Cosmoenergetics is an ancient therapeutic method which utilizes the energo-informational flows of the universe. The modern western civilization has taken this knowledge from Tibet. Cosmoenergetics is harmonised with all religious beliefs since the only existing concept in the universe is that of energy and energetic hierarchy.




1.In what way does cosmic energy affect the human organism?

The energy the therapist uses and implements consists, mainly, of specific channels. Channels are energetic frequencies and constitute waves of charged particles. Each one of them carries different quality and may influence all organisms. Their application is done within the whole aura field of the man, while simultaneously energetic puncture of one’s physical body is executed. Practically they intervene at the bio-obstacles (damages, imbalances) of the aura, they remove the energetic traces which cause problems and they induce equilibrium of the energetic body. This way restructuring and purification of the different bodies of the aura take place as well as therapy of the physical impairments of the organism.

2. In what way is the cosmic energy therapy performed? What is the healer doing? How should the patient be standing and what should he be thinking? How long does it take?

The therapy session lasts one hour. The patient is standing upright in the room, relaxed, with his eyes closed. If for health reasons it is not possible to stand one may as well be seated and even stay lying. During all this time the therapist applies the channels over one, cleanses one’s energy centers, the whole body and specific organs if needed. It should be remarked that the application of the channels from the therapist is done mentally (without using any kind of apparatus). The therapist, because of his initiation, functions like a conduit through which energy is channeled to the patient.

3. How does one feel during the therapy?

Since the frequencies used are powerful, most people feel the energy. They may have waggle, tingling, backache, pain, sense of lightness or more intense physical or psycho-emotional experiences (vomit, dizziness, fainting, crying). If one is relaxed and ready to move on with one’s therapy, one can receive answers, information about matters which worry one, suddenly realize things, feel that one’s consciousness is being broadened, and understand in what way one was lead to a certain disease or to a problematic situation and figure out how to step out of it.

4. Could man be hurt by the implementation of cosmic energy?

There is absolutely no chance for the intervention of cosmic energy to hurt someone. The healer knows in what way should implement channels to the patient and those latter know much better in what way they should treat the organism of the patient. The frequencies we possess only bring along health and good.

5. Ιs there any case that cosmic energy could not help someone?

The cases of people who cannot take advantage of cosmic energy are those who find difficulty in accepting the responsibility of their own lives and deny improving. It is, though, the choice of their soul to continue such a path, probably because they need to collect such experiences.


Of course, one should not forget the cases where there is improvement though not obvious. For example, a child suffering from a heavy degree of cerebral palsy will probably not be cured during this life, since it was his soul who chose to experience something so profound, but cosmic energy therapy can lighten the karmic burden so that the next incarnation can start from a healthier point. One thing is sure, that there will befall energetic balance, psychic health and broadening of man’s consciousness.

6. Is there a standard number of therapy sessions?

Cycles of 12 sessions are usually executed. Depending on the severity of a disease, the capability of the patient to optimize the therapeutic results and the degree of personal growth one wishes to reach, there can be completed more cycles.

7. Cosmoenergetics like other energy therapies can also work from a distance. How can this be explained?

Mental field does not undergo time or space limitations. The energy which the initiated manipulates is manifested much higher than the third dimension. It is in the same field where the man’s aura is formed, which carries energy and information. Thus, the distance of the healer from the physical body of the patient does not influence the degree of intervention or the effectiveness of the therapy.

8. Is aura photography important at the therapy through cosmic energy?

Aura photography is useful to anyone, regardless the healing method one wishes to follow, because it can reveal, ascertain, confirm or realize the information one carries. As a consequence one’s awareness regarding what one carries is increased, one interprets the situations created in life in accordance with what one’s aura expresses and can probably be more effective in the way one will proceed on healing oneself.

9. What is evil eye? Can it be treated?

Evil eye is the intrusion of negative energy in the aura field of someone. The man who receives evil eye may feel headache, faintness, pain and sickness of the stomach or undue discomfort and agitation. The person who casts evil eye usually does so unconsciously and either deposits on the “victim” negative energy which derives of one’s own feelings or thoughts, or draws energy from the “victim” if one’s ether body feels that it is possible to steal vital energy from the ether body of another person.


