Beginners’ Initiation in the Cosmoenergy Method

Beginners’ training begins with the initiation into 10 channels (energy frequencies which in our “language” are most often called channels):

Farun-Buddha, Firast, Shaon, Zeus, Midi, Hektas, 1st Magic, Golden Pyramid, Anael, Pearl

From these, Farun-Buddha, Firast, Shaon and Zeus are the backbone of the complete healing scheme with which the novice can heal both oneself and others. With the help of additional techniques integrated in the treatment scheme, one can start the energy centers, cleanse and align the aura and clean all the organs of the body.

Midi and Hektas are information channels that cleanse the causal body of the Cosmic Energy Practitioner and remove obstacles in order to receive information. With Midi the person is connected to the active-information field of the earth and can receive practical information of everyday life (e.g. to “find” where they lost their mobile phone, to find a piece information they are looking for, to locate a person who is lost, to deepen in the patient’s energy state when making a diagnosis and to understand what actions are needed for the healing, etc.). Hektas channel carries cosmic information. Activating both of them requires 90 consecutive days of practice.

The 1st Magic is a basic cleansing channel that cuts necrotic and astral connections and removes stress. It restores the chakras, balances and harmonizes the field (whether the damage was caused by external factors or by poor emotional or mental management of the student themselves).

The Golden Pyramid is a powerful cleansing and protecting channel. It can be incorporated into the complete treatment scheme or used outside of it for protection. It is the pre-eminent action we take when working in wider areas or upon the planet for relief/prevention/protection when there are difficult situations (e.g. pandemics, wars, crime).

Anael is the channel of pure worldly love. It brings good, it balances and soothes.

Pearl is a basic practice for the Cosmic Energy Healer in order to always have a strong and wide energy vital field.