Cosmoenergetics is an ancient therapeutic method which utilizes the energo-informational flows of the universe. The modern western civilization has taken this knowledge from Tibet. Cosmoenergetics is harmonised with all religious beliefs since the only existing concept in the universe is that of energy and energetic hierarchy.


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Magic Channels


It is used in the cleansing and startup of the energy centers. It has a very strong vibration.


Earthly, female channel. It is used for breast enlargement and correction of the breast shape as well as for any breast disease (except for mastopathy). It corrects the hormonal imbalance. It fills with solar energy. It restores the damaged aura. Removes lower bindings. Heals allergies. It removes dependence on other people. It releases karmic nodes.


It regulates weight, regulates the hormone system and at the same time revitalizes and tightens the skin. It restores the endocrine system. It heals the thyroid gland. Relieves emotional stress. Helps in the treatment of function of the genital organs. As for the CNS, it helps in psychomotor retardation and autism. It helps children to adapt to new social groups. It also helps to regulate the pressure and blood circulation. It restores the energy of the spine. It promotes the absorption of calcium, prevents its removal from the body. It is used as an auxiliary frequency in diseases of the digestive system (esophagus, heartburn, acidity).


The frequency of love. It transfers the energy of good, virtue and creation. It balances, relieves stress, harmonizes the inner condition, and creates a positive impression among the people. It reduces the level of anxiety, fear and aggression. It creates in a person such qualities as mercy, compassion and love. Used to prevent and stop scandals and disputes.


The channel of the flying yogis. It is applied to develop the ability to swing, to affect very ill patients and to treat stroke. It immediately treats those who are bedridden. Removes necrotic bindings. Cleans the energy field. It gives a sense of lightness, facilitates the general situation when other channels do not help or work slowly. It has good application in recent stroke, post-traumatic conditions, fatigue, painful legs, avitaminosis and metabolism. It helps in the purification of blood and in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Applies to mental illnesses. It resurrects from dizziness and helps in the treatment of the vestibular system.


Planetary earthly, feminine energy. Powerful cleansing channel. It is used to treat patients with serious illnesses. It does energy replenishing, harmonizes the internal condition, removes aggression and stress and corrects behavior. It is used in aggressive people with mental disorders. It restores composure and harmony. It removes foreign energy influences (magic, curse, necrotic bindings, astral connections). It exorcises and releases from harmful entities.

Golden Pyramid

The frequency is used for cleansing and protection. It cleanses the energy field of the head. Soothes and balances. It restores health and life. It helps to strengthen intentions in order to achieve goals. It cleanses from various energy influences, including enegy-substances. It does complete spinal column cleaning, of energy spots and meridians. It works with HIV infection, skin lesions, blood vessels, integrity of body tissues, eliminates ulcers, gangrene. It harmonizes the environment and stops epidemics and massive disorders.


It is used for the treatment of animals and plants.


It brings male energy. Removes depression, restores and gives vital forces and cleanses very powerfully. Relieves stress. Helps in chronic fatigue syndrome, lethargy, and energy stagnation. Improves interpersonal relationships. It works with phobias. Improves intuition and belief in self. It promotes business development and the implementation of plans and ideas. It fills one with enthusiasm and creative attitude.


Earth channel carrying a feminine energy. It cleans up, removes stress, tension and attack. It is soothing. It cleans vigorously, prevents scandals and struggles, and relieves stress, depression, tension, aggression. It puts everything in place and helps in understanding the situation. Removes the energy impact. It helps in mental and physical exhaustion and fatigue. Cleans the spaces thoroughly.


It cleanses from the negative energies and from the evil eye. It helps in releasing from energy substances and is used in the treatment of the severely ill patients. It is used in all kinds of harmful energy influence (e.g. magic, violation, bad eye, etc.). It releases from harmful entities. It promotes business development, material prosperity, the realization of plans and ideas, progress in society. Balances the inner world, provides a neutral energy that equates the energy balance. The male aspect of this frequency cleans and fills the energy cocoon of the aura with energy of activity, excitement and movement. The female aspect removes aggression, balances and soothes. It is used in severe cases and in the treatment of any diseases.


The frequency is used to decompose heavy and dense low vibration energy. It is used as a shock channel for the local breakdown of dark energy if it cannot be removed otherwise. It develops intellectual abilities, intelligence and talents. It is a channel of wisdom and eternal knowledge. It provides help in predicting the future, solving technical problems (discoveries) and gaining knowledge.


Informative earth channel. It carries planetary information. It helps to search for forgotten and lost things, suppresses obstacles in bio-positioning and organizes meetings. It promotes the expansion and purification of consciousness. It activates and cleanses the work of the upper chakras. It provides information about the past, present and future, answers almost all questions, helps in doing diagnosis, and gives information on cause-effect relationships.


Strong frequency of space information. Cleans and eliminates obstacles to receiving information. Cleans the consciousness, contributes to the development of creativity.


It is applied as an analgesic in the event of a beating, to toothache, etc. It is a gentle, feminine, soothing energy that gives attractiveness and tranquility. Cleans, relieves stress, emotional upsets in women, including menstruation and during menopause. Aligns the energy (synchronizes energy centers to women). It helps in taking calmly the success of others. It helps man survive in life and misery.

1st Magic

It is applied for purification from any form of magic (spoiling, evil eye, curse, binding, identification). It extricates from astral and necrotic bindings. It harmonizes the emotional state, removes stress, crises, anxiety and corrects behavior. It restores the energy of a space. Relieves pain caused by convulsions. It harmonizes family relationships. It increases self-esteem. Removes guilt. It partially restores the 6th energy center. Suspends the aging process.

Channel of Consecrating Objects

It powerfully cleanses from negative energy merchandise and objects and charges them with pure energy.


Used when treatment is very slow and only in difficult cases. It helps to remove karma from previous generations. In order for this to happen some conditions are necessary. It does not remove the karma that the patient has acquired in this life. Before working with the Sutra-Karma frequency, it is necessary for man to understand that karma is not a means of punishment, but a tool of correction, acquisition of knowledge, and spiritual progress. If one has realized, repented and managed to correct his thoughts, feelings and actions, then the karma called to be paid off in the current incarnation is exhausted.


This frequency applies to psychosis, depressive disorders, chronic insomnia, panic attacks. It is used to treat schizophrenia and cerebral palsy. Relieves emotional and mental stress. It removes depression and restores from drug poisoning. Improves interaction with the environment. Removes the aggravation of nervous and mental illnesses during autumn, spring and full moon days. It contributes to the manifestation of one’s talents. It harmonizes the personality. Helps in making decisions. It is used as an auxiliary frequency when restoring a person from high alcohol consumption. It helps to cut the Gordian bond.


The channel of astral travels during sleep. It restores the harmony of the soul and body. Removes death damages and restores aura. It works with general problems and karmic (inherited) illnesses. It harmonizes interpersonal relationships.


World channel of the 7th human race. It is used for any illness when treatment is delayed and is applied in difficult cases. Accelerates treatment. The channel can change one’s life, leading a person to health and well-being, but always by improving one’s intellectual abilities and gaining awareness. It works well for protection from enemies. It solves prolonged collisions gently and beautifully. It helps to get to the root of the problems. It finds application to people with mental disorders. Cleans the field, cools the meridians, and restores energy (works like massage). Resets the lotus. It eliminates dependence on people. It helps to adapt to a new group.


Protective channel that can act punitively. The opening of the channel is regulated by Upper Forces. In most cases it opens automatically to protect people who have caused harm (physical, moral, libelous, envy, revenge) to the healer. At the same time, the frequency disciplines the healer and forces him to gain control of the mind.

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