any entity or thought-form. It helps to re-establish a strong connection with the Higher Self and the Whole, to clear the consciousness, to awaken, to create a vision in man, to help set goals and to release from restrictive beliefs. It cleanses the aura very strongly, dissolves the bio-obstacles of our active-informational field and restores the chakras to their proper function.
Female Bodhisattva. It is known as the “mother of liberation”. It represents the virtues of success at work and all achievements. It is considered the Buddhist deity of compassion and enlightened action. She is always ready to run upon the call of the man and help. Practicing with her, releases man from fear and from the eight obscurations: pride, ignorance, anger, jealousy, wrong ideas and dogmatism, greed, attachment and doubt.
The energy of the deities Lakshmi and Kubera. It brings good luck, openings and opportunities to the professional and not only sector, recognition, wealth and abundance in the physical plane, spiritual strength and spiritual wealth.
Navagraha are the nine planets of Vedic Astrology. They are considered to play an important role in the life and destiny of man, depending on how they are placed on the astrological map as it is formed at birth. Practicing with the deities smooths their inauspicious influences in difficult times and helps man to vibrate accordingly in order to absorb their positive effect.
His vehicle is a chariot with seven horses representing the seven colors of white light and the seven days of the week. He governs Sunday. He is the donor of health, success and prosperity.
Represents the mind, female nature, beauty, fertility and happiness. He is believed to ride his chariot and cross the sky every night. One’s mental stability depends on the placement of this deity on the astrological chart. Chandra governs Monday.
Wrathful God. He is referred to as the “hot planet” and the protector of the Dharma. He represents courage, vigor, power and aggression. His positive influence gives man energy, strong will, autonomy and self-confidence. His negative effect, however, can be detrimental to marriage, create discontent and tension in the relationship, lead to separation and divorce. In some cases, he is considered to cause unfortunate death of a spouse. He affects the muscular and circulatory system, nose and forehead. He governs Tuesday.
Represents education, intelligence, professional activity, friendship, speech, journalism, law, writing, banking and skin health. Governs Wednesday.
The god of Devas. He symbolizes knowledge, love and spirituality. He is the epitome of goodness and religion. He is related to education, teaching and the spread of knowledge. He governs the thighs, flesh, kidneys, liver, fat and arterial system. His day is Thursday. He is considered to be the most beneficial among all planets.
He symbolizes love and passion. When he is favorably placed on the astrological map of one he can bring wealth, abundance and luxury in life. His day is Friday.
He is thought to pose problems and that his influence is capable of dissolving property. At the same time, however, he is a protector of property. A strict judge and a great teacher, he compensates or punishes according to the karma accumulated by man. He symbolizes longevity. His favorable position on a map brings career opportunities, healthy life and prosperity. He can also reward someone with leadership skills, reputation and awareness. His day is Saturday.
He is the cause of one’s good position, good working condition, devotion, victory in contrasts, long journeys and the power of the mantras.
He represents the accumulated karma, both good and bad, spirituality and supernatural influences.