Cosmoenergetics is an ancient therapeutic method which utilizes the energo-informational flows of the universe. The modern western civilization has taken this knowledge from Tibet. Cosmoenergetics is harmonised with all religious beliefs since the only existing concept in the universe is that of energy and energetic hierarchy.


Examples of Diseases

Examples of Diseases virus Examples of Diseases – Apply of Cosmoenergetics image

Examples of Diseases – Apply of Cosmoenergetics

Cosmoenergetics can be practically implemented in all cases since its intervention begins at the levels where the disease is created within the body. Below there is a list of diseases together with the mental or psycho-emotional causes which create them. These causes may be indicative and may not be the same for everyone. One thing is for sure; that the Law of Analogy is confirmed (as above, so below) – that is, the physical body and its functions represent and manifest consistently whatever is happening at the upper levels.

Examples of Diseases: A to CE

The expression of a sensitive soul folded back in itself and chasing others out unconsciously.

Poor will, avoidance of oneself.

Feelings of uselessness and insufficiency.

Hyper-sensitivity and extreme defensiveness towards the world.

Suffocating love, emotional disappointment, pressure upon oneself to prove stronger than it is.

Unresolved emotional burden, fury and strain or sorrow and withdrawal.

The man wants to devour life and is never satiated.

Accumulated pain from an unhealed wound, anger and emotions which the man has not processed, incapacity to forgive.

A sensible person who cannot react for what one sees and hears.

Thoughts which hold back emotionalism, stored negative feelings.

Examples of Diseases: CH to HE

The man is blocking the channels of joy.

Accumulated frustration and resignation.

Attachment to the past, disability to let go of waste.

Need of the person to forget, return to the safety of the childhood.

Dreams are named goals and are never fulfilled, refusal to live, evasion in front of a duty, a responsibility or a trial which the man refuses to accept, loss of volition.

Yearning for sweetness in life, abrupt stop of an emotional or financial flow supporting the person.

Weakness of cooperation of right and left cerebral hemispheres.

Loss of control from the Central Nervous System and flee (fight or flight), sense of pursuit and struggle with oneself.

Blow to the feminine ego, need of procreation.

Lack of joy, the heart is shut and stops to feel.

Guilt, sense of pressure from deadlines, rage, outburst.

Examples of Diseases: HO to L

Fear to express oneself, the man is overburdened.

Need of the person to prove that can do a lot of things.

Sexual tension, social beliefs, fear of the mother.

Either in young age or in older age shows fears which loose during the night.

Incapacity to create, postponement of parenthood responsibilities.

Poor development of the first chakra, one identifies oneself with the mass consciousness.

Fear to trust the course of life.

Failure, shame, reaction of a little child, fear.

Dreams which have not been fulfilled.

Inner disorder, guilt, the conscious demands justice.

Position of anger, the organ which manipulates and processes all emotions.

Examples of Diseases: M to P

The man is resisting the information which intuition is channeling towards elaboration, is negating oneself and defying one’s own good, denies one’s spirituality.

One cannot see past the end of one’s nose, fear to see and face the future, thus increases the distance from it (elongation of the bulb), the sight is beclouded from feelings which have not been “digested” from the liver and the man cannot see clear.

The man is dreaming without acting, one becomes rigid.

Emotional loss, one is trying to “hide” one’s insecurity under one’s fat.

The surroundings fail to hear the cry of the inner tension of the man.

Isolation, fear, refusal to live.

Worries, some case is not going well.

Rejection of femininity.

Mental fears which weaken virility, withdrawal, sexual pressure and guilt, fear that the man is growing old.

Examples of Diseases: S to V

Aggression and refusal of submission.

Unbearable pain and desperation which make one bend.

Insecurity, fears, emotional emptiness, like the lips of the baby are looking to be sedated by breastfeeding the adult brings the cigarette to the lips in order to calm down.

One does not accept certain things, cannot “digest” them, is intolerant to some “food”, inability to assimilate new things.

Lack of faith to the flow of life.

Lack of self-confidence and self – expression.

Suppression of oneself, repressed crying, complaint, inability of one to say “no”, accumulation of anger towards oneself and frustration for this inability.

Rebellion against some member of the environment, blockage and rejection of communication.

Accumulated fury and sorrow.

Sexual guilt, need to self-punishment and abuse of others.

Wrongheaded ideas which were created from unsatisfied wishes, one spreads mist to shear off from the world.

Heal your body, Louise L. Hay. Medical graphology, Marguerite de Surany

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