Cosmoenergetics is an ancient therapeutic method which utilizes the energo-informational flows of the universe. The modern western civilization has taken this knowledge from Tibet. Cosmoenergetics is harmonised with all religious beliefs since the only existing concept in the universe is that of energy and energetic hierarchy.


Magister Channels


Magister Channels are universal high-frequency codes. Each Channel Block contains many frequencies and incorporates a wide range of different energies within it. The level of the Magisters is actually the level of the planetary magician. The Magister receives cosmic name – an identity for the superior subliminal universal levels. His energy field is boosted significantly.

Space information frequencies. They provide any information about the knowledge of space and the parallel worlds. Miluti provides Earth information while the Sirius planetary.

Finnish channel. Ensures overprotection, provides the development of intuition, insight and contact with parallel worlds.

Ancient Polynesian Channel. Ensures overprotection, development of intuition and contact with parallel worlds.

Karelian-Finnish channel. Ensures overprotection, development of intuition and contact with parallel worlds.

Protection channel of Magisters.

Ancient Lahan channel. It is used for protection as well as against black entities which work against the Magister. It acts against the magicians who work in the astral plane, in case they become “black” and move against the Magister.

An ancient Indian channel which is used to protect against forces of inferior evil levels. It works against cancer up to 4th grade. In 4th grade cancer it can only improve the condition of the patient. It is also used to treat hysteria and schizophrenia.

An ancient Hittite channel. It is used in parallel worlds to protect and unblock, weaken the aggressive being, and against magical and hostile actions. It is applied until the complete elimination of hostile influence or energy. It treats diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

God of the ancient Slavs, the Pagan God of Fire. It is applied for protection and attack on earth and space. It is used for powerful purification from active substances, burns anything unnecessary in the aura, protects, and is applied to exorcism. It contributes to the treatment of respiratory diseases.

Protective Vietnamese channel. It purifies apartments and other objects. It is used to eliminate forgotten things or regenerated ghosts, demonic entities or for protection from them (mermaids, water larvae, devils, etc.). It causes partial dissolution of demonic creatures within a few weeks. Then it takes about a year for the accumulation of their flesh. The living creatures are afraid of electricity and live away from it. But in order to stay alive, they suck the energy of the people to which they attach themselves.

Chinese channel, similar to the magical channel Do but much stronger. It provides access to cosmic levels and transportation to parallel worlds. It helps in the treatment of mental disorders (hysteria, psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, etc.) and eliminates stress.

Channel of super-love and harmony. It affects adaptation and direction to the opposite sex. It aggravates aggression, stress and tension. It balances and attracts.

Cosmic and Planetary Channel. Used for traveling to planets and galaxies. It acts on what is related to male sexual dysfunction, diseases of the prostate and urinary tract diseases.


It acts against cancer, except for stomach cancer and 4th grade cancer.

Astral Powder

Ecumenical channel – cleansing and healing. It is effectively applied to oncological diseases and all other conditions where other channels did not produce the desired effect.


Karelian-Finnish channel. Used for contact jam. It acts against UFOs (prevents contact with them on the physical plane). The false ones are burning. Those coming from parallel universes disappear. The channel is also used to treat depression, schizophrenia and hysteria.

Frequency of phantom operations

The channel is used to initiate in any other channel, including those of the Magister Group. It opens on condition that the Magister has a complete and clear understanding of what he is about to do. It must be continuously enhanced until the desired result is achieved.


The cosmic channel of evil. It differs from the Ratha channel because it can be shut down and stop its impact. Incorrect use is not punished, but if it happens, the Magister must admit his mistake and compensate.

Dista & Tacke

They are killer channels. They eliminate energy forms and people. Their misuse is not punishable, but if it happens, the Magister must admit his error and remedy.


This channel is insidious and ingenious. It does the person upon who it is activated to change his last decision. It should not be closed after application, instead it must be strengthened until the goal is achieved, and perhaps a little more. It should not be applied to the same person for more than half a year because it can affect him psychologically. It is applied to the therapist and to the person who thinks he has attacked him.


Ancient Indian channel – the God of Healers and Doctor of the Gods. It is used only for self-healing or the treatment of another Magister from any illness.


According to Vedic mythology, he is the leader of the inferior gods, the god of the atmosphere, the storms, the rain, the battle, the most powerful enemy of the demonic powers. It is used for protection against evil forces.


Hindu channel. It applies to cleansing from sorcery, it cleanses the cardiovascular system, it helps to improve memory, intelligence and creativity, it pushes to knowledge and the arts and it develops the brain’s potential.


It’s an ancient pagan channel. Pan – God of the feast and the fun – is jester and teaser. It acts either on earth or in space. It gives the opportunity to win in any dispute, in buying and selling, and in court. Both the channel and God are teasers, so the Magister must have a clear limit on the desired effect and be careful in interpreting the channel’s suggestions.

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