Cosmoenergetics is an ancient therapeutic method which utilizes the energo-informational flows of the universe. The modern western civilization has taken this knowledge from Tibet. Cosmoenergetics is harmonised with all religious beliefs since the only existing concept in the universe is that of energy and energetic hierarchy.


The right philosophy for right Astrology

The right philosophy for right Astrology

shutterstock_39663856Before answers are given in technical astrological questions, it is needed to have
the right philosophy for Astrology.
Each astrological factor and each combination of astrological factors correspond
with a repertory of potentials – it does not correspond with only one potential. This is in accordance with the law of repertories (The law of possibilities, of probabilities within space-time, that is cited after the end of this article). Which potential becomes reality, depends on the level of consciousness of the persons and in general of the beings that are involved in each specific case.
Since, in most cases, the level of consciousness of the persons involved is relatively low, the outcome is roughly the same and usually low in quality. This outcome, been the most probable, is known almost to everybody, but, it is a tragic error if we do not know or we forget that other potentials, better or worst, exist in the frame of a particular combination of factors (repertory). It is useful to know the potentials that are better than those that happen more often, and it is right to suggest them and to help the persons realize these potentials.
Consequently, using Astrology mainly as a means for forecasting is wrong. The principal and best suited role for Astrology is: a guide on psychic (esoteric) progress and proper response in everyday’s necessities. For these to succeed it is necessary to consider:
The natal astrological chart of a person is the “program” for his courses in the “university of life” and for the “exams” in these courses. As in most universities, the person does not select the courses and the periods at which he is examined in them, but, he is accountable for the degrees that he takes in his courses. Thus, two persons that have similar natal astrological charts face similar challenges, but, they might shape different characters and they can have different lives. It is, therefore, a big error if we judge a person only from his horoscope – we need his presence in order to evaluate which level of consciousness he is basically found in (at the current period).
Attention: We do not have “good horoscopes” and “bad horoscopes”, neither the planets are distinguished in “beneficent” and in “maleficent”. Of course, easy and difficult “courses of life” do exist, as in each study. However, it is possible that you can be excellent in a difficult course, and be a bad student in a course that is considered very easy. Thus, the natal astrological chart of a person does not show holiness or criminality. Nevertheless, splendid, mediocre, up to very bad, responses to the requirements of “courses of life” – which the natal astrological chart symbolizes – do exist. The qualities of responses to the various challenges in life (which emanate from the repertories of combinations of astrological factors) are the genuine field in which the person has his relative freedom, and in this field the freedom of his consciousness functions. Of course, the person basically selects between conceiving with all his functions (mental, emotional and psychic), or, to conceive only what he believes suits him best. Thus, due to this second choice, he is wilfully blind, and so he limits his next choices. This wilful blindness leads up to the loss of any choice, that is, in what fatalists believe that is always in effect. In any case, this worst plight is not predetermined and in particular “by the stars”.
The perception without biases with all the functions (mental, emotional, and psychic) is the best a person can do for his relation with the whole truth, with the universal truth.
Let’s summarize the philosophy of life with which the use of Astrology becomes right and fair:
Each person that is born on planet earth has a “program” with “courses of life”, and this program is symbolically depicted in the person’s natal astrological chart.
Unfortunately, most persons are mediocre or bad students in the “University of Life”. Thus, in most cases, the person who visits an astrologer is a caricature of his ideal self, that is to say, of the best that he could be. This caricature is also the content of most books that present interpretations of astrological factors. Based on these facts, the astrologer easily guesses “the character of a person” before meeting with him. However, this is both unfair and dangerous, because, a person can be much better or worse than the majority of individuals who share a similar natal astrological chart. Thus:
When we interpret a natal astrological chart we ought to know the entire repertory of the basic possibilities concerning each single astrological factor – and do not consider what most persons do, responding to an astrological factor, as the only feasible, the only possible outcome.
In following articles I will present the spectrum of the most important potentials of persons in relation to the astrological factors and in relation to the combinations of two factors. Here follows a very characteristic example: The main potentials of behavior with a stressed sign of Aries. Observe: The initial ideal potential gets transformed and quality degrades as the motives get selfish (the rungs are separated with hyphens): Heroism – chivalry, athletic spirit, readiness for successful improvised action, authenticity (without imitation, without fake), sincerity – straightness, courage, determination, boldness, militancy – initiative, action, fighting spirit – extraversion, spontaneity, very fast reactions, speed impetuosity, endangerment – great impatience, hastiness, rash action, abrupt behavior, convulsive action – foolhardy action (without any precautions), audacity – lack of social adaptation, pugnacity – aggressiveness – violence, cruelty. (The potentials are formulated here with nouns, but, in an astrological interpretation concerning a sign they should be adverbs or adverbial proposals, example: Heroically, with pure heroism.)
According to what has been revealed so far in this article:
The main work of the astrologers is not to make forecasts, but, to help each person in the course of his life to live up to the higher rungs of his potentials.

The law of possibilities, of probabilities within space-time

Each moment in every point of space-time many factors interact and what comes up is one possibility of the many possibilities of the group of the specific factors (there is no repertoire of a group of factors that has only one possibility), so, what comes up belongs to the repertoire of the combinations of these factors – for something outside this repertoire to come up is impossible. Because all occur this way, we cannot have positive certainties but only negative and statistic certainties. That is, we can be sure about what is impossible somewhere at a certain moment (because it does not belong to the spectrum of the repertoire of the combinations of factors that is prevalent the given moment), but it is impossible for us to be absolutely certain that we shall have a specific result (that belongs to the repertoire of these factors) and not another one from within this repertoire. Only statistically can we know how often each possibility of a repertoire comes about. Attention, though! There are possibilities that come about in nearly 100% of the cases of a combination of factors, so we fall into the fallacious reasoning that in such cases only one result, the same always, comes about…

Giannis Simeonoglou

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