Definitely, in order for someone to allow become “victim” and let energy be stolen from one, one must be carrying on one’s aura information according to which one does not support one’s own good and accepts to become a “victim”. Only a vulnerable aura could receive influence from negative energy, energy-substances, or thought-forms and usually this will happen when one carries information compatible with the approaching threat. A purified man with clean aura is impossible to undergo such influence. The aura works like a magnet. Whatever carries this exactly will catch. The negative energy which will approach the aura of a healthy man, since it will not find anchor to get hooked on, will be disposed and will return to its fountain following the same path.
Generally, the occasional spoilage from evil eye can be cured instantly by using cosmic energy. For complete deliverance of this weakness, one should understand the reason and cure the facts which allow one to suffer something like this.

10. Is simultaneous taking of medication allowed when someone follows a cosmic energy therapy?

The simultaneous intake of medication, or even the simultaneous implementation of another physical therapy (i.e. radiotherapy) not only are allowed but perhaps are necessary in cases of patients for whom a sudden stop of the above treatment would be dangerous, or in cases of people who suffer from intense physical pain because of their disease. Usually the simultaneous apply of both kinds of therapy is suggested until the situation of health of the patient is stabilized to such a degree in order to reduce or to terminate pharmaceuticals.

11. Is there always physical remedy?

No healer can promise therapy of any kind. This is something only God knows. The result of the therapy depends on the patient, too, upon who the method is applied. The soul of the latter knows much better until what degree is ready to heal and develop.

12. If someone has satisfactory quality and fullness of aura, can one still follow cosmic energy therapies?

Man has access to cosmic energy in order to release and manifest the latent power residing inside him. Physical health comes indirectly on the path towards spiritual completion. Furthermore, cosmic energy frequencies invigorate the organism, maintain physical well-being, do massage, rejuvenate the skin, remove from the body harmful substances which accumulate from the environment and the diet, contribute to the purification and full express of genetic material and offer longevity.

13. Is there sorcery and what is it? Why not all people respond the same way to it?

We refer to situations where a man negatively influences another person with different ways and to a different degree. The negative energy (astral, mental) and the method used have a precise target. However, as mentioned above in the case of evil eye, one person can receive the influence of a foreign intrusion (even if the latter comes from a powerful source) as long as one has some unclean spot on one’s aura enough to attract the intrusion. For example, one with karmic burden relative to magic could probably attract to one’s life similar situations. Someone who often gossips against others can equally attract negative energy since one addresses negative energy towards others.
In a few words, if someone with any kind of despicable behavior spoils one’s aura with low vibration energy, then one renders oneself vulnerable to similar influence. The only true enemy of one is oneself and no one else. No one can harm us more than we harm ourselves. No one will treat us worse than we treat ourselves. The purified man who has fought and defeated his lower substance and his flaws is impervious to any temptation and any evil. Evil only exists inside us. When we root it out from inside us we will stop seeing it around.

14. Accidents keep happening to me, at home, with the car, whatever I handle breaks up. I feel there is something going wrong, that something keeps hunting me or as if someone has it with me. What could all this mean?

This situation, in the simplest form could mean negative energy either from an external factor or from the same person that is suffering the accidents. But in fact the former presupposes the latter. Sometimes we are vulnerable to negative energy only due to our own unconscious beliefs. One who does not trust the course of life and moves against to what one’s higher self and intuition imply is possible to have accidents, right because one does not function as one should. This way one will ascertain the established way of thinking and very reluctantly will realize that it is one’s own repeated thoughts which lead one’s life.


Our life offers us any time now whatever our mind carries. And this latter needs to express it in order to indicate the beliefs we carry and the need to reconsider them.  It is the tangible way to become aware of the mental “program” which our mind determines.

15. What are dreams?

Dreams, from a functional point of view, are not the same thing for all people. The kind of dreams is affected by the level of consciousness of the man. Thus, a dream can consist of simple images of everyday life which are replayed and organized during sleep. Also, there could be archetypal images deriving from the 1st chakra and having to do with stored unconscious information on that level regarding fantasies, wishes and instincts.

For people reaching higher levels of consciousness dreams can constitute participation to other dimensions as well as pumping information from these levels. Sleep offers rest to the physical body. Nevertheless, during sleep the ether body which forms the aura keeps functioning and exchanging information with the dimensions in which it occupies “space”, even with the ether body or the consciousness of other people. The more complete and purified the aura the more flowing is this kind of communication with other “spaces”.

Let it be noted that the so-called astral voyages are attainable by the majority of people without any special purification of their aura. The astral body of the aura is created by the function of the 2nd chakra and lies, therefore, only at the second level of man’s consciousness. Our astral body communicates with the astral field, which is in fact rather dirty from an energetic point of view and can contain from souls who have not yet found their way to Devachan until parasitic entities.
Moreover, during sleep our higher self does not undergo “censorship” from the lower self, or else logic. Thus, free of such limitations, it aspires to give man direction, help, advise, information, warning and guidance.

16. We cannot have children with my companion. Why?

In most couples who fail to have children the weakness of procreation is detected in the aura of one or both of them. In all cases information is revealed which implies that for some reason the person, either the man or the woman, refuses to bring a child to life. Limitations may be mental or psycho-emotional. In each case special investigation is done in order to detect the negative energy which inhibits procreation.

17. Is it possible for a person involving oneself in spirituality also to aim at material welfare? Can these two be conciliated?

The man aspiring spiritual development is not necessary a person isolated from the world, without family, friends or a proper occupation. Of course this does not mean that every isolated from the society person is spiritually grown. The necessity to meet our higher self, since we have chosen to incarnate in the third dimension must be realized here too, at the physical material plain. We do not find ourselves here in order to quit from our life responsibilities, nor did someone imply that we should be praying all day long but still deny facing the practical lessons which life offers.

The attainment of happiness, health, material prosperity and abundance certify in the best way that one is in harmony with the universe and oneself. When all inside one is tranquil and well-ordered so it will be one’s life, tranquil, flowing and happy. All good will appear on one’s way one by one spontaneously. The most tough energy and lessons belong to our level and if someone is able to manage these correctly will reap good fortune and prosperity. In a few words, material prosperity is the natural response of the universe that one is purified and executes one’s life program wisely.

18. Is the aura always expressed in life? Is there any case for someone to be carrying something that could probably never disturb one in one’s life?

Our aura is expressed inevitably. It is not a shear protective formation. It consists of an inherent part of our body and carries information and matter absolutely personal which are being expressed any time and with the same consistency just like the weight and the color of the eyes. There is no such case that one’s life is differentiated from what one’s aura defines.

The fact that the information of the aura is being expressed, just like our genetic material, and defines our lives is not a negative thing. On the contrary, this externalization is useful for the man since, ultimately, the information one carries is concretely revealed in one’s life so one becomes aware of its existence. This is the purpose of the aura. If not expressed, then there would be no reason for the man to still possess it evolutionally. Or there would be no other reason to become aware of the information one ought to manage and resolve. The aura works like a magnet. Whatever carries this attracts.

19. Personally I think that I do not have any problem and that my behavior and the way I function are correct. Still, I keep receiving bad behavior from the people around me. How can this be?

Yet, if a person offers us a behavior which in some way finishes annoying us maybe it is because we have enabled it to emerge. Thus, there is something in our field, which the given behavior informs us to be carrying. Maybe this is exactly the same element at which we react i.e. we get inexplicably angry with a know-it-all person because deep down we carry the same element and in some cases we may be expressing it unconsciously or without admitting it. In other cases it may not be for the same element but still it is us who provoke it according to what our aura expresses towards the other person. For example, if our child shows us disobedience and stubbornness we should think about if we, from our part, are being those implying that we do not trust it or that we try to suppress its voice and opinion.

In any situation both the reason and the sector we need to improve can be found, as long as one has the will to investigate the situation, be sincere to oneself and do not hurry to lay everything on other people’s behavior. As a consequence, if something is bothering us to others let us cure ourselves.

20. Until what degree is the 5th chakra important for personal growth?

The 5th chakra, the chakra of the throat, Vishuda in Sanskrit, is much more than the center of the personal growth. It is the key to self-realization. In its most simple explanation it means that we owe to ourselves to become the most perfect being that we ought to be. Only this way we express our gratitude to our Creator; when we manifest all this for which we have been designated. Only this way we feel happy; when we have fully accepted the responsibility of our existence and fulfill our role.

21. Why should people doing such therapies be paid, since what they offer is spiritual? Is it right for them to ask for money in return?

It would be a good thing that people ascribe money its true value and stop incriminating it. Money, as a human fiction is nothing more than a handy means with exchangeable value. When someone asks for something and receives it one knows very well that one should give something back. Money does not contradict to our spirituality unless we have formed a certain attitude towards it, thus our relationship with it is configured according the latter. Furthermore, those who support and believe in energetic therapies know very well that it is not the energy received which they pay for, but the effort of the therapist, his constant practicing, his purification and his devotion in executing this flow the most lavishly and pure as possible. The man who respects this understands why one should give back for what one takes. After all, the flow of energy, in every way, must not be interrupted.

